How To Jailbreak Your iPad 2 On iOS 5 The Right Way



The untethered jailbreak for the iPad 2 has finally been released. After months of waiting, you can download the Chronic Dev Team’s free Absinthe Mac tool to jailbreak your iPad 2 in a matter of seconds.

We’ll show you how to jailbreak your iPad 2 running iOS 5.0 or iOS 5.0.1 the right way in this guide.

Step 1: Make sure you have your SHSH blobs backed up using the free TinyUmbrella app. It’s available on both Windows and Mac. Saving your SHSH blobs is essential for downgrading back to your previous iOS firmware version if something should go wrong during the jailbreak process. Basically, if you don’t complete this step, you could end up — worst case scenario — with a bricked iPad. Just download TinyUmbrella at the official site, install the app, open it up and click Save SHSH. Done!

Step 2: Back up your iPad 2 4S to either iTunes or iCloud before you go any farther. In iTunes, you do this by right-clicking on your iPad 2 under the “Devices” window and selecting Back Up. You want to make sure you have a recent setup to restore to if something goes wrong. While jailbreaking isn’t that dangerous, you can never be too careful.

Step 3: Download the free Absinthe jailbreak tool for Mac. A Windows and Linux version is also available. Unzip the file in a folder on your hard drive.

Step 4: Connect your iPad 2 to your Mac via a USB cable and open Absinthe.

Step 5: Click “Jailbreak” and let Absinthe do its thing. It may take a little while. Your iPad 2 should say “Restoring in Progress.” Make sure not to disconnect your 4S or quit Absinthe while this process is happening.

Step 6: Once completed, you will be taken to your iPad 2’s Home screen. Find the newly-installed Absinthe icon and tap it. You’ll be taken to the Greenpois0n website and code will be run to trigger a reboot of your iPad 2. When you’ve successfully rebooted, the Absinthe icon will be replaced with the one and only Cydia.

Congrats! You now have an untethered iOS 5 jailbreak for your iPad 2! Check out our jailbreaking tips and tricks guide for more help.

If you’re having problems getting past Step 6, try this fix.

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27 responses to “How To Jailbreak Your iPad 2 On iOS 5 The Right Way”

  1. Larry Seldenright says:

    got that far but then cydia does not want to work  nothing wants to load and i get errors on everything.  about to restore and start over

  2. Marc Negron says:

    Can I port Siri over to my iPhone 4 now?

  3. Bobby Scruggs says:

     i got error establishing a data base… what do i do now?

  4. S says:

    Just jailbroke my iPad, just got a new Absinth icon but just get a white screen with “Error establishing a database connection” when opening it. No Cydia.

    Im gonna wait to see if their site is up and running soon. Otherwise ill reset the pad.

  5. Razor Nuku says:

    due to overwhelming hits on greenpois0n’s site, you just got be patient and keep hitting the green JB icon on you ipad2, it’ll eventually hit.. so basically just don’t give up, or try later…

    Forgive – just noticed you said u got the cydia icon..

  6. Razor Nuku says:

    due to overwhelming hits on greenpois0n’s site, you just got be patient and keep hitting the green JB icon on you ipad2, it’ll eventually hit.. so basically just don’t give up, or try later..

  7. Danny Krieger says:

    I get this message “Sorry, the attached device is not supported” I have an ipad2 32GB on IOS 5.0? Please help.

  8. rai68 says:

    jailbreak button greyed out, any advice?

  9. Toby Smith says:

    ipad 2 has to be on 5.0.1

  10. Toby Smith says:

    anyone else’s mail app icon whited out after jailbreak on iPad 2?

  11. Danny Krieger says:

    Thank you! :-)

  12. Irfan Dhirani says:

    Once I have Jailbroken my device, will I be able to install device firmware updates released on iTunes?

  13. mukkloidy says:

    Cydia is probably getting slammed with requests right now as always happens when a new jailbreak comes out. Usually gets better after about 24 hours or so. I’d say just give it time…

  14. Marcio Forleo says:

    I get a “You are just too late.” message in TinyUmbrella…what does this mean?

  15. lordofthefobs says:

    I had same issue on my iPhone. Try going to Changes tab and hitting refresh. that loaded the database for me. 

  16. Peter Johnston says:

    its telling me i have to disable my iPad backup password on iTunes but its not letting me uncheck the box? any ideas? thanks

  17. Josh Nelson says:

    same for me! can anyone help??

  18. andreaswirges says:

    Same here!

  19. Adrian Ma says:

    same question. have searched all over the web and have not found an answer for this. PLEASE HELP!

  20. Kevin N says:

    My ipad is ver 5.1 Will this not work?

  21. Walid Soueidy says:

    how long does step 5 take

  22. Walid Soueidy says:

    its been one hour in step 5 is this normal?

  23. Jameswlake says:

    hi frnds, i just got the link there is complete guide of how to jailbreak ipad 2

  24. Krishjanis Antons says:

    Perfect! It works! Thanks. Ipad should be restored before jailbreak. Otherwise it will not work and it will stuck on step 5. If everything is correct jailbreak takes 5 min.

  25. Moby Ahmed says:

    try the software from http://www.JailbreakiPadToday…. i was able to jailbreak both my iphone and ipad

  26. stars_iraq says:

    thank you

  27. stars_iraq says:

    thank you

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