Apple closes 3 China stores over coronavirus worries


apple store in shangahi
The Shanghai Apple Store.
Photo: Apple

Government-ordered quarantines in place to contain a deadly coronavirus outbreak in China have forced Apple to temporarily close three stores in the country.

Apple’s good news about a record-breaking quarter this week have been tempered as executives monitor conditions in a country critical to the mass production of its most popular devices, especially the iPhone.

Today in Apple history: Fans queue up as Apple opens Tokyo store, its first outside US


Apple's store in Tokyo's swanky Ginza shopping district.
Apple's first non-U.S. Apple Store was located in Tokyo, Japan.
Photo: Héctor García/Kirai CC

November 30: Today in Apple history: Apple opens first store outside U.S. in Tokyo's trendy Ginza shopping district November 30, 2003: Apple expands its retail chain outside the United States, opening its 73rd Apple Store in Tokyo’s trendy Ginza shopping district.

On opening day, thousands of Apple fans — possibly the biggest queue in Apple history — line up around the block in the rain to gain early access to the store, which offers five full floors of Apple product goodness.

Steve Jobs does not show up for the opening. However, shoppers hear a welcoming speech from Eiko Harada, president of Apple Japan.

Apple takes second spot in list of UK’s best employers


Apple takes second spot in list of UK's best employers
People sure want to work for Apple. But not as much as they want to kill rats, apparently.
Photo: Jim Merithew/Cult of Mac

Those dirty rats! A pest control company knocked Apple out of first place on a list of best U.K. employers.

Global pest control company Rentokil Initial rose to No. 1 on the list, compiled using employee reviews on jobseeker site Indeed. Apple fell to second place — but it’s still the only non-U.K. company to make the top five.

Tennessee police release surveillance tape of $9,000 Apple Store theft


Tennessee police release surveillance tape of $9k Apple Store theft
The Apple CoolSprings Galleria store.
Photo: Apple

Police in Franklin, Tennessee, are looking for three snatch-and-grab suspects in an Apple Store theft. They stole 17 Apple Watches, worth $9,000.

Surveillance footage released by the police shows the trio walking into the Franklin store and grabbing the Apple Watches from the display table. They escaped unimpeded.

Today in Apple history: Apple begins retail venture inside CompUSA


Desiring more control over how Macs got sold, Apple turned to CompUSA.
Desiring more control over how Macs got sold, Apple turned to CompUSA.
Photo: Coolcaesar/Wikipedia CC

November 4: Today in Apple history: Apple CompUSA November 4, 1997: Apple unveils its plan to open small “store within a store” sections inside CompUSA outlets around the United States.

In a step toward the flagship Apple stores that would launch four years later, Cupertino-trained employees staff these mini-stores. The move gives Apple a bit more control over the way its products get displayed and demoed to consumers.

First Indian Apple Store will open in Mumbai mall


Apple's first Indian Apple Store will be located in Mumbai mall
Apple will no longer have to make do with selling through resellers.
Photo: Lawrence Sinclair/Flickr CC

Apple has reportedly selected the location for its first Apple Store in India. The store will be located in Maker Maxity mall in Mumbai, India’s most populous city with a population of around 18 million.

Cupertino is aiming for a September 2020 opening for the Mumbai Apple Store. That’s around the time Apple should release the next-gen iPhone.

Apple drops yet another iOS 12.4 beta and more


Apple Card
iOS 12.4's public launch could coincide with Apple Card's launch.
Photo: Apple

Developers received a fresh new batch of beta updates this morning, but if you were hoping for new iOS 13 goodies you’ll be sorely disappointed.

Apple released its seventh beta for iOS 12.4, the update that adds support for Apple Card. We assumed the update was pretty much ready to launch back when beta 5 came out, but it looks like we might have to keep waiting a while longer for Apple Card to launch.

Registrations open up for Apple’s kids camp


Apple Camp 2019
A three-day crash course in Apple's most creative tools.
Photo: Apple

Apple has opened up registrations for its annual Apple Camp in the U.S., Canada and Mexico, among other countries.

The camps are aimed at kids, who want to learn to use Apple devices in a fun, educational way. They take place over a three-day period, consisting of sessions of lasting 90 minutes each. Kids must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Quit or canned? Why is Angela Ahrendts leaving Apple? [Opinion]


Did Angela Ahrendts jump or was she pushed?
Photo: Leander Kahney/Cult of Mac

When Apple fires an executive, the company is rarely straightforward about the situation. Apple never puts out a press release stating plainly that the executive was canned. So Tuesday’s unexpected announcement that Angela Ahrendts, Apple’s head of retail, is leaving in April led many to suspect she was fired.

That’s because the announcement came as a surprise and seems rushed. She’s certainly not retiring or quitting to join another company. The press release phrase “new personal and professional pursuits” sounds like code for “canned.”

New line of free Apple seminars will make your brain bulge


Today at Apple
Apples Stores will sell you the iPads and Apple Pencils. "Today at Apple" will show how to use them.
Photo: Apple

More than 60 new sessions to teach Apple users how to get the most creatively from their apps and devices will be added to the “Today at Apple” program, the company announced in New York today.

Held at Apple Stores around the world, the sessions offer primers on essential hardware and software in the Apple ecosystem. Each workshop is headed by local creative professionals teaching coding, digital drawing, photography, video and making music.