All ‘Today at Apple’ classes cancelled in Seattle and San Francisco

Apple cancels all ‘Today at Apple’ classes in Seattle and San Francisco


Apple Union Square — Today at Apple classroom
Apple Union Square won‘t be holding “Today at Apple” classes for weeks.
Photo: Apple

Apple cancelled classes in its retail stores in two cities in California and Washington where the novel coronavirus is spreading. A check of the calendar for “Today at Apple” in both Seattle and San Francisco finds nothing scheduled.

However, this doesn’t seem to be a first step toward closing the Apple Stores in these cities. Even temporarily.

‘Today at Apple’ cancelled

Apple’s website shows events for two weeks in advance. And it still does, for most cities, like Chicago or Dallas. However, no training sessions are scheduled between today and March 22 for two US cities where the COVID-19 outbreak has affected more people than most other places.

All that the site says for its training classes in San Francisco and Seattle is “No sessions are scheduled. Try selecting a different Apple Store.“

Apple CEO Tim Cook telegraphed that changes like this might be coming. He said yesterday in a memo to Apple employees that there would be “adjustments to Today at Apple sessions.” Apparently, this is one of those adjustments. Apple on Friday already cancelled its “Today at Apple” sessions across all stores in Italy.

But this apparently isn’t preparation for mass closings of Apple Stores. Cook also wrote in yesterday’s memo that “retail stores remain open to serve our customers with continued deep cleanings and actions to reduce human density.”

So far, two people have died in California of COVID-19. In Washington, the toll is 19.

More about ‘Today at Apple’

Today at Apple offers users free classes on topics like photography, music, coding, design and more. They are intended for beginners to expert users. Many are taught by an Apple employee. But in larger stores, classes taught by artists, photographers and musicians.

All this month, select Apple Stores are hosting “She Creates” sessions led by women from across industries and mediums.