Roku Tops Apple TV As Most Used Streaming Set-Top Box In U.S.



Apple TV manages to grab most of the spotlight for streaming set-top boxes, but when it comes time to actually view content, Americans are using Roku far more frequently than Apple’s little hobby.

A new study from Parks Associates found that while the Apple TV is used by 24% of U.S. consumers with a streaming video device, Roku has managed to best that with a 37% usage rate among households with such devices.

For its study, Parks Associates surveyed 10,000 U.S. broadband households to find out which devices are used the most. The study found that the use of streaming video devices like Apple TV and Roku has doubled since 2011 to 14% in 2013, and has opened up a thriving market for innovative video services.

The battle for the living room is far from over though. Microsoft and Sony have already revealed their next-gen gaming and video streaming consoles that are due out later this year, but we also expect to see competition from Intel, as well as Google and other companies. Plus, you know Apple’s got something up its sleeve.

Experts estimate that the overall market for connected devices will double to 330 million devices sold per year by 2017, along with a 100% jump in annual sales.


Source: Parks Associates


  • VirtualVisitor

    Roku Tops Apple TV As Most Used Steaming Set-Top Box In U.S.

    What is a Steaming set top box, please?

  • Stevenj

    “Steaming” set top box. I see what you did there :-)

  • TinCan2012

    ‘Steaming’… . Graphic image….

  • the5280420

    The Roku must get very hot to cause steaming

  • technochick

    10k households?? Seriously. No way is that a statistically sound sample.

  • macstuffdaily

    This could just mean that people with an Apple TV are more likely to have a better TV subscription or that Roku users are more likely the pirate most of their content, says nothing about device satisfaction. Or even Roku users are couch potatoes. Plus there asking people to estimate the time, I don’t know about everyone but if you ask me there would be a +- 5 hr margin of error at least

  • Tucker Snedeker

    how about a picture of a Roku? why just the Apple photo?