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LG To Be Sole Supplier Of Flexible Displays For iWatch [Rumor]


The iPhone and iPad are chock-full of sensors, ranging from proximity sensors and accelerometers to magnetometers and ambient light sensors. Next to the iWatch, however, they could end up looking like the dumb mobile phones of a pre-iPhone age. That’s because if you believe the rumors, the iWatch is set to be loaded with more sensors than you can shake a, well, a very-sensor-filled thing at.A recent report from The Wall Street Journal suggests the iPhone will feature a massive 10 different sensors, including one for analyzing sweat. Patents from Apple suggest the company is also set on expanding the functionality of present-generation wrist-worn devices, with research into everything from monitoring users' heart rates to sensors that can work intelligently together to deduce the precise activity a person is doing (for example, combining motion and pulse-rate measurements with location sensors to determine if you’re out for a jog or running on a treadmill). Impressive stuff!
Photo: Fuse Chicken
(Photo: Fuse Chicken)

Apple has chosen LG as its sole supplier for flexible displays to be used in the iWatch, according to a new report coming out of Korea.

The report suggests that Apple is aiming to sell 9 million iWatch units by the end of 2014, that the device will be launched in September, and that the iWatch will come in two different sizes (1.3 inches and 1.5 inches).

This isn’t the first time LG has been linked to Apple’s long-awaited iWatch. A report in January suggested that LG would be the sole supplier of the panels for the iWatch, using the same curved OLED display technology LG debuted with its G Flex smartphone.

Apple is said to have chosen LG as its manufacturing partner because LG’s panels are light, thin and provide suitable brightness with minimal power consumption.

The iWatch is heavily rumored to feature a number of different biometric sensors, such as a smart pedometer recently patented by Apple.

It has been suggested that the iWatch will be released at multiple price points, with the highest-end, ultra-luxurious model selling for thousands of dollars.

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