Secret Trade: How One Man Got An iPad Air Weeks Before Apple Announced It [CultCast]



Back in September, popular Youtuber Lewis Hilsenteger released a hands-on video of what he believed to be the outer shell of the iPad 5. The video exploded on the Internet, and six weeks later when Apple announced the iPad Air, it confirmed the parts were spot-on.

So how does someone get their paws on the parts of one of Apple’s most anticipated gadgets weeks before it’s announced? On this week’s CultCast, Hilsentenger is our guest — and he’s going to tell us exactly how he did it.

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CultCast #123 – Private Parts

On The CultCast this week

Lewis Hilsenteger – Youtuber and the man behind the popular UnboxTherapy channel.
Erfon Elijah – Cult of Mac writer and host of The CultCast.
Buster Heine – Cult of Mac writer and community manager.
Alex Heath – Cult of Mac writer and alien expert.

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