Apple clashes with its Apple Card partner over TV+


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Apple and Goldman Sachs disagree over Apple TV+ accounting.
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Apple partnered with Goldman Sachs to launch Apple Card. But that doesn’t guarantee that the two entities will always see eye-to-eye.

Late last week, Goldman Sachs cut its price target on Apple shares to $165. That gives it the lowest expectations for Apple of all major Wall Street banks. Following the news, Apple hit back at its partner, arguing that its claims were ill-founded.

Apple sees ‘long-term potential’ in cryptocurrencies


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An Apple Coin? Don't rule it out.
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Could an Apple cryptocurrency be coming? While it doesn’t sound like it’s on the immediate horizon, Apple Pay VP Jennifer Bailey recently suggested it’s not totally off the table.

It would fit with Apple’s growing embrace of financial services. The company got into mobile payments with Apple Pay in 2014 and released the Apple Card this year. Now, Cupertino appears to be taking a wait-and-see approach on cryptocurrencies.

Just how titanium is the titanium Apple Card?


Apple Card
This is why we can't have nice things.
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Do you want to be the kind of know-it-all who takes the wind out of fanboys’ sails by telling them their fancy new titanium Apple Card isn’t actually 100% titanium?

No? Then you should probably ignore a new article from Bloomberg BusinessWeek. The publication used a scanning electron microscope to work out the Apple Card’s composition because the internet’s run out of things to do.

Protect your precious Apple Card with this $139 wooden card case


Wooden Apple Card storer
"Oh my God. It even has a watermark."
Photo: Kerfcase

The physical titanium Apple Card may be the most attractive credit card ever made. But it’s not necessarily the most practical design, since storing it in a leather wallet risks discoloring it.

Fortunately, design company Kerf have created an equally attractive solution for storing it. And if we’d never thought about a physically attractive credit card before, we sure as heck hadn’t considered 2019’s need for a $139 wooden credit card case!

How to clean your Apple Card. Seriously.


This is the kind of thing your beautiful, clean Apple Card is going to have to deal with.
This is the kind of thing your beautiful, pristine Apple Card is going to have to deal with.
Photo: Matt Biddulph/Flickr CC

The Apple Card isn’t just another credit card. Apple is a hardware company, after all, so its card is special, mkay? If Jony Ive hadn’t disappeared from the Apple lot, then we’d probably even have a Making Of video, with Whispering Joni1 burning with quiet passion about how this is the thinnest, strongest card that Apple has ever made. How Apple’s designers needed to invent an entire new production process to recycle titanium plates reclaimed from broken legs. Etc.

So, if you have an Apple Card, Apple wants you to treat it with respect. And that’s why there is now an official support document telling you how to clean it.

How to opt out of Apple Card arbitration (and why you should)


Opting out of Apple Card Arbitration is easy.
Opting out of Apple Card arbitration is easy.
Photo: Apple

The Apple Card is now potentially available to anyone in the U.S., so you’ll soon be able to use your (tough titanium) credit card to defeat locks, scrape paint, and open beer bottles. But it’s not all good news. Your Apple Card contract includes something called arbitration, and that’s a very bad thing. The silver lining is that you can easily opt out. Here’s how to opt out of Apple Card arbitration, and why you definitely should.

Famous American Psycho scene gets Apple Card upgrade


scene from
Is that titanium? "Nice!"
Photo: Universal Studios/YouTube

The Apple Card is the newest status totem and that gave one YouTuber and fan of the 2000 film American Psycho an idea for the re-editing of one scene.

The scene shows cocksure investment banker Patrick Bateman and his yuppie, Italian-suited colleagues vainly comparing the designs of their business cards, each whipping their’s out so to speak.

Apple Card’s ‘enhanced security’ takes aim at fraud


Apple Card in POS
Stealing someone’s Apple Card number is designed to be very hard.
Photo: Ed Hardy/Cult of Mac

The new Apple Card offers some unusual security features, all designed to prevent this credit card’s number from being used without authorization, either in a store or online.

The fact that the card number isn’t printed on it anywhere is just the start. “The real key to the enhanced security here is happening behind the scenes,” said Craig Vosburg, President of Mastercard North America.