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MacBook Pro and PC rig features designer’s own folding MagSafe stand [Setups]


This moody shot doesn't show the folding MagSafe stand well, but you can see it in the images below.
This moody shot doesn't show the folding MagSafe stand well, but you can see it in the images below.

Once in a while a computer setup comes along that shows off its owner’s invention. Sometimes it’s something perfectly utilitarian and sometimes it’s something weird and wonderful (examples below).

In today’s featured MacBook Pro and Intel NUC PC setup, we find a nifty folding MagSafe charging stand just about to go on the market.

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MacBook Pro, iPad Pro and Intel NUC PC are fine, but don’t miss the folding MagSafe stand

Gear designer and Redditor galileogear (“GG”) showcased the MacBook Pro and iPad Pro-based setup in a post entitled, “My mostly Mac set up featuring the MagSafe stand I designed.”

And it’s really a tale of two stands, because not only did he make his own folding MagSafe stand for iPhone and AirPods charging cases, he loves the Moft collapsible MacBook and iPad stand shown at left in the photo above, too. The Moft stand folds down into a mousepad when it’s not holding a laptop or tablet.

“Pretty happy with my current set up. Proud to use my own folding MagSafe stand every day,” he said. “I think it matches the other Apple stuff nicely. Also really like the Moft collapsible laptop stand since it folds completely flat and can be used as a mouse pad when traveling.”

GG calls his stand MagDisc. Formed from three scratch-resistant aluminum rings, it folds flat into a circle, looking sort of like a typical MagSafe charging puck but cooler. It’s designed to raise up into a stand so you can mount your iPhone or AirPods charging case on it after you insert the MagSafe charger.

Anyone who wants a better look at it or to sign up to find about MagDisc’s Kickstarter crowd-funding campaign can sign up here.

Here's how the MagDisc looks laid flat.
Here’s how the MagDisc looks laid flat with the MagSafe charging puck inserted.

Compact LG UltraFine monitor and Magic Keyboard 2

GG’s external display is a 24-inch LG UltraFine 4K for Mac — smaller than many seen in Setups these days (27-inch, 32-inch and bigger).  His keyboard is a short Magic Keyboard 2.

“I think I’ve gone thru 4 monitors and like 10 keyboards since WFH started,” he said. “These two were the ones that ticked the boxes. Needed a small but super-bright screen due to being right next to a window. And needed a super thin keyboard that could be both wired and wireless.”

Intel NUC PC for gaming

In addition to his Apple gear, GG plays games using an Intel NUC PC built a few years ago. NUC stands for “next unit of computing.” NUC boxes are compact and barebones. He uses a Razer gaming mouse with it.

“Intel NUC is for gaming and might just use it as a headless PC and use Steamlink so I don’t have to use Windows at all,” GG said. “Been playing God of War and Cyberpunk [2077] lately. Also need Windows for certain applications that aren’t on Mac.”

More setups featuring owners’ inventions

Three rings fold flat, into each other, or stand tall.
The three rings can also stand tall with a MagSafe charging disk inserted.

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