Here’s what time iOS 9 will be released where you are


iOS 9.3 beta 6 is here!
iOS 9.3 beta 6 is here!
Photo: Apple

Time’s a crazy thing: it’s different everywhere! So if you’re wondering when iOS 9 will drop tomorrow, well, it’ll probably be different from us depending on where you are.

Thankfully, just by consulting this chart, you can know exactly when you should start tapping the update button according to where you are in the world.

Behold! The iOS 9 Worldwide Release Time Chart!

This Chart Is The Best Argument Yet For Why Apple Needs The iWatch


Screen Shot 2014-03-30 at 6.04.39 PM

Here’s an interesting financial. Robert Paul Leitao, founder of the AAPL Independent Analysts, shows how Apple’s revenue has grown over 1,127% since 2006, and earnings per share has grown an incredible 2,457%.

Fiscal 2011 and fiscal 2012 have been particularly kind to Apple: 66% in 2011, and 54% in fiscal 2012, largely thanks to new deals such as the Verizon Wireless iPhone deal, and the announcement of a new product line in the iPad. In 2013, though, Apple grew only 9.2%, and so far, Apple’s guidance for the latest quarter suggests nearly no growth at all.

Leitao’s conclusion? Apple’s growth is dependent on the successful release of new and currently unannounced new products. “Apple is an episodic enterprise,” he writes. The best reason to believe that Apple has an iWatch coming this year is that, without one, Apple will stop growing.

Source: Posts At Eventide Via: CNN

The Ultimate iOS 7 Compatibility Chart



With every new version of iOS, Apple generally leaves some legacy devices behind, but with iOS 7, Apple’s only leaving the iPhone 3GS totally abandoned. That’s not to say that every iOS device is equal in the eyes of iOS 7, though: if you’ve got an older device, you’re going to find some of iOS’s features missing.

Our good friend Camillo Miller over at The Apple Lounge put us together this fantastic chart to show how compatible iOS’s varying devices are with iOS 7. And it looks pretty good! B

Basically, the only things you miss out on if you don’t have a device made in the last year is AirDrop, and if you have any iPad, you don’t get Panorama, which is the same as it was. Apple’s doing a pretty good job keeping iOS 7’s features compatible with every past device, don’t you think?

Source: The Apple Lounge

How The iPhone 5s Stacks Up Against iPhone 5c, Galaxy S4, HTC One & More [Comparison]



Apple just announced the much-anticipated iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c at an event in Cupertino, and both devices will go on sale next Friday, September 20. The iPhone 5s hopes to compete with the latest high-end devices from the likes of Samsung, Nokia, and HTC, while the iPhone 5c aims to be a decent midrange offering that’ll get you into Apple’s ecosystem without breaking the bank.

So how do these devices stack up against their rivals? We’ve compared the iPhone 5s with the Galaxy S4, the HTC One, the Nokia Lumia 1020, and other popular devices to help you establish which one provides you with the most bang for your buck. We’ve also thrown in the iPhone 5c for good measure so that you can decide whether its price tag is as good as it seems.

Visualizing Apple’s Dinner Table Of Products [Chart]


Screen Shot 2013-08-22 at 8.28.11 AM

Three years ago, Tim Cook very memorably said that although Apple was selling $40 billion worth of products every year (that number has since more than quadrupled), all of Apple’s products could fit on a dining room table. That amazing quote was slightly disingenuous — many of Apple’s products are virtual, and take up no physical space at all — but it still made a point: Apple chooses what it does so carefully that everything has its place. What Cupertino doesn’t do is just as important as what it does.

It’s all interesting food for thought, to be sure, but what if we took Tim Cook’s table metaphor and broke it down? For every foot of table, how much money does Apple make on each product?

Android’s Growth In The U.S. Has Flatlined While iPhone Continues To Rise [Chart]




A lot has been said lately about the iPhone’s demise, and thanks to global smartphone marketshare numbers, you’d think the Apple-hating Negative Nancys are right. But then if you look at the U.S. marketshare numbers, it’s a completely different story.

Benedict Evans created the chart above based on AT&T and Verizon’s recent sales figures. It’s pretty clear that the iPhone has been the only smartphone that is actually increasing sales for the networks, while Android buyers are probably people who just go into the shop and buy whatever looks good.

Who Is The Cheapest iPhone 5 Carrier? [Chart]



Hey, T-Mobile is finally an iPhone carrier now! Not only that, they’re a pretty competitive one, offering you an iPhone 5 for just $100 down and $20 a month over 24 months in what the nation’s fourth-largest carrier is calling a “no bullshit” plan. If you buy an iPhone 5 at T-Mobile, you can leave at any time as long as you pay off your device; otherwise, your service is provided month by month.

Sounds pretty great, but how competitive is T-Mobile’s new iPhone plan compared to the competition really? We compared the cheapest T-Mobile iPhone 5 plan you can get against the 24 month cost of getting one from AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, Cricket, Virgin Mobile and Straight Talk. The result? T-Mobile is one of the cheaper plans around… but it’s not the cheapest.

After Two Weeks, iOS 6.1 Accounts For Over Half Of All iOS Web Traffic [Chart]


North AmericaniPhone iOS Version Distribution

By now we know that iOS users update their software pretty quickly. One month after Apple released iOS 6.0, the software accounted for 60% of all iOS web traffic. Now that Apple has released iOS 6.1, the latest release alone accounts for over half of all web traffic.

Chitika has been tracking iOS web traffic using ad impressions from millions of iOS devices, and the last few weeks reveal how aggressively Apple users continue to update their software.

As you can see from the chart, iOS 6.1 already accounts for 52.4% of web traffic. 6.1 was released on January 28th. Non-iOS 6 devices only account for a measly 12.4% share combined. iOS 6.1.1 was released just two days ago for only the iPhone 4S, which explains its tiny 2.2% piece of the pie.

Source: Chitika Insights

Ouch! Apple Makes More Money From iPhone Accessories & Apps Than Competitors Do Selling Phones [Chart]



Here’s an illuminating chart by Horace Dediu. Check out how big Apple’s iTunes and iPhone accessory revenues are, compared to the entire mobile phone revenue of pretty much every smartphone manufacturer except Samsung. It easily dwarves them. Maybe these guys should stop making smartphones and start making iPhone accessories?

Source: Asymco

How Apple Is “Disappointing” Wall Street Compared To Other Ultra-Profitable Companies


Screen Shot 2013-02-07 at 2.44.06 PM

We can talk all day about whether or not Wall Street is made up of a gibbering bunch of mad men based upon their recent decision to start selling off Apple shares in droves after hearing that Apple had just reported another record quarter. Some think that’s proof of stupidity or a conspiracy; some think that Wall Street just buys against future growth, and Apple has peaked; and some just think that Wall Street doesn’t think tech stocks can last.

Whatever the rationale for Wall Street’s panic, this chart puts it in perspective: Apple’s “disappointing” quarter was still more profitable than the profits recorded by even other super-profitable companies. Really makes the sell-off look stupid, doesn’t it? If Wall Street isn’t abandoning Exxon in droves, they shouldn’t be abandoning Apple.

Source: Statista

Wall Street’s Predictions For Apple Tomorrow: This Could Be The Best Quarter Ever


Apple Store hype

Apple will announce its quarterly earnings for the 2012 holiday season tomorrow, and investors are nervous. The company’s stock has been on quite the roller coaster ride since its $700 high back in September 2012. AAPL is now trading right around $500, which is the lowest it has been in more than six months.

Recent reports have said that demand for products like the iPhone is faltering. That’s why it may come as a surprise that Wall Street expects Apple to have its best earnings report ever tomorrow. So is it a good time to sell AAPL? Now may actually be the best time to buy.

It Takes Google Maps Just 7 Hours To Hit First Place In App Store’s Free Chart



Google released an official Google Maps app for the iPhone on Wednesday evening — I’m sure you’ve already downloaded it to your device — and as you might expect, it’s already incredibly popular. Users have since been rushing to reclaim the mapping service that Apple booted out of iOS with its latest iOS 6 update, helping Google Maps rocket to the top of the App Store’s free chart in just seven hours. It has knocked Apple’s own 12 Days of Christmas app down to second place.

The History Of Apple’s Millions and Millions of Units Sold [Chart]




Apple just posted some of their financial data from Q4 and to the surprise of everyone, it was another record breaking quarter. Apple sold more iPods, iPads, iPhones, and Macs than they have during any other Q4 in their history.

The numbers aren’t earth shattering, but considering that Q4 is a transition quarter, the competition should be terrified of what Apple’s numbers are going to look like during the Holiday quarter (Q1 2013).

Rovio Confirms Amazing Alex Is Coming To Mac & PC


Get ready to build some crazy contraptions on your Mac.
Get ready to build some crazy contraptions on your Mac.

After landing on Android and iOS yesterday, Rovio has confirmed that Amazing Alex will be making its way to Mac and PC. The new physics-based puzzler is Rovio’s first break away from the hugely successful Angry Birds series, and it’s already gotten off to a great start, rocketing up to the number one spot in the App Store’s paid charts in several countries.

Look How Many Competitors Apple Has Destroyed In Just The Last Year Alone [Chart]



We all know that despite only selling two different models of the iPhone and iPad each year, Apple owns the lion’s share of profits in the smartphone industry, even when compared to manufacturers who released dozens of different smartphones and tablets every  year.

It gets even crazier, though. Look at this wonderful chart by market research firm VisionMobile, comparing shipping volumes, revenues and profits of the mobile industry from Q1 2011 to Q1 2012. In just a year, Apple has pretty much doubled not just the number of smartphones it ships, but the revenue and profit it makes off of them…. even while companies that were, a year ago, struggling to compete have pretty much gone belly up.

Insane. Can anything stop the iPhone and iPad?

Source: Vision Mobile
Via: Infoworld

This Incredible Chart Shows How Screwed Android Is And How iOS Gets It Right



Care to see just what Apple means when they talk about Android’s fragmentation problem? Check out this incredible chart put together by Michael Degusta. Not only are most Android phones out of date, but almost half of the smartphones on this chart have never been up-to-date with the latest version of Android OS, even at release!

Comparatively, every release of iOS has been backwards compatible for at least three years. No wonder the iPhone developer community is so strong: devs and users alike can count on almost every iPhone owner being on the current, most bug-free version of iOS!

The Jailbreak Matrix Find the Right Jailbreaking Tools



Last week the U.S. government surprised everyone by announcing that jailbreaking, root access, and carrier unlocking was a legal option for buyers of smartphones that want to access apps not sold by the manufacturer or to free the handset for use on the network of their choice.

After this decision it is likely that more people will be jailbreaking their iPhones, iPads, or iPod touches. There are over 100 million iOS devices in circulation and it is thought that a mere fraction of these are jailbroken.

Jailbreaking isn’t necessarily an easy thing to do, but there are many how-to’s (including our own below) that will explain to you how to do it. The problem with that is that you need to find the right one to fit your iOS device. That isn’t easy with the plethora of iOS versions and different iOS device models out there until now.

The Jailbreak Matrix solves that problem. The Matrix is a chart that will show you the details you need to jailbreak your specific iOS device and its version of iOS. It will even tell if you if a jailbreak doesn’t exist, provide download links for firmware and iTunes, and versioning information for firmware and baseband (if appropriate). The information provide is likely to help you to prevent bricking your device.

You can view the  Jailbreak Matrix and find the jailbreaking how-to suitable for your circumstances or you can check out Culf of Mac’s Jailbreak Superguide. Regardless of the option you choose you can jailbreak most iOS devices in no time at all.

Is your iOS device jailbroken or unlocked? What circumstances drove you to wanting to do that in the first place? Tell us all about it in the comments.