iOS 6.1 Upgraders Reporting Battery And Connectivity Issues, But Apple’s Rushing Out A Fix


Even under iOS 6.1 the iPhone struggles to stay awake.

iOS 6.1 has already been out for a few weeks, but we’re now seeing reports that it’s causing problems for a lot of upgraders.

Multiple users have taken to Apple’s iPhone support forums to report that their battery life has dropped significantly since the iOS 6.1 upgrade. Others have claimed that iOS 6.1 has given them a slew of problems when trying to connect to 3G networks, and Apple has yet to respond.

The problem with battery drain isn’t very clear, but according to Macworld, it might be related to an infinite loop with Exchange mail servers. To fix the problem users can try to delete their mail account and reinstall. Others have had success only after reinstalling iOS 6.1

Carriers in Europe have warned iPhone 4S owners not to upgrade to iOS 6.1 yet, as they’ve received a number of reports that the update interferes with users’ ability to connect to 3G networks. Vodafone said that Apple is investigating the issue and should have a fix soon for the 3G issue.

German blog iFun reports that Apple is actually rushing out an update for iOS 6.1 to fix all of the reported issue. The latest build of iOS 6.1.1 will address the battery drain and 3G connectivity concerns. According to iFun, the update will only weigh in at 23MB and be available in the very near future. Apple already pushed a beta version of iOS 6.1.1 to developers last week, however that update didn’t address battery and connection issues.


Source: iFun

Via: Macworld

  • technochick

    So in other words, a likely very small fraction of folks have had an issue after a software update but the blogs are hit whoring like always by claiming it’s a huge flaw.

    wash rinse and repeat for the next update

  • iSteve

    No problem for me after upgrading to IOS 6.1….

  • flm369

    I’m with iSteve. These “problems” always get reported and I never have any issues. I have 6 iOS devices ( it’s a little excessive, I know) so you’d think that I’d experience problems on at least one of them on the countless updates through the years. Either I’m just extremely lucky or maybe people just like to complain?

  • TylerHoj

    To let you know how affected my phone was from the upgrade. My iPhone 4S had over 95% battery when I locked it and went to bed. Just from sitting in ‘Do Not Disturb’ for 6 hours, I had barley enough battery to check my email in the morning – less than 10%. It’s been BRUTAL. I can’t even take the fuggin phone out with me because it dies within a few hours – if that. So, yeah Apple – YOU BETTER BE WORKING ON A BLEEPIN FIX FOR MY BLEEPIN PHONE THAT YOU JUST RUINED!!!