Intel Plans To Launch Set Top Box To Compete With Rumored Apple TV



Every TV manufacturer on the planet is racing out with a smart TV to compete with the rumored Apple television set that may or may not be released in 2013 or 2014. Rather than waiting to see what happens, Intel is ready to jump into the action with their own device.

According to a new report, Intel has developed a virtual cable TV service along with a set top box that they think will help them win the war to control your living room.

TechCrunch reported this weekend that Intel’s set top box will deliver cable content to customer’s living rooms through a smart set top box that can stream video via subscription service that also includes traditional channels and key content like sports.

Intel also hopes that their box will eliminate the frustration of DVRs. Rather than users having to record shows in advance, it’s rumored that the Intel box will allow users to view anything that aired over the past month regardless of whether a show was scheduled to record to the DVR or not.

To navigate around the complications of nationwide licensing deals, Intel will launch the box on a city-by-city basis so that content providers will be more willing to experiment with licensing in select markets first. After failing to get their chips inside Google TV systems, Intel is very serious about getting their chips into the living room and has a finished set top box ready to go. Intel plans to announce the set top box at CES on January 7th where Cult of Mac will be on-hand to provide an in-depth look into the rumored device if it is announced.

Source: TechCrunch

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