Apple leaks AirTags name in support video


Oops! Whoever did this is getting fired.
Photo: Apple

The official name of Apple’s Bluetooth tracking tiles leaked online on Thursday and Apple only has itself to blame.

Apple published a new iPhone support video on YouTube the educates customers on how to erase your iPhone that made reference to ‘AirTags’ that have been rumored to be coming down the product pipeline since last year.

iOS 14 leaks hint at new notification triggers, AR mode for Find My


Find My Friends
Find My could be better than ever in iOS 14.
Photo: Ed Hardy/Cult of Mac

Fresh iOS 14 leaks that surfaced on Monday reveal Apple’s plans to bring new notification triggers and an augmented reality mode to the Find My app.

The improvements could give users the ability to get an alert when a contact doesn’t arrive at a specific location by a certain time. They could also make it easier to track down lost Macs and iOS devices.

Find My iPhone helps catch another smartphone thief


Find My iPhone
Thief tried to sell stolen iPhone to a used phone shop.
Photo: Jim Merithew/Cult of Mac

Police arrested an alleged iPhone thief after the device’s rightful owner used the Find My app to track down the missing handset.

A 21-year-old Madison, Wisconsin, resident left a bar on Sunday, only to notice that her debit card, driver’s license and iPhone X were missing, according to WKOW. When her card was used later, she visited the location of the purchase — and managed to get surveillance footage of the suspected thief.

Police used Find My app to track thieves as they carried stolen iPad between vehicles


apple logo
The incident took place in early February, although details are only being shared now.
Photo: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

Apple’s “Find My” app was used by police in Australia to track two men from the air in a dramatic police chase, following an iPad stolen during a home invasion.

The Sydney Morning Herald notes that 29-year-old Vaatoa Chang and 36-year-old Jonas Montealegre carried the iPad with them as they switched stolen cars. The pursuit, which took place February 4, lasted for two hours.

iOS 13 spills ‘Items’ tracking ahead of Apple tags


Tile will speak out against Apple in Congress antitrust hearing
Tile will speak out against Apple in Congress antitrust hearing
Photo: Tile

iOS 13 screenshots have revealed a new “Items” tracking feature that appears to pave the way for rumored “Apple Tags.”

Baked into the Find My app, but currently hidden in the public version of the software, the Items section appears alongside People and Devices and lets you “keep track of your everyday items.”

Apple security chief will talk iOS 13, macOS Catalina at Black Hat


Ivan Krstic last appeared at Black Hat in 2016.
Photo: Black Hat

Apple security chief Ivan Krstic will be returning to the Black Hat security conference this summer to discuss iOS 13 and macOS Catalina — as well as the security protections in Apple’s new Find My service.

The 50-minute talk, titled “Behind the scene of iOS and Mac Security,” will take place on August 8. Krstic describes it as the “first public discussion of several key technologies new to iOS 13 and the Mac.”

References to Apple ‘tag’ item trackers spotted in iOS 13


bluetooth tracker
Apple wants to take on Tile.
Photo: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

References in iOS 13 all but corroborate earlier reports that Apple is working on its own item-tracking accessories.

It is thought Apple plans to compete with Tile by offering “tags” that can be attached to bags, keys, and other valuables. You will then be able to track them using the new Find My app coming this fall.

Everything we think we know about iOS 13 for iPhone


We hope iOS 13 looks a lot like this.
We hope iOS 13 looks a lot like this.
Photo: Alvaro Pabesio

The big iOS 13 news is all about the iPad. Or at least, we expect it to be based on rumors and leaks. But what about the iPhone? How will iOS 13 shape up on the most popular of iOS devices? Will it be a dead year, while the iPad gets all the (somewhat overdue) attention? Or will it be just as exciting for iPhone owners?

The good news is, the iOS update will probably be huge overall. In recent years, Apple has managed to lock down the secrecy around software, but this year the rumors — based on purported leaks — abound. That might mean the iOS 13 is bursting with new stuff.

So, let’s take a look.