Train passenger using an iMac clearly hasn’t heard of MacBooks


Well, that's one way to get your work done.
Photo: Twitter

There’s dedication to Apple computers and … well, taking your iMac on the train with you.

While riding the rails in the U.K. recently, a passenger spotted a woman using a full-size Apple desktop in the first-class carriage of a Virgin train — alongside a mechanical keyboard. We’re betting her fellow passengers were pleased!

“I had to look twice, I was shocked to see such a large computer on the small table,” software company employee David Hill Hill told The Telegraph. “At first I thought she was a staff member, so I actually walked past, and then thought I had to take a photo. [I have] been traveling on the trains for about 15 years, I have never seen anything like it. The lady had a full wired keyboard and mouse.”

Sadly, despite some digging, it seems nobody has managed to identify the woman. After the image got posted to Twitter, a few people posited that it might be a Photoshop. But Hill claims it’s absolutely real, and nothing about the image (such as the glimpse of the iMac in the water bottle on the table) leads us to believe this is a fake.

This way everyone will know about the novel you’re writing!
Photo: 9Gag

It’s not the first time people have been spotted using an iMac in a surprising public setting. A few years back, a Starbucks customer made waves after being photographed using a 27-inch iMac in the coffee shop.

We have to say we’d be more impressed if someone used an old-school Mac with bulky CRT monitor on public transport. Even taking into account the fact that some of them shipped with handles, those things were heavy!

Do you have any stories of people using Apple computers in totally inappropriate situations? Leave your comments below.