Cult of Mac’s 2011 Holiday Gift Guide Kicks Off With Gifts for The Working Stiff




We’re pretty passionate here at the Cult of Mac. What are we passionate about? Well, the pecking order goes something like this (although maybe the order is flipped for one or two CoM writers):

1. Our loved ones

2. Gadgets

Of course, we’re also passionate about sharing our knowledge of gadgets and technology with the rest of the world. Combine these three passions, and here’s the result: our Holiday Gift Guide.

We’ve crafted this Guide — which we’ll be sprinkling here and there as we get closer to Christmas — with an eye toward the different spheres that dominate our lives. We’ll have gifts for working, playing, creating, living — and one just for kids (because kids have their hands full just being themselves).

We’ll kick things off by getting down to business with Gifts for The Working Stiff. Happy Hunting.

Steve Jobs Personalized Stationery ($20)

“Stay foolish, stay hungry” — Steve’s words vibrate with visionary fire. YellowBrickGraphics have taken this mantra and stamped them onto cardstock, paired each card with an envelope and bundled the whole thing into sets of ten. Perfect for celebrating the wisdom of a giant.

“Mac Baby” Coffee Mug ($19)

What’s work without coffee? Crappy, that’s what. Show your coworkers where your loyalties lie with this mug from Coolkidstees. Yeah, $19 is a little pricey for a mug, but it’s better than trying to pour scalding coffee into your bare hands. Or there’s this Mac Special Operations Group mug, presumably for those of you who use iPads during Special Forces missions (seriously, we have no idea).

Pad & Quill The Little Black Book for iPhone 4/S Case ($45)

One day, near field communication will make wallets, and the things we carry in them, archaic. Till then, Pad & Quill’s stylish Little Black Book will keep not only the iPhone 4/S warm and safe, but also let you carry credit cards, IDs and the ilk in its hidden card pocket. Like P&Q’s other creations, the charismatic Little Black Book case is handmade in the U.S. from wood and leather using the mystic art of bookbinding.

Sena Florence iPad Case ($70)

Practicality. Portability. Panache. We raved about this iPad case when we reviewed it a few months back; Sena did a great job here  of wrapping useful features — like a magnetic cover and two viewing angles, perfectly suited for work — in a sharp-looking, surprisingly slim Napa leather skin.

Doxie Go Portable Scanner ($199)

Here’s another tip from the future: It’s going to be paperless. Doxie has a jump on this shift with their just-released, portable Doxie Go. The primo, battery-equipped scanner can store scans in its memory for later downloading to your Mac or scan directly to Doxie’s cloud service. Or pop for the iPhone/iPad Sync Kit and scan straight to your iDevice. The less-spectacular standard Doxie is $149, but needs to be hooked up to a Mac when scanning.

Roots Milano Bag Prince Messenger Bag ($398)

This unisex bag’s interior sleeves can’t accommodate a laptop, and it’s about a third the price of a 13″ MacBook Pro. But heck, who cares? Just imagine your giftee marvelling, slack-jawed, at the rich, handcrafted Italian leather. And even though there’s no laptop pocket, the Milano isn’t completely without amenities: For small gadgets, there’re twin exterior side pockets with magnetic buckles, and an external zippered pouch on the back for documents or an iPad. You might want to throw in a Taipan  MacBook sleeve ($35) from Booq, though.

  • Michael

    Doxie Go Portable Scanner ($199)
    “Here’s another tip from the future: It’s going to be paperless.”   And yet, you need paper to use it.

  • elimilchman

    You must be from Dunder Mifflin.