How to change credit card or bank account used by iPhone Upgrade Program


How to change credit card or bank account used by iPhone Upgrade Program
If your Apple Card isn’t being used by the iPhone Upgrade Program, you’re losing out on 3% Daily Cash. Here’s how to change it.
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The iPhone Upgrade Program enables people to get a new Apple handset every year and pay it off in monthly installments, interest free. The monthly payments come from a credit card or a bank account. It’s possible to change which one at any time.

Many people who used the Upgrade Program to get an iPhone 13 want to do this because a bug prevented an Apple Card from being used for this on the handset’s launch day.

Here’s how to switch to a new credit card or bank account for Apple’s installment plan.

Apple Card users get 3% Daily Cash credit for iPhone 13 preorder hiccups


Apple Card
"We apologize for the inconvenience."
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Apple Card users who ran into issues while trying to preorder iPhone 13 last month will receive a credit for the 3% Daily Cash they missed out on. Apple said in an email to customers that it apologizes for the inconvenience caused.

To continue receiving Daily Cash on future iPhone payments, Apple Card users can change their monthly payment method through Citizens One.

Why you’re having trouble making an Apple Card payment [Updated]


Apple Card in POS
You can still use you Apple Card to make purchases. But there might be problems paying the bill today.
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Apple Card users could be running into problems paying their bill on Friday because the online portion of the service is having a problem. This might also affect other aspects of using the card, but that does not include using the card to pay for purchases.

Update: Apple reported the problem fixed on Friday evening about 7.5 hours after it first cropped up.

Apple details new ways to shop for iPhone 13 and latest iPad models


Shop iPhone 13
It's now even easier to give Apple your cash.
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Preordering iPhone 13 or iPhone 13 Pro tomorrow? Apple now gives you new ways to shop for its newest devices. Take advantage of additional pickup, payment, and delivery options, as well as carrier offers at Apple Retail stores.

The same options are also available for the new iPad and iPad mini, which are already up for preorder ahead of their debut on September 24.