How to export Apple Card transactions to a spreadsheet


Apple Card in POS
Paying with Apple Card is easy, and now entering theses transactions into a spreadsheet is just as easy.
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Transferring your Apple Card statement to a spreadsheet application just became a simple process. No third-party software is required — Apple today added the ability to export your transactions in a format that software like Microsoft Excel and Apple Numbers can easily import.

Apple won‘t save you if you default on your Apple Card


Apple Card is underwritten by Goldman Sachs.
Apple is the face of the Apple Card, but Goldman Sachs really controls it.
Photo: Apple

Don’t expect Apple to go easy on you if you get delinquent on payments to your Apple Card. Because that is not in Apple’s control.

The credit card is underwritten by Goldman Sachs. And the bank made it clear this week that it alone makes the decisions about collections from delinquent cardholders.

How to view your Apple Card transactions in a spreadsheet


App makes it easy to view Apple Card transactions in a spreadsheet
Let's face it: Very few people love spreadsheets. But they're pretty darn useful.
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Apple Card advertises itself as being just about the most user-friendly credit card in the history of finance. But, surprisingly, it doesn’t let you easily upload your transaction history into a spreadsheet.

Fortunately, New York-based developer Jed Schmidt has created a tool that changes that. And you can start using it right now.

Apple Card’s ‘elite card’ status hits retailers in the wallet


Apple Card’s ‘elite card’ status is hitting retailers in the wallet
Apple Card is one of many cards that carry higher fees for retailers.
Photo: Apple

Some retailers are pushing back against “elite cards” such as Apple Card, a new Bloomberg report claims. These cards’ high-end status means the banks charge higher transaction fees, which offset various rewards programs.

Apple isn’t the only elite card that comes with higher fees for businesses that accept them. The article says a regular Visa card costs $1.27 in swipe fees for a $100 purchase. Meanwhile, a high-end Visa Signature card carries fees of $1.75. These fees are divided between the network, the payment processor and the issuing bank.

Elizabeth Warren chimes in on allegedly discriminatory Apple Card algorithm


Elizabeth Warren chimes in on allegedly discriminatory Apple Card algorithm
Sen. Elizabeth Warren thinks Apple Card partner Goldman Sachs has some explaining to do.

Democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren has chimed in on the allegedly sexist Apple Card debacle. Warren criticized Apple Card partner Goldman Sachs, saying that if the bank can’t explain how the algorithm used to determine credit score works, it should “pull it down.”

The complaints about Apple Card began last week when entrepreneur David Heinemeier Hansson said he was offered a credit limit 20 times that of his wife. Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak claimed something similar.

Why ‘sexist’ Apple Card is Cupertino’s worst nightmare


Sexist Apple Card accusations are tech's latest example of biased algorithms
Apple Card was meant to be the solution, not part of the problem.
Photo: Apple

Cupertino pitched Apple Card as the greatest credit card in history. Instead, the card generated negative PR based on accusations that the algorithm used to decide credit limits is discriminatory.

Even Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak complained about the supposedly sexist algorithm. Woz said he received 10 times more credit than his wife, despite sharing bank accounts and assets. Here’s how Apple became the latest tech giant to be accused of algorithmic bias — and what that means.