New Picture Of The Budget iPhone’s Rear Shell Appears




We’ve seen tons of leaked photos claiming to be the rear shell of the budget iPhone, and here’s the latest one we can add to the pile. The photo was posted on Weibo and looks pretty similar to images we posted two days ago.

The latest batch of leaked rear shells have legal notices stamped on the bottom of the casing, suggesting the budget iPhone is closer to launch than ever before.

From pictures it looks like the budget iPhone won’t be much bigger than the iPhone 5, though its design looks a little closer to that of the latest iPod touch. There are just four holes in its bottom edge for the speaker, and one for the microphone, and its volume buttons are long and thin, not round.

According to the latest batch of rumors, the budget iPhone may launch on September 6th, along side the iPhone 5S.

Source: iPhone5skopen