Glowing logo, curved glass display: The iPhone 6 might look different than we expect



Thanks to abundant casing leaks, we all think we know what the iPhone 6 will look like when it’s released this summer: a 4.7-inch slab of aluminum with stripes on the back denoting where the antenna goes. But do we really? A new report out of Asia says the iPhone 6 could look very different than the leaks we’ve seen so far.

According to a new report from Japanese site Nikkei, the iPhone 6 case leaks that we have seen so far do not represent the appearance or build quality of the final device.

The main thing the report takes issue with is the antenna stripes on the back of the iPhone 6. These have always looked a little bit slap-dash to have come out of Jony Ive’s design labs, and Nikkei claims these antenna stripes will not actually be in the finished version. They say that for the iPhone 6, Apple will actually adopt a glass antenna design like the iPhone 5 and 5s: The antenna stripes we’re seeing in case markings just indicate where the metal needs to be cut out to insert the glass.

But those aren’t the only things we’re all getting wrong, says Nikkei. For one, the newspaper claims the Apple logo on the back of the device will be accomplished by physically carving it out of the metal, much like the logo on the back of a MacBook. Cult of Mac has reported this before, saying the iPhone 6 could have a glowing Apple logo on the back, but Nikkei’s report seems to be stronger confirmation.

Finally? Nikkei claims Apple will use a curved glass display, like the LG Flex, for the iPhone 6. In theory, curved glass displays give better image quality than flat displays, but curved glass phones so far have tended to get poor reviews. Presumably, Apple can do better.

The takeaway? If you don’t like the look of the iPhone 6 mock-ups you’ve been seeing, take heart: The real iPhone 6 will exhibit a lot more polish and panache.

Source: Nikkei
Via: G For Games
Thanks: Vlad A.

  • Jeremy Wallace

    Seriously ? I needs to be wider..

  • Martin Blase

    “The iPhone 6 might look different than we expect” might just be an early frontrunner for the Captain Obvious Headline of the Year award.

  • “In theory, curved glass displays give better image quality than flat displays,” How is that?

    • Less visual distortion when viewed from an angle. I think this argument is mostly relevant to large format displays, although it can be seen it on smaller devices.

  • A single LED doesn’t use much power, probably only on when the phone is unlocked. I could see it as a possibility.

  • Do people get paid to write and report this garbage?
    Derp! Cut out Apple logo must mean the Apple logo will glow, right?
    Not like the iPad shells have cutouts and NON-GLOWING Apple logos!
    Why would they be making it consistent with the iPad instead of adding a useless glow? Maybe because they’re not doing that.

  • Trill Toddler

    That looks disgusting. Hope it doesn’t actually look like that

  • Kenton

    Why not use the Apple logo as an antenna like how the MacBooks use the Apple logo for Wifi.

  • Wayne

    Why not build a solar battery so you never run out of charge surely it’s not hard ans it would be better for the planet and everyone concerned. I don’t know why this hasn’t been done yet. We have solar watches and other things why not the most important asset a communication device it might just save a life.

  • Wayne

    Think about it I know they make money with all the chargers and stuff but seriously.