What The New Mac Pro Would Look Like With A Glass Case



The new Mac Pro looks incredible. It’s simple, compact and elegant, yet packs enough horsepower to do some serious work. Even though we don’t know what its final price tag will be, there’s one addition that could definitely improve upon the design of the Mac Pro: glass.

Concept artist Martin Hajek created some new mockups of what the Mac Pro would look like if its beautiful guts were on display through a glass case, and the final results are pretty incredible looking:





As Jesus Diaz at Gizmodo notes, a glass Mac Pro would probably look like crap after a few months thanks to the electronics attracting dust. Plus, glass is an insulator, so it wouldn’t be a good material to use for the Mac Pro’s case unless Apple tweaked the glass to better conduct heat.

Still, the glass Mac Pro would look pretty rad for at least a few months. Don’t like the glass look? Martin also created a few other mockups using classic Apple finishes.







SGI_sparcstation_MacPro_gizmodo-640x480 (1)


Source: Martin Hajek

  • DrM47145

    Who said glass is an insulator? Glass is actually a fairly good thermal conductor, otherwise windows wouldn’t have a double pane! Don’t you think? It

    Glass is not as good as a termal conductor as aluminium, for it takes longer to take the temperature, and longer to give it away. But it wouldn’t be a good choice for other reasons, like showing the internal dust, that’s for sure. Plus it would be heavy, expensive and fragile, unless is Gorilla, which would be stupidly expensive and absurdly resistant and ridiculously expensive for no good reason. But it would look pretty darn cool.

    Now before someone throws in “acrylic” à la Harman Kardon Sound Stick II, acrylic is indeed a woeful thermal insulator. It conducts heat very poorly, that’s why it melts.

  • MrsCleaver

    Utterly fascinating! Could he show us what it might look like encased in, say, jade… or bubble wrap… or perhaps perforated stone with a blue backlight inside?

    Sorry, but I don’t see how this rates a post. You could put practically any modern (or old) technology inside a clear case, and it would look interesting to some.

    Slow news day.

  • powersteer

    nobody thought abt greenhouse effect?

  • Martin Wehrle

    The technology inside looks too good to be hidden. It’s like a mechanical watch….
    naked the mac looks like 70th science fiction design or a kind of HAL. How ever: it cant be wrong to clean the mac sometimes and dont put the dust somewhere you cant see it…
    It also would be a traditional explanation of apple design. Like a mercedes or bmw always have some long term design features… not like a toyota.