September 10 iPhone 5S Event Gets That All-Important 'Yep' | Cult of Mac

September 10 iPhone 5S Event Gets That All-Important ‘Yep’



A rumored September 10 iPhone event has been given an all-important “yep” from The Loop’s Jim Dalrymple. It’s the closest we’ll get to an official confirmation before Apple sends out invites to the much-anticipated shindig, which will likely see the iPhone 5S and the plastic low-cost iPhone 5C get their official unveilings.

The September 10 event was first reported by AllThingsD over the weekend, and given the site’s terrific track record when it comes to Apple rumors, we were already pretty confident that the report was accurate. But with a seal of approval from Dalrymple, the event is all but confirmed.

Dalrymple has been confirming and denying rumored Apple event dates for a while, and he has never been wrong. He confirmed the iPad mini event last October and the iPhone 5 event a month before it, and debunked rumors that Apple would hold an iPad event last February.

All that’s left to do now is wait for Apple to issue the invites.

Source: The Loop