The iPhone 6 could have a glowing Apple logo on the back



Take this with a grain of salt, but an Australian iPhone repair site with a proven history of leaking upcoming iPhone and iPad parts early has posted what they are claiming is our first look at the aluminum rear shell of the upcoming iPhone 6.

MacFixit‘s part is ostensibly the rear shell of the next iPhone. Due out in September, the leaked shell confirms reports that the next iPhone will be much larger than its predecessors — 4.7-inches instead of 4-inches — and that it will be a return to the design of the original iPhone 2G, in that it will be completely enclosed in aluminum. But like the iPhone 5 series of phones, Apple is building two “windows” into this shell so that the antenna can get a clear reception.

Also note that the Apple symbol on the back of the shell is completely clear. Could this imply a glow-in-the-dark Apple logo on the back of the next iPhone, like on the MacBook?

Is this legitimate? We’d say so. The next iPhone is only four months away, which may seem like ages, but on the timetable of Apple’s vast supply chain is actually really close to launch. Not only that, but this shell matches many of the other cases and renders that have been leaked. At this point, we’d say you can consider it confirmed: the iPhone 6 will be larger, thinner, made largely of aluminum, and possibly have a glowing Apple logo on the back.

And if that doesn’t get you excited, just think about what we don’t know yet.

Source: MacFixit

  • npco543

    Wow, a glowing Apple logo, if that’s not innovative, I don’t know what is.

    But I guess it accomplishes Apple’s main objective of providing an impossible to miss beacon for the LOOK AT ME, I OWN THE LATEST iPhone crowd.

    • Do you people not realise the irony in your ‘iSheep’ and ‘part of the cool crowd’ phrases?

      You all come out with exactly the same thing.. Why complain? if you don’t like Apple or their devices, why click the link to an article about one of their biggest devices?

      • npco543

        “why click the link to an article about one of their biggest devices?”

        Maybe on the off chance Apple will actually produce something innovative? Competition is good, and even if I didn’t have any intentions of buying an iPhone, I still think it would be great if they tried a little harder.

      • why don’t you focus on what you want to buy instead of posting pointless “iSheep” comments? Nobody cares what you have to say, coming out with a childish comment on a news article isn’t going to dent Apple’s sales or change their mantra.

    • firesign3000

      Troll fail.


      someones butthurt their mommy wont buy them an iphone

    • Slurpy2k11

      You’re a fucking idiot, since there’s no chance it will have a glowing logo. Would be a pointless battery drain. But glad this false rumor gave you the chance to get in a shitty, petty, pathetic troll post in without a shred of substance. Apple products actually have the LEAST branding compared to other devices, so dont know what you’re going on about. But hey, lets not let facts get in the way.

      I wonder what you would say if Apple made something like Google Glass- you know, thats what you call a “beacon”. But I’m sure you have no problem with Google’s face computer.

  • Dave Podnar

    The iPad has a plastic apple logo that doesn’t glow. Guessing the same thing here.

  • Zoheb Khan

    This should have a glow light or it shall have a notification light there.
    Example if there is a whats app message then there shall be green and if Facebook then blue and should be customisable for different apps…!!
    I wish this comes in iPhone 6.

    • This is a terrible idea, the last thing I want is a rainbow coloured glowing beacon on the back of my device.

      Thankfully Apple have taste, if they do go ahead with a glowing logo, it will be white, as it’ll use the light from the screen’s backlight in the same way that the MacBooks currently do.. Sleek.

      • Zoheb Khan

        agreed (y)

  • Thinner than iPhone 5 s? OMG that’s paper!

  • San Diego Dave

    It probably won’t glow. Or at least it won’t glow whenever the screen is on like a macbook. Unlike what Troll-master 543 said above, most people do not want to draw lots of attention to themselves (or the side of their face) when using a small personal device like a phone.

    I like the idea that it could have its own separate lighting and would glow when you get notifications, but that’s unlikely. As Dave Podnar said, the iPad has black plastic where the logo cutout is, and the iphone will probably do something similar.

  • Anthony Velazquez

    I’m thinking this will be a glowing logo. It doesn’t seem to make much sense to me for them to suddenly change it just to look like the ipad unless it was done for a purpose, as in notifications. I would actually like this. And my guess is if they are finally adding this to the iphone, I bet they have improved battery life dramatically. Well, I hope anyway :)

  • Trill Toddler

    Hopefully the bezels are not massive like we have been seeing on the dummy models

  • Leonardo Offredi

    I personally hate those antenna cutouts…

  • Robert Kroeger

    It’s clearly for the biometric scanners (heart rate) and for NFC (doesn’t work through metal).

  • dro_ID

    The i6 design is a step back compared to what offers the competition.

  • Samuel Marchán

    It not represent a waste of energy?