Absinthe For Windows Released To Jailbreak iPhone 4S And iPad 2


Absinthe for Windows

The Chronic Dev Team has updated its Absinthe jailbreak tool with support for Windows users. iPhone 4S and iPad 2 owners can use Absinthe for Windows to install the untethered jailbreak for iOS 5.0 and iOS 5.0.1.

Recovering from yesterday’s intense traffic, the Chronic Dev Team has managed to stabilize its servers and get the Greenpois0n website up and running. You can download Absinthe for Windows from this direct link and install the untethered jailbreak on your A5-based iOS devices.

Follow our iPhone 4S jailbreak tutorial and iPad 2 jailbreak tutorial for more information on how to use Absinthe. The steps have remained the same, but make sure that you run Absinthe in administrator mode on Windows before you begin.

  • DamienLavizzo

    What about iPhone 4 untethered?

  • Green and Yellow

    That is different.You would have to use Redsn0w for that one.Look it up on google and you will find it.More help would be at dzenisj1@yahoo.com

  • Green and Yellow

    Amazingly done on an Iphone 4s running IOS 5.0.1.

  • Alex Bazzi

    AMAZING the thing that caught my eye was the new greenpoisi0n look bo$$ and ive had some issues with the music but i dleted them and got em back all good plus congrats this is the first A5 chip they’ve jailbroken yet! cant wait for 5.0.2

  • Towelie

    on i pad2 i am stuck in the absinthe screen saying it is setting things up 
    some help please

  • truth863

    Ipad 2 / iphone 4s Absinthe Jailbreak for Windows in action


  • truth863

    Ipad 2 / iphone 4s Absinthe Jailbreak for Windows in action


  • christian

    after my phone turns back on, like 3/4ths of the way done, a window pops up saying that a problem caused the program to stop working correctly and that windows will close the program and notify me if it finds a solution.

  • TheEngima69

    Hey did you ever get that fixed? Mine is doing that on my Iphone 4s. How did you fix it?

  • Hussam Spider

    what about absinthe working on windows ? does it work correctly or there are a problem … i need to inform me that i can jailbreak my iphone 4s with redsn0w better or with absinthe better please answer fast …. i use windows 7