Leaked Image Appears To Show iPhone 6 Front Panel [Rumor]



A single image showing what appears to be a larger iPhone screen has shown up on Chinese microblogging website Weibo.

The photo — posted by user jiezhixc on Tuesday — depicts what looks like a current generation iPhone 5s being held up as comparison, showing how significantly larger the iPhone 6 could potentially be.

While the iPhone 6 as shown seems to conform to the layout of the current Apple handsets, the most notable difference seems to be the slimness of the screen bezel. Back in February it was rumored that the next generation iPhone would come with a bezel-free display. Recent iOS devices have shown a continual slimming of the bezel in order to maximize screen size and viewing area.

Weibo has been responsible for a number of alleged leaked images as of late. Yesterday Cult of Mac reported on images apparently taken inside a Foxconn plant, which depict an alleged iPhone 6 chassis, and a handful of manufacturing molds for Apple’s upcoming smartphone.

Current reports suggest the iPhone will come in two sizes: 4.7 inches and 5.5 inches. According to a recent rumor, the smaller version will ship in Q3 this year, while the larger version would be slightly delayed due to production challenges.

Source: Weibo

Via: iPhon.fr

  • Mitsuo

    Oh no… It’s getting ”Samsungy” once more~

  • SM

    It’s nice to see Apple following the market trends and making a larger device. How many years have iPhone users wanted this?

    • rfichoke

      Not always. Even the iPhone 5 is too big for me, as I have tiny hands and can’t reach the corners with my thumbs when using one hand. The major upside is more surface area for the battery, which is nice, but it’s a phone–not a tablet.

      • SM

        I use a Note 3, but that is the largest I will go size-wise. I just like that Apple is trying to remain competitive. More competition in a market is great for the consumer.

      • rfichoke

        That’s certainly true.

        Although if they start having multiple sizes to suit different people (which ends up being inevitable if you’re going to change form factors at all), you end up making it more difficult to develop apps that look good and are consistent, create more trouble with supply chain management and manufacturing, and add confusion/frustration for consumers trying to decide which model they should buy.

        Those are all reasons why Apple has traditionally shied away from offering as much choice. It’s a trade-off, like any engineering decision, but it’s nice to have a manufacturer that gives people the option-of-not-having-an-option, if you know what I mean (you lose choice but get simplicity). But you can only do this when you’re leading the pack in terms of quality and features (or at least the significant features–there are always extra features that just amount to bloat because they’re not that important to most users).

        iOS 7 was the first sign that Apple was moving away from this approach, and I kind of miss it. It seems like they’re just following the herd now (or maybe meandering helplessly in the general direction of the herd).

        But when Jobs got sick again, I think everybody kind of knew somewhere in the back of their heads that it was the end–that this was where things would end up at some point. I’m kind of surprised that it took this long.

  • Trill Toddler

    literally looks exactly like the iphone 5 screen just bigger. wtf.

  • ianthetechman

    I don’t think for one minute this is actually a genuine article. Probably just someone with far to much time on there hands who’s made a larger looking iphone screen.

  • Proesterchen

    That does not look like a particularly slim bezel to me.