Leaked iPhone 5C And iPad 5 Parts From China Shown Off [Video]


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We’re getting to the stage in the Apple rumor mill when next-gen parts start leaking left and right out of the supply chain overseas. Multiple parts for the iPhone 5S, low-cost iPhone 5C, and upcoming iPads have already surfaced. Now alleged parts for the upcoming iPhone 5C and iPad 5 have been partially assembled and shown off on video.

While the authenticity of these kinds of leaks should always be questioned, today’s leaks are corroborated by previously reported parts for Apple’s unreleased products.

Short videos of a partially assembled iPhone 5C and iPad 5 have been published on Weibo, China’s version of Twitter. Sonny Dickson has uploaded non-Flash versions to YouTube for easier sharing. (The ominous, intense music was in the original versions published on Weibo. Leaks deserve epic soundtracks, right?)

The white backing for the budget iPhone shown above (recently dubbed ‘iPhone 5C’) has been leaked before by other sources. There’s no reason to believe it isn’t authentic. Apple has been experimenting with other colors beyond black and white for the device as well, so the “C” in “5C” could very sell stand for “Color.” A worker at Pegatron, Apple’s supply chain partner that is rumored to be manufacturing the device, recently talked about assembling plastic iPhones. The iPhone 5C is expected to be announced alongside the iPhone 5S this fall.

Now the iPad 5:

The parts shown also match up with previous leaks. There have been reports that the fifth-gen iPad will feature a slimmer bezel like the iPad mini. The iPad 5 parts in the above video could very well be prototypes that will be tweaked before going into mass production, but it’s interesting that the Apple logo looks more translucent. MacBooks currently sport the same kind of logo, so maybe there’s a chance the iPad 5’s rear logo will illuminate. Leaked iPad mini 2 parts have shown a more traditional black logo.

All of this stuff is rumored to launch in the fall, so start preparing for an onslaught of new products.

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  • multicorechina

    Just wanted to let you know that both iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S are already available for pre-order in China in a wholesale electronics vendor website.

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    We don’t know why they did this..but it’s a fact. Maybe the workers from Foxconn are starting to say ‘It’s enough’…for us it looks like a pressure maneuver at the guys from Cupertino

  • Arshdeepc

    Translucent Apple logo on the iPad casing means that the Apple logo’s gonna light up the way it does on your Macs. :D : D :D

  • iMobileRescue

    Look at that 5! I wonder what that flex cable looking thing is to the right on the iPad glass. Everyone’s crossing their fingers that this device does not require soldering to fix.