Keychron K2 is the only mechanical keyboard you should get for iPad [Review]


keychron k2
Clickety-clacky, there's no going back
Photo: Charlie Sorrel/Cult of Mac

You probably need a keyboard. If you have an iMac, then you already have the one Apple included the box. If you have an iPad or a MacBook, then you should have that thing up on a stand at eye level, with a keyboard and mouse/trackpad attached so you don’t kill your neck/back/wrists. And if you want a clicky keyboard that works great with all three, then pretty much your best (and only) option is the Keychron K2, a beautiful, solid little device that can work with just about any device you have.

AirFly Pro is a little dongle that makes AirPods even more magical


Twelve South AirFly Pro with AirPods Pro
Every AirPods owner needs an AirFly Pro.
Photo: Twelve South

AirPods might be one of the best accessories Apple has ever made. But there’s a quick and easy way to make them even better: Pair yours with the AirFly Pro from Twelve South.

This second-generation dongle lets you connect your AirPods or AirPods Pro to almost anything. It has better battery life than its predecessor, and supports two pairs of headphones simultaneously.

You can order yours today.

How to search scanned documents in your Notes app


Search scans on your iPhone in Notes app.
Search scans on your iPhone in Notes app.
Photo: Charlie Sorrel/Cult of Mac

Did you know that you can scan paper documents into the Notes app on your iPhone and iPad? The app turns them into PDFs, and trims them to make them look as if you scanned them in a proper scanner. Maybe you read our how-to article on scanning into the Notes app, and you already know this. But in iOS 13, things get better: You also can search those scanned documents.

That’s right. You can scan a sheet of paper into Notes, and anything printed on it will become searchable, as if you typed it in yourself. Let’s see how to search scans.

The Morning Show is a timely, smart winner for Apple TV+ [Review]


Snobby critics hate Apple TV+ but viewers can't get enough
Apple's most publicized Apple TV+ show is all about the #MeToo era.
Photo: Apple

Apple TV+ service launched this morning. And, with it, The Morning Show, Apple’s star-studded drama about the goings-on at a morning news show.

It stars Jennifer Aniston, Reese Witherspoon and Steve Carell. With that cast, it’s an illustration of the ambitions Apple has for creating top-tier entertainment for its streaming show. But is it any good? Here’s what I made of the first episode.

How to take iOS 13’s new PDF screenshots, including text!


iOS 13 pdf screenshots
Screenshots are even better in iOS 13.
Photo: Daniel von Appen/Unsplash

The screenshot tool gets a radical makeover in iOS 13, and I’m not even talking about the fancy new toolbar for Apple Pencil markup. You can take advantage of two cool new features when you snap a screenshot in the upcoming version of iOS.

One, you can capture the entirety of a web page — not just what you can see on the screen right now, but all of it, from top to bottom, as if you’d stitched together lots of screenshots. Two, you can save these all-page screenshots as PDFs with active, selectable text and links.

Here’s how to make the most out of PDF screenshots in iOS 13.

EarthNight is an endless runner set on the back of a frikkin’ dragon [Review]


EarthNight brings all the dragons you could hope for. And it's beautifully hand-painted.
This beautifully hand-painted game delivers all the dragons you could hope for.
Image: Cleaversoft

An endless runner with gorgeous hand-painted graphics, in which you sprint on the backs of enormous flying dragons? Welcome to the world of EarthNight, one of the plentiful launch titles for Apple Arcade.

Put on your running shoes and let us race you through its features in our EarthNight review.

Get your game on: Apple Arcade opens for business [Review]


Apple Arcade
Apple Arcade has a surprisingly wide array of games for a service launching today.
Photo: Apple

You can write off being productive for the rest of the day because Apple Arcade just launched. This all-you-can-play gaming service brings dozens of titles in a variety of genres. The monthly cost is fairly low, and games can be played on almost every type of Apple computer.

Thanks to early access, I’ve been enjoying Apple Arcade for several days. Here’s why I think you’ll like it too.