An In-Depth Look At The Budget iPhone’s Plastic Shell [Video]



We have a good idea what the budget iPhone will look like fully assembled thanks to the pictures we published a little while ago, but if you’re still having doubts that those plastic shells are genuine, take a look at this in-depth video.

The video comes from DetroitBORG, and it clearly features a budget iPhone shell that isn’t quite ready yet; it’s yet to have holes drilled for its buttons and mute switch. But the chassis inside it and its build quality indicate it’s a genuine part (and prove we were right to doubt the authenticity of the previous leak).

Although this shell doesn’t have all of its holes yet, it does have lenses in place for the camera and LED flash, and the metal frame that other components will be secured to. It looks a lot like other iPhones internally, which is the best indication that this is the real deal.

You’ll notice from the comparisons in the video that the budget iPhone looks more like the latest iPod touch than another iPhone, and although it’s made of plastic, it doesn’t look cheap. It’s nowhere near as fancy as the iPhone 5, of course, but it won’t look out of place alongside other Apple devices.

It’s interesting that Apple has used a thinner font for the iPhone logo on the back of this device, which better fits iOS 7’s new design. The Apple logo itself is also black, rather than silver like previous iPhones.

Source: YouTube

  • Stuka_UK

    Glad it appears to have colour options….. but I’d really miss the aesthetics of the 5 (and 4/4S) now.
    I’m struggling to keep my 5 looking good without it being in a shell all the time. I only use use one when I need to, but taking it in and out of a shell marks it up as well, so it’s gradually looking more worn. To be honest I think I’d like a 5S (or 6) in a stronger glass chassis along the lines of the 4/4S.

  • i_phone

    @Stuka_UK – All of my iPhones have been sans cases – iPhone 3G, 4s & now the 5. The only time I cased them up was when I needed my mophie charger for the 4s, and when I jog or bike with the 5 I use an armband –

    And I’ll actually wear that armband when I’m doing yard work or working on the cars. Very versatile.

    iPhones are too beautiful to cover up!

    ChristopherDungeon . C O M