Save Yourself the Unwanted Bill and Disable In-App Purchases [How To]



In-App Purchases are no joke. With the Freemium model becoming a mainstay for many popular apps, iOS users may get confused and can easily rack up a $100 tab in minutes. To prevent this from happening to you we’re going to show you how to disable all in-app purchases.

The process is extremely simple. You just go to Settings>>General>>Restrictions>>Enter PIN>>Enable Restrictions>>In-App Purchases Off.

I’ve included screenshots of the whole thing too, just incase you get lost.

Step 1: Go to Settings

Step 2: Go to General

Step 3: Under General go to Restrictions

Step 4: Enter your Passcode

Step 5: Select “Enable Restrictions”

Step 6: Toggle the switch for In-App Purchases to OFF

  • Meatlanny

    Thank you so so soooooo much!!

  • Kim

    THANK YOUUUU i was having a hard time finding this on my own =n=

  • Guest

    Wish I knew this *before* the kids went berzerk!
    What a scam eh? Kids grab some free game, and have no idea tehy’re spending my real money when that popup arrives – and the stupid things that take money from you for nothing!! What’s the point of having Apple approving apps when they allow blatant theft from kids anyhow?

  • Kimmaclean

    thank you i only have a £50 bill  which is not as much as some but hopefully this will help to curtail any more!!

  • TG

    I wish I knew this as well! I just realized $300 was charged to my account because my daughter has been sick this week and playing a new game on her itouch, which charges real money every time she does something! I am so upset, but thankful I know how to disable it now! What a scam!!

  • Sharkjaw_99

    Thanks! This helped.

  • Wary

    Cheers from me too,im left with a 130 dollar bill thanks to my young son also.Just shows i suppose in my case anyway,take notice of what the little buggers are up to !!

  • C S

    Thank you!!!

  • Heathermj

    Thank you!  Why does Apple make this so difficult to do.  (As if I don’t really know the answer).  My eight year old racked up $45 over the weekend on my new I-Pod over the weekend!  I was only alerted to the charges by my credit card company!  Otherwise she would have kept going!

  • Carla

    The British BBC Radio 4 programme has an article on this today. I haven’t been caught out as I don’t let kids use my phone or iPad but I’ve set a password anyway! Many thanks!

  • JW

    Thanks!  I wish I had known about this before the $99 charge from my 5 year old.  I am ready now though.

  • Guest

    You and me both.  My 5 year old just charged $99.99 and another $25.  Thank goodness the credit card company called us this morning warning us of unusual charges and locked down our card.

  • S-d-c

    ARGH looks like there is a whole category of people in this situation not just me.
    Good post, thanks.

  • U-pf

    Thank you for the post.

  • Marc Draco

    This is seriously fucked up. I’m all for in-app purchasing but when a KIDS game starts charging shit out at $99 per go, something is seriously wrong.

    Tap Zoo is a particular culprit.

    Looks like my kids will have no access to the family iPad anymore.

  • Noobslayer

    My sister racked up $500 of crud on some stupid “dragonvale” game and it was driving the family nut.thank you so very much

  • goradde

    i disabled in app purchases right after dling dragonvale.

  • fusebuddy

    Dragonvale, Igun and paper toss, my kids racked up $130.  Parents, watch out for these games!  Why does Apple ship their product with this restriction turned off? They know damned well, its an opening for illicit billing.

  • Missemor4

    Hi there – thank you for this post. I’ve come on here as my son has just racked up a £65 bill in a couple of days for Dragonvale, without even realising that he was making any purchases, it just comes up randomly with ‘press ok’. He has always been extremely conscientious about asking me for approval to purchase in the past for anything else, so he has definitely been tricked by this game into not realising that he was purchasing anything or its cost. Arggghhh, so now we are trying to follow the suggestion to change the setting, but when you click on the ‘restrictions’ tab, it requires a passcode, which isn’t the same as the iPod lock passcode and another code was never set. Any ideas? Help gratefully appreciated. A frustrated mum – can’t believe they’re allowed to create games without alerting of costs!

  • boxxjockey

    Yes,  come to find out we have been getting slammed with a game called Deer Hunter Challenge. Stay away from it.

  • George

    Not only that, but I would suggest that you purposefully forget your restrictions passcode as well, so that you can’t turn it off.