This Is The Most Realistic iWatch Concept We’ve Seen Yet



We’ve seen a freaking ton of iWatch concepts over the past few months. Most of them suck. However, Martin Hajek’s new concept is beautiful, even though it’s not very functional.

Working for MacUser magazine, Martin created his iWatch concept by focusing on a traditional approach to watch making. The clock-face has a large display that looks like a mini iPad mini, but it’s got the natural touches of a regular watch – like the leather strap and clasp.

The UI doesn’t look like something you could actually use (who’s got fingers tiny enough to tap those Xs in Tweetbot?), but the hardware is great. If Apple does come out with an iWatch later this year, we hope it looks something like this:





What do you guys think? Is Martin’s concept the best one yet? Or does it look too old and not cool enough for Apple?


Source: Martin Hajek

Via: MacUser

  • FriarNurgle

    Let’s stop kidding ourselves. Doesn’t matter what it looks like, we’re all going to buy it.

  • roguepixl

    I agree with FriarNurgle, I would so buy just about anything that comes out.

  • Zeteboy

    It’s too thick.

  • jogiaboy

    I think Apple should collaborate with Tony Fadell again. His “Nest Thermostat” turning dial function that help the user move through the menus would work great as a watch!!! I mean how many watches have we seen with that spinning dial and it does nothing? Take the nest design add a couple of buttons along the side for activating selections and we could have a winner. Not to mention, by using a round shape like the Nest, you would actually have a watch that actually looks like a watch and not just a tiny smartphone on your wrist.

  • victorlazari

    for me, this is a beautiful version, but a little limited.
    You just need to think a little, this kind of bracelet, would you use it with a sport clothes? You can, but it will be really like – no look – no style.

    I’m sure Apple is going to release it with at least 3 kinds of bracelet, or else, it wouldn’t work.

    Now, about the “Buy and Sell” issue, is always this way before a new Apple’s product. And after it is released, everyone goes faster to any Apple Store to buy it.

    So, the point is.. if it is released with only one bracelet, definitely I will buy! but, just for some occasions.
    It could have some kind of bracelets seems the ipod 4th gen, I guess is this one.

    Cheers ;)

  • OscarB

    I’d like one that I can wear while exercising, and swimming! :-)