Here’s why you can’t make an Apple Card payment [Updated]


Here’s why you can’t make an Apple Card payment
Apple Card has been hit with a software outage.
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Update: Apple changed the status for Apple Card from “outage” to “resolved outage” Wednesday afternoon. The service was offline for almost exactly six hours.

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Apple Card users may find that they’re unable to make a payment or see recent transactions. Apple reports that the software that handles these tasks for its credit card has been having problems for several hours.

How to share your Apple Card with others and add a co-owner


How to share Apple Card
Give others the ability to use your Apple Card.
Image: Apple/Cult of Mac

Apple Card now gives users the ability to add a co-owner from their Family Sharing group. Co-owners share the same credit line and have the ability to add the card to Apple Pay, view their own spending activity, and more.

It’s also possible to share Apple Card with other members of your family (aged 13 years or older) and give them their own spending limit. Here’s how to start sharing yours on iPhone and iPad.

Are we high?!? 10 ways Apple blew our minds on 4/20


Apple Spring Loaded event: 10 ways Apple blew our minds on 4/20.
Man, that was one powerful presentation.
Image: Killian Bell/Cult of Mac

It’s 4/20 and Apple’s big iMac and iPad Pro launch event was a total trip. The new Mac desktop comes in a rainbow of colors, and the M1 processor in the latest tablet will blow you away. And there’s AirTag too, at long last.

Grab some snacks and get ready to find out what the new products mean for Apple users and for the company’s future.

Investigation into ‘sexist’ Apple Card concludes no discrimination


Apple Card’s ‘elite card’ status is hitting retailers in the wallet
Investigation was triggered by 2019 complaint.
Photo: Apple

An investigation into the alleged “sexist” Apple Card has concluded with New York’s Department of Financial Services saying Tuesday that it has found no evidence of unlawful discrimination.

The investigation was launched in late 2019. Laws stop algorithms from determining treatment based on things like age, creed, race, color, sex, sexual orientation, and more.

Apple wins trademark for Apple Card in Canada


Apple Card’s ‘elite card’ status is hitting retailers in the wallet
Does this mean Apple Card is coming to Canada?
Photo: Apple

Apple launched its Apple Card credit card back in 2019 but, so far, it’s only been available to customers in the United States.

That may soon change, however, with eagle-eyed Apple watchers spotting that Apple has been granted two trademark applications in Canada, covering both Apple Card and Apple Cash.

Nike offers $75 of freebies to new Apple Card users


Open an Apple Card account in the next month and you can get $75 back from Nike.
Screenshot: Apple

Nike offers a bonus for new users of Apple’s credit card. Sign up for an Apple Card, buy $75 or more from Nike in the first 30 days, and get $75 in Daily Cash.

Plus, Nike offers unlimited 3% back at Nike when Apple Card with Apple Pay is used.