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Should every workstation have a 3D printer? [Setups]


The 3D printer at left helped make other parts of this computer setup.
The 3D printer at left helped make other parts of this computer setup.

You still rarely see a computer setup with a 3D printer in it. Today’s featured setup is an exception. You can see the printer against the wall on the left in the photo above.

Probably more workstations in the near future will have them. Why? Not only are they becoming more affordable, you can use them to make parts of the setup!

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Someday maybe every setup will have a 3D printer

Redditor RB2706 briefly discussed his M1 Mac mini- and Xbox One-powered setup and its 3D printer in a post titled, “Finally pretty happy with my setup. Except the chair lol.”

As you can glean from the title (and sort of see in the photograph above), the chair is nondescript. In fact, the chair appears to be concealed under a blanket or garment of some sort.

But enough about the much-maligned chair.

“How does your Xbox controller stay under the desk?” asked a commenter. “Looks clean!”

“[I] 3D printed [the] thing that holds onto the analog sticks,” replied RB.

It’s not easy to see in the photo exactly what he means, but you can see the controller sticking out from under the desk. Evidently he printed something the controller can slide into for safe and out-of-the-way storage under the desk. Like a holster.

We’d also venture to guess the headphone holder hanging off the right side of the desk came out of the 3D printer, though RB doesn’t say.

He uses a Creality Ender 3 V2 3D printer. Right now you can get it for $279 on Amazon, marked down from $320. And you can find cheaper ones, too.

Other setups where 3D printing figures in

It brings to mind other Setups we’ve seen where 3D printing provided either useful parts of the workstation or decor.

Redditor Leroy_pylant 3D printed his Magic Tray for Magic Keyboard and Magic Mouse and showed it in his own setup, only to find a lot of other people coveted it. So he provided a way for them to print it themselves or to buy one already made.

Then there’s the colorful story of Vincent Belotti, who told Cult of Mac about enhancing his highly decorated setup with a 3D-printed Apple Watch stand and a collection of figurines.

And in another tale of tremendous utility, a Redditor 3D-printed a stand for five Apple products that looks kind of like a cross between a cheese-grater Mac Pro and a Pro Display XDR. It’ll hold a MacBook, iPad, iPhone, Pencil and AirPods in vertical positions. That could enhance anyone’s setup.

Here's a closer look at the setup proper, including a Keychron mechanical keyboard, a Logitech MX3 mouse and Creative Pebble speakers.
Here’s a closer look at the setup proper, including a 32-inch Dell curved gaming monitor, an Xbox One, an older Magic Trackpad, a Keychron K3 slim mechanical keyboard, a Logitech MX Master 3 mouse and Creative Pebble speakers (with subwoofer at right on the desk).

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