Nostalgic AirPods case will take you back to iPod’s glory days


Elago AirPods case looks like iPod
The wheel only works one way. It takes you back.
Photo: Elago

You probably miss your classic iPod — the one with the click Wheel interface — but it’s no longer practical to carry. But accessories company Elago has an iPod-inspired AirPods case that can fill the hole in your aching heart.

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Elago understands nostalgia is a powerful emotion and can play the heartstrings of an Apple fan like a fiddle. It makes a number of throwback products, including an Apple Watch charger that makes use of the screen to look like a vintage Macintosh computer.

The first- and second-generation iPods have an especially strong pull for Apple fans. For many, the music players served as a gateway device for Apple products. For others, it was a tangible element of cool, having all that music on one device.

Elago iPod AirPods case

The Elago AW6 case, as the iPod AirPods case is called, would be a fitting companion to a different Elago Apple Watch stand, which makes the smartwatch look like a classic iPod. Elago also makes an AirPods case that looks like a tiny Mac.

The iPod-inspired AirPods case is made with premium silicone for extra protection from drops and scratches. The wheel, of course, is just decoration — but your thumb likely will move around it anyway.

The AW6 case comes in white and black and retails for $11.99. You can get one from Amazon. (For an extra buck, you can get one with a carabiner.)