Seven Apps That Apple Just Killed With iOS 6



Bye bye.

With every new OS it releases, Apple manages to make some previously essential third-part apps obsolete. And iOS6 is no exception. In fact, the new iOS might even hold a record for the number of apps that it has rendered useless. Let’s take a look.

Instapaper (Again)

Safari added Reading List a while back, and everybody said that it would kill Instapaper. But nobody used it. Why? Because you need to be online to read your saved articles, whereas Instapaper saves them for offline reading.

Now, Reading List has offline syncing, which means that you can save an article on your Mac and have it ready on your iPhone next time you ride the subway.

You or I probably won’t give up on Instapaper, but I sure won’t bother to tell my Mom about it. We live in different countries, so it’ll be a lot easier to just let her use the simple built-in option.


Handoff is an app and service which lets you hand off web pages from your desktop to any other registered device. A push notification is sent, you tap it and the page opens in the Handoff app, and from there you can choose to open it in Safari.

I use it quite a lot, but now that iOS6 and Mountain Lion use iCloud Tabs, I will be retiring the app and the extension. ICloud Tabs lets you browse the open tabs on your other devices right from Safari. It’s easy and it’s automatic.


BoxCar is a super-useful notification app, kind of like Growl for iOS, and I use it for one thing — to alert me when any one of a small group of friends and family sends me an email. But now that iOS Mail can send me a custom alert for anyone in the new VIP list, I don’t need it. Better still, VIP alerts happen on the device itself, whereas I have to forward my Gmail to BoxCar for it to work — I have no reason to doubt BoxCar’s integrity, but it still makes me nervous.

Of course, BoxCar it isn’t really in any danger of going away as it offers alerts for so many other things, but with FaceBook and Twitter integration in iOS, that list is getting ever shorter.

Any Alarm App

I have bought countless clock and alarm apps for the iPad, and now I’ll probably dump them all, as the new Clocks app does everything that they do, plus one thing they can’t. Third-party apps can only play a song as an alarm if the app is in the foreground. If it’s in the background the best it can do is a beeping alert.

Clocks doesn’t have this limitation, so you can set it and forget it, fall asleep and then — eight hours later — wake up to your favorite tunes.


Now that FaceTime calls can be made over cellular networks, Skype is pretty much redundant for me. And good riddance, because I hate the stupid thing. Skype’s big advantage is its huge installed user base. Every member of my family uses it and so do all of my friends. But BlackBerry’s also used to be super-popular, and so did MySpace.

Hopefully this will be the beginning of the end.

Flight Tracking Apps

Passbook takes a swipe at so many different kinds of app that it’s hard to begin, but it’s the flight-tracking apps like FlightTrack and TripIt that will get hit the hardest.

These apps allow you to forward a confirmation e-mail for your upcoming flights and it will be parsed and sent to the iOS app, and displayed with lots of relevant information.

But who will use that when Passbook can hold your boarding passes, update them with the gate number and even warn you — via location services — when you’re in the wrong terminal. Nobody, that’s who.


The headline Google-baiting feature is the amazing new Maps app, but it goes deeper than that. With the updates to Siri, you pretty much never need to search Google at all. And even if Siri queries Google behind the scenes, you’ll never see an ad unless you actually visit in a browser.

Add to this the great new mail app which now lets you attach photos properly and designate VIPS and Gmail looks a lot less attractive too.

Not convinced? What about the new phone features which let you manage your phone calls in a much more powerful manner? Google Voice anyone?

  • brmmr

    Well you’d still have to use Skype for now, considering FaceTime over 3G does not work in the first beta.

  • Brian Van Nieuwenhoven

    And how much of this is going to work on a 3GS or an iP4? I have no plans to upgrade to the iP4S and probably a lot of people have the same outlook, so at least the Siri stuff seems not to apply to me.

  • joewaylo

    Skype I beg to differ on killing. FaceTime is an iOS only service. You can only call others on an iOS device to use FaceTime. You can’t call an Android device and initiate a FaceTime chat.

    Skype is universal. You can use any non-iOS device and iOS device to call each other.


    Google might still have a chance if they release “Google Maps” on the App Store with their full-on source program. Just because Apple has given up on Google doesn’t mean they won’t stop servicing Maps on their own program that can be installed and uninstalled. Google Earth could be updated/renamed to become the new Google Maps.

  • Falafelhead

    Toss a personal favorite of mine, Waze in that list. The new crowdsourced maps/traffic/incident reporting features of iOS 6 are exactly what made this app a gem (…along with the a FREE pricetag)

  • Chris Hunter

    Tango if anything would kill Skype, but Facetime? Get real. LOL

    As for Instapaper, some of us still use Pocket or Read me later so Safaris built in is no threat IMHO.

    I think I’m only really going to miss google since I came from the Android world, but time will tell.

  • Daniel Spinner

    You forgot smart sync

  • Juan Daniels

    eh, I agree with everything except Google Voice. I might be speaking without really reading the specs but if they don’t have alternate numbers like Google Voice, then that might be their saving grace. I work in a field where I don’t need people to have that much access to me, leave a voicemail and I’ll get back to you. I just don’t like people having that much access to me like that and google voice does that. Now if Apple starts supplying numbers and I can have multiple numbers then I’ll be Apple’s trick for another 5 years LOL

  • izeezation

    Skype is the only TRULY UNIVERSAL video chat application that works well for everybody on almost every platform around the world. I agree with joewaylo; It won’t be killed by FaceTime anytime soon..!

  • rvzz

    It killed waze too.

  • skiptv

    Apples definition of innovation:  Steal the functions of some other companies apps and incorporate them into your platform.  They have been doing it since Jobs stole the mouse.  Apple Sucks

  • Nicole Ritter

    Does iOS6 come with ReconnectBook integration for those of us leaving Facebook?

  • lakerice

    And they killed the Starbucks, United and other store card apps.

  • C Rod

    I wish someday FaceTime will allow conferencing. That would really kill Skype!

  • Andrew John

    Apple stated when they introduced FaceTime that it would make it open to all platforms. It still hasn’t happened, and until it does, Skype will have the greater penetration. Apple will only have themselves to blame if it doesn’t happen.

  • Joe Siegler
  • ApplePr0n

    And how much of this is going to work on a 3GS or an iP4? I have no plans to upgrade to the iP4S and probably a lot of people have the same outlook, so at least the Siri stuff seems not to apply to me.

    To be honest though, this beta is not for the average user. This beta will be a final product when the new iPhone comes out this fall AND when you will probably update to the new iPhone. Siri and FaceTime will both work beautifully on that device.