Glowing Apple logo could serve up alerts on iPhone 6


Picture: uSwitch

The iPhone 6 could include a MacBook-style light-up logo, according to new photos uncovered by renowned Apple leaker Sonny Dickson.

The photos show an apparent iPhone 6 case, with a thin plastic space that would allow for a light to shine out. While nothing concrete suggests this, if true the light could be used to indicate at a glance what type of notification a user was receiving at any moment — perhaps pulsating white for a call, or flashing blue for a text message or Twitter update.

According to website uSwitch, who first posted the photos, the clear plastic logo could also be an opening used for NFC transmission, while the rest of metal on the rear of the case would block signals.


This isn’t the first time we’ve heard reports that the iPhone 6 could feature a light-up logo.

A leaked iPhone case back in May showed a similar gap, while this news was later backed up by a report from the Japanese site Nikkei, which cited supply chain sources.

The latest images leaked line up with a lot of what we’ve previously heard about the upcoming iPhone 6, although it’s worth noting that the ugly antenna breaks seen in these images will likely be replaced by glass for the final release.

The iPhone 6 is expected to arrive in September, possibly on September 19.

Source: uSwitch

Via: Pocket-Lint

  • TJ

    Seems a bit of a silly idea. Most people would more than likely have the phone on a flat surface with the screen facing up so who’s ever going to see the Apple logo if it lights up? Surely that’s what the screen is for anyway, to notify you of alerts. Not to mention that the majority of people use a case with their iPhone and most cases would cover up the Apple logo.

    • Luke Dormehl

      I’m hoping with the new sapphire screen, this will be an iPhone you don’t have to keep in a case. But that also discounts the massive number of people who want to cover up their iPhone design with the name of their favorite sports team or whatever…

    • At

      Right now I have LED flash notifications on. I always have mine back side up so I can keep the sound of and see the notification, I really hope this is true, the LED is too bright and flashes in people faces when I have it in my shirt pocket.

      • Ed Chase

        I switched the LED notifications off as I started to get looks by people who thought I was taking photos of them on the Tube whenever I received a message!

  • Brandon Franklin

    If the apple logo lights up….so sick!

  • Chase Anderson

    No! This would look way too gaudy. I would prefer hidden notification l.e.d. lights. Ghost light, hidden behind the black bezel around the screen. It would look far less intrusive, staying truer to Apple’s minimalist designs. It’s acceptable on macbooks, but please not on phones. I can already see droves of douche bags dressed like jersey shore cast members “rockin” the gold iPhone with a modified super bright strobe l.e.d. blinding everyone in their path. Please, Apple, keep it classy.

  • That does not look like a clear plastic logo at all lol. If it where clear we should be able to see the table in the second photo.

  • jm

    Seems like iphone would sue china for fake handsets and recover what is owed on the national dent.