Is This Proof The iPhone 5S Will Come In White & Gold? [Update: Nope]



Although we expect the iPhone 5S to look a lot like the iPhone 5, there may be one model that won’t be confused with its predecessor — a white and gold one. It’s been the subject of countless rumors in recent months, and this photo, posted to Chinese social networking site Weibo, could prove it’s real.

It’s normally hard to tell whether gold iPhone components are genuine, because it’s so easy to turn a silver iPhone 5 gold with a tin of paint. But this particular model has one distinctive feature which suggests it’s not just a pimped-out iPhone 5, and that is its LED flash.

The iPhone 5’s flash is small and round, while the iPhone 5S’s flash — according to recent leaks — will feature two LEDs and will be shaped a little like a pill. The iPhone in this picture certainly doesn’t appear to be an iPhone 5 with a tidy paint job, then.

There is a chance, however, that it’s a very good fake — it is pretty blurry, after all. And even if it is real, it doesn’t guarantee Apple will release a gold iPhone. So don’t get your hopes up for one just yet. But I have to say, it certainly looks very promising.

Apple will reportedly hold an iPhone event on September 10, where it’s expected to unveil both the iPhone 5S, and the low-cost iPhone 5C.

Source: Weibo


UPDATE: Ignore everything I just wrote. It turns out that this image is simply a render produced by the very talented Martin Hajek. Thanks to Stagueve in the comments for pointing that out.

  • joewaylo

    Is that a camera reflection on the top of the iPhone or a new flashlight?

  • Stagueve

    @Killian : That Weibo user is a stupid kid that always crop images in order to hide watermarks and by the way don’t really know what he is talking about. In short, my advice is that you should stop following that chinese kid.

    FYI, this picture is a render made by the talented Martin Hajek… ;)

  • Timothy Williamson


  • kiroga172

    Is that a camera reflection on the top of the iPhone or a new flashlight?

    new dual led flashlight

  • MrsCleaver

    “Is This Proof The iPhone 5S Will Come In White & Gold?”

    Proof! Definitely proof that Cult of Mac is getting sillier by the day. It’s also proof that someone either doesn’t know how to use Photoshop… or does know how to use photoshop… or is good with an Exacto knife and some stick-on vinyl.