Could The iPhone 5S Come In Gold? [Rumor]



At first, the iPhone came in just one color, like a Model-T: black. By the time the iPhone 3G came out, though, the iPhone settled into a two-tone color scheme: classic black, and equally classic white.

But this seems like the year that Apple experiments with color. Not only is it widely accepted that Apple will release a colorful budget iPhone this year, probably called the iPhone 5C, but it looks like Apple might add one more color to the classic iPhone line-up: gold.

In the same report which yesterday said the iPhone 5C would indeed be the name of the budget iPhone, and that the iPhone 5S would have sapphire home buttons, comes word that Apple will be making the iPhone 5S in three colors: black, white and a new option, gold.

This is a rumor we have heard before. Leaked parts in the past have suggested that gold could be a color Apple was thinking of adding to the line-up. As we pointed out then, though, the color could just as easily be a masking material used in the manufacturing process.

Personally, gold strikes me as a little gaudy for Apple to use as a default color. What do you think?

Source: Macotakara

  • Simon

    no no no no no no no no no…..

  • HarryWessling


  • Foxjordan

    Hopefully if Apple decides to make it gold they won’t make it such a disgusting shade of gold… That’s a really terrible render. It looks like pee.

  • Scott Townsend
  • aardman

    The expanded iPhone color range is meant to coordinate with the upcoming haute couture iWatch which will be available in gold, platinum and onyx.

  • meatisadelicacy

    That’s not gold, it’s mustard.

  • briggott

    I remember when the iPod Mini came out in 2004. I was selling them at an upmarket department store in London – the only time we sold the gold ones was when we ran out of stock of the other colours!

    Actually I do seem to remember they were quite popular with our affluent Arab clients in the summer!