You Won’t Believe How Beautiful & Revolutionary A Curved Apple HDTV Could Be [Gallery]



In the Mac space, Dutch designer Martin Hajek is the crown prince of concepts, having done some of the most realistic and jawdropping renders we’ve ever seen for the iWatch, Mac Pro, iPhone 6 and more.

One product concept we thought Hajek bit the pooch on a little, though, was his idea of what an Apple HDTV would look like. His concept was black, chamfered and gorgeous… but also looked like Martin Hajek had never used a television in his life. But here comes Hajek’s Apple HDTV, Mach II… and this is an Apple television set I would buy.





You can see all of Hajek’s renders below, but as you can see, Hajek imagines an iMac-like device with a curved screen and a flat, transparency-filled interface similar to iOS 7, complete with dock. The hardware design is all Hajek, but he was inspired by the UI concept of Andrew Ambrosino, which shows: the UI was the major conceptual problem of Hajek’s last stab at the Apple TV.

I like it, although I think it’s impractical: surely, mounting a curved screen on a wall would be a nightmare, right? Even so, this is a device I would be happy to have in my living room. What do you think?

Source: Martin Hajek



  • rogifan

    So basically it’s an iMac with a curved screen. Big deal. And anyway I doubt IF Apple is working on a 4K TV it will be any color other than black. Who has silver TVs in their home?

  • lwdesign1

    I fail to see any advantage of a curved screen unless you’re sitting directly in front of it. As a TV it fails utterly due to it being much more difficult to watch from an angle. The curve limits the view of anyone sitting to the side of dead center. The design looks cool, but a curved screen is much more appropriate for an iMac with a large screen, where a single person is sitting in a fixed position in front of it.

  • Taojones_1

    i think it would need a wall mount option nobody is likely to set it on the mantle . if the curve eliminates glare from windows during the day i could see it being an element. i don’t think this is going to be like a 60;s projection tv viewer angle should not be a problem if the curve is reasonable. (would it need built in software to square the image ? )

  • JMO_L

    Interesting, My simple theory is that Apple will release a space grey 4k monitor that matches the Mac Pro and current iDevices.

    Then the design for the monitor would expand to larger screen sizes with built in hardware for the TV. Basically larger higher resolution iMacs with a diffemt OS.

    These look interesting. Though I can judge since I have yet to see in person a curved display. 4k screen.

  • MacAdvisor

    Seriously? The problem Brownlee has with this design is the problem of mounting it to the wall?!?! Even assuming this boondoggle ever got built, I also assume it would come with the stand mount shown or the ability to remove the stand mount and put on a wall mount bracket that connects were the stand mount did. The picture even looks like it has screw holes around the square where the stand mount connects.

    No, the problem is a curved TV that curves enough to make a difference to viewing is going to make viewing from anything but more or less straight a total mess. TVs are viewed from some distance and from around the room. They are not like monitors that are viewed close up. I can see the curve being useful at desk distance, but from 8 feet away and 4 feet to the side? A disaster. Terrible idea.

  • TylerHoj

    Is this seriously the future of technology? If the first iPod had just come out yesterday, and you think about how bright and beautiful the future of technology is going to be in say, 2014, could anyone have pictured a slightly curved display would be all the rage? Don’t we have the technological insight to invent a product that isn’t incredibly stupid. Nope, apparently not. Looks like in the future it’s just gunna suck to be the person on the end of the couch.

  • David Bradshaw

    Would make a much better monitor, than a TV. My dream is for 10240×3200 curved monitor one day. In theory such a screen could be built today, but even the new Mac Pro doesn’t have the video bandwidth to drive a 32 megapixel display.

  • sheppo

    As a concept this is bad. Curved UHD displays are already a thing. As a actual product it doesn’t have ISO wall mounting support – although Apple would come up with its own mounting bracket standard and charge a premium just because.

    As for iOS7… irrelevant, other than for app / game portability. Coupled with the new iOS7 controller support it’s a realistic way for Apple to elbow themselves in to the living room gaming space.

  • HerbalEd

    Here in Thailand I just saw LG’s new 55″ OLED curved screen and I think the curved screen sucks. Not the OLED video, however …. that is fantastic and was even superior to LG’s Ultra HD which was at it’s side. But, man ‘o man … is the OLED expensive. I WANT one.

    We’re most likely going to see more curved screens, even though they have no practical purpose except as a marketing gimmick.