Absinthe Jailbreak For iPhone 4S And iPad 2 Released! Download It Here!


Absinthe Chronic Dev Team

It’s here! It’s finally here! The long-awaited Absinthe jailbreak for the iPhone 4S and iPad 2 running iOS 5.0 and 5.0.1 is finally here. The server’s getting hammered, but you can download the Absinthe app directly here. Download the latest version here.

You can download a Windows version of Absinthe, too.

We have a tutorial for jailbreaking your iPhone 4S with Absinthe and jailbreaking your iPad 2 with Absinthe. If you’re getting errors when trying to install Cydia, you can also try this handy fix.

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38 responses to “Absinthe Jailbreak For iPhone 4S And iPad 2 Released! Download It Here!”

  1. Daniel Spinner says:

    It worked for me on my iPhone 4s running 5.0.1.

  2. Kate says:

    Did you mean 5.0.1 and not 5.1?

  3. Luke says:

    I tried to do it but all i get is the absinthe app on my iphone when i click it it says failed to establish connection

  4. ddevito says:

    In other news, Apple is releasing 5.0.2 in two weeks and will kill this jailbreak.

  5. Clark Wallace says:

    CloudApp Mirror here for anybody who wants it: http://cl.ly/DV7G

  6. Nate Beggs says:

    me too

  7. G. Ennui says:

    I go the same thing on my iPad 2

  8. Mani Gupta says:

    i have leopard installed on my mac so i cant open this .app file 

  9. Nate Beggs says:

    i just kept going back to  the home screen and back in the icon and it finally loaded.  then once it did the phone reset and i have Cydia in its place…. good luck  wooooo

  10. Silent Phart says:

    How many Droid users do you know that are still on 2.2 (Froyo) or 2.3 (Gingerbread)? 

  11. Clark Wallace says:

    Worked for me, thanks!

  12. Daniel Spinner says:

    Go to your settings and turn on VPN that should help.

  13. G. Ennui says:

    Thanks a bunch man! I kept retrying the way you did and it’s working for me now! :)

  14. ddevito says:

    You iSheep are too easy…

    Average people don’t care what version they’re using (like my wife who after her 2.3 upgrade didn’t notice anything).

    For those who care, can simply do it themselves – the dev community is strong. Plus, ICS will be updated on phones over the next 3-4 weeks, so your argument is moot and completely off topic from what I said.

    Funny how you iSheep like to complain about Android, yet you’re jailbreaking a device (which isn’t even unlocking or installing a customized version of iOS anyway, it’s like modding for dummies) attempts to give you options ALL android phones give you out of the box.

    I thought iOS was perfect – why do so many people like to jailbreak it? You’re all Apple c0ck suck1ng hypocrites.

  15. ddevito says:

    Sounds like very unstable software to me.

  16. macfoxpro says:

    Shut up stupid

  17. therichad says:

    if you love android and hate apple so much why are you on cult of mac> just wondering

  18. Silent Phart says:

    Wow so you quickly go from saying Apple will release a new version in two weeks, and then defend Droid users’ stale OS by saying most people don’t care what version they’re on?  Can’t have it both ways chump.

    I almost started my first message with “Hi Troll” but was trying to be polite and allow you to prove your trollworthiness.  You have successfully proven it.

    The majority of Droid users are under some sort of illusion that their semi-smartphones are the best.  This is due to ignorance from never trying iOs which almost makes me feel badly for them.

    As far as the “strong dev community” for Android, it is an extremely fragmented community unlike the iOS jb community.  I know this from being active in both operating systems.  I prefer to make informed opinions unlike many phanbois that blindly restate what they read.  If I read one more moronic phanboi declare “But Android has Flash and iOS doesn’t” I think I will piss myself laughing.

    Enjoy your day troll.  I am glad to have gotten under your thin skin so easily.


  19. ddevito says:

    Answer one question.


  20. emil lime says:

    I am so excited, but Absinthe can not detect my connected iPad 2 :((. I am on Mac os x 10.6.8
    Can anyone help me please? I would appreciate it!!!

  21. ddevito says:

    I don’t hate Apple I hate the blind, arrogant and ignorant iSheep

  22. Silent Phart says:

    First answer how small is your d!ck to have to come onto an Apple forum and act like a little b!tch?  If you’re truly happy with your Droid semi-smartphone then you wouldn’t feel the need to come to an Apple site and attempt to piss on everyone’s parade (unsuccessfully).

    Clearly the definition of a troll.  Life must really suck for you.

  23. ddevito says:

    And once again, an iSheep can’t back up their big talk. You still can’t answer my question. But it’s okay – I already know the answer.

    deep down inside you wish iOS was more open.

  24. Marc Negron says:

    So can I put Siri on my iPhone 4 now? 

  25. CaveMan5464 says:

    I appreciate your enthusiasm, and you are right, his Pen1s is itty bitty tiny mini. But please dont feed the trolls :)

  26. Daniel Vancea says:

    Can you please tell me, if you can, why are you here? This site is called “Cult of Mac”. So, what are you doing here?

  27. Daniel Vancea says:

    Can you please tell me, if you can, why are you here? This site is called “Cult of Mac”. So, what are you doing here?

  28. Daniel Vancea says:

    So, let me understand. You HATE us, because we like Apple products, right? That’s why you come here, right? Because of HATE! Boy, you must have a really pathetic life!

  29. iDaBoss says:

    *HIGH FIVE* you successfully trolled some idiots!

  30. ddevito says:

    I’m here because I own Apple devices. In fact, I probably own more than most readers of this site. But unlike the iSheep I’m not blindly in love with Apple.

    Anyway here’s my list of Apple devices.

    iPad 2
    Apple Tv 2
    iPod Touch 4th Gen
    iMac (2007) 24″ extreme edition
    iPhone 3G (not in use)
    2 2004 eMacs (not in use)
    2 1997 iMacs (not in use)

  31. freedotz says:

    You are comparing Apples to Apples.  Some are larger than others, some are more red, but they all are pretty sweet, and they all taste like Apples.  Wether you are talking about Droid, iOS, w7 — they are all phones that are capable of texting, browsing the web, checking email, movies, music, video games… and they do it all by sending data up into space, before beaming it back down to earth.

    If you really took the time to realize how awesome that all is, you wouldn’t be arguing over petty little details like screen size and extra features.  The fact is, 15 years ago you couldn’t even get your average desktop to do these things, but I’m guessing by your argument and by your apparent lack of better things to do that you probably weren’t even alive that long ago.  Grow up kid, you’re not that special.

  32. Clyde Nomiddlename Butler says:

    How SOON? hours….days…weeks ..WHAT?????

  33. carlo says:

    Anyone know anything about an unlock for the 4s?  I still need to unlock it for T-Mobile.

  34. Justin Coleman says:

    It’s cool that you want to post wrong things on the internet, but your sad regurgitating of incorrect talking points about Android make no sense in the actual world.  It’s hilarious that you state “other people don’t read and just  blindly restate what they read” and DIRECTLY AFTER YOU JUST DID THAT.  Also, how is iOS not supporting flash NOT a valid point?  I don’t know about you, but I personally like my mobile devices to have as much access to webpages as possible.  I also love “semi-smart phone” as though that is anything other than worthless snark.  Please, please tell me what major function your precious iOS does that Android cannot do.

  35. Justin Coleman says:

    My guess  would be: for the same reason anyone roots their Android phone, because having more access is rad as hell?

  36. Silent Phart says:

    Newsflash (from many weeks ago):  Adobe will no longer support Flash on mobile devices and will instead invest heavily in building out HTML5.  Even they acknowledge it’s crap, hence the reason I laugh when people use that as an argument in favor of Android.

    And I don’t regurgitate blind statements from the internet as you suggest (good luck finding evidence to the contrary, as your first attempt was a swing and a miss).  I have rooted several Android devices and particpate in the Droid community to ensure I know the pros and cons of each OS.  It’s the only way to make an educated opinion in my eyes (though it’s clear that many people don’t bother to know what they talk about).

    If the wording of my postings annoys you or pisses you off, then good…it’s meant to since trolls come here looking to instigate crap.  Anyone over the age of 16 can clearly see why I have approached the matter in this manner today.

  37. emil lime says:

    thanks, but what should i do? everything is perfect (iPad 2 5.0.1  and I just installed Lion but it didn’t work again). maybe there is a problem on my mac’s USB code. are there any other methods to connect the iPad?

  38. Alice Goodwin says:

    It works like a charm! just jailbroke my iPhone 4s on ios 5.0.1 and it’s untethered :) well done pod2g

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