Crazy GIF shows how iPhone X may pave the way for Apple Glasses


smart glasses
Will smart glasses replace iPhone as our main communication device?
Photo: uMake

The iPhone X’s ugly notch could pave the way for Apple to dominate the smart glasses market.

Augmented reality glasses are poised to become the hottest tech gadget of the next decade and Apple’s already laying the foundation with the iPhone X. It may not seem like the two will be directly related, but this clever concept shows how the key lays in the TrueDepth camera hidden in the notch.

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Popular YouTuber helps Apple develop in-car VR entertainment


Mark Rober
Apple has some fascinating (if dangerous) research projects underway.
Photo: Mark Rober

Apple has recruited popular science YouTuber Mark Rober to work as part of its top secret special projects group, developing a VR on-board entertainment system for self-driving cars.

Rober has been working with Apple for the past several years, although he has kept news of Apple’s identity secret. In a Reddit AmA, he described it as a “large tech company in the Bay Area.” His name was revealed as part of several patent applications Apple has recently filed.

This AR card could be the future of business


ArKit business card
This is the future of business cards.
Photo: Oscar Falmer

Apple’s ARKit technology is poised to change the way we interact with everything, including business cards.

iOS & ARKit developer Oscar Falmer previewed his newest AR business card concept on Twitter and it looks freaking rad. Using ARKit 2.0 with image tracking, Falmer’s concept pulls up all of the person’s contact info, website, social media accounts and more for you to interact with digitally.

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ARKit 2.0 will make you actually want to use AR


Apple is taking ARKit to the next level.
Photo: Apple

WWDC 2018 bug Cult of Mac ARKit was last year’s big WWDC announcement. This year Apple introduced ARKit 2.0 and, if we weren’t convinced before about the potential of augmented reality, Apple’s presentation went a long way to changing our minds!

The update to the world’s largest AR platform introduces a new more easily sharable file system, improved face tracking, more realistic rendering, 3D object detection, and — most exciting of all — shared experiences.

ARKit 2.0 will allow multiplayer games in the same space


AR will no longer be a solo affair.
Photo: Dent Reality

At WWDC, Apple could debut new multiplayer AR tools which allow two iPhone users to share the same augmented reality space.

The news was shared in a recent Reuters report. While short on details, the report suggests that it will be able to do this while minimizing the amount of personal data that is sent to servers.

Apple is seeking a UI designer to help with its AR plans


Apple is all-in on augmented reality!
Photo: Dent Reality

Looking for a job for Apple working on a technology that Tim Cook has personally endorsed as one of the most exciting pieces of tech around?

If so, you may be interested in a recent job posting for a 3D UI Frameworks Engineer, underscoring Apple’s interest in all things augmented reality. Who knows? You could even wind up working on Apple’s rumored AR headset.

Apple might be losing its lead in augmented reality to China


Augmented Reality version coming soon
An augmented reality version of this game could have web a huge win for Apple.
Graphic: Ed Hardy/Cult of Mac

While ARKit gave Apple an early lead when it comes to augmented reality apps, a highly respected analyst thinks a Chinese company has nearly caught up.

As evidence, KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo points out that the AR version of enormously popular game Honour of Kings will land on iPhone and Oppo’s inexpensive Android phones at the same time.