How To Fix “Error Establishing Database Connection” While Jailbreaking With Absinthe [Updated]


Error Establishing A Database Connection iPhone 4S

The untethered iOS 5 jailbreak for the iPhone 4S and iPad 2 has become available, and we have tutorials up for the iPhone 4S and iPad 2 already. This is a highly-anticpated jailbreak, and millions will likely use it to jailbreak their A5-based iOS devices.

As you can imagine, many are trying to jailbreak their iPhones and iPads right now with the Chronic Dev Team’s Absinthe tool, and the Greenpois0n servers are getting hammered. This means that it may be nearly impossible for many to actually get Cydia up and running right now. If you can’t manage to finish the Absinthe jailbreak on your iPhone 4S or iPad 2, we have a handy fix.

As we highlight in our tutorial, you’ll need to access the Greenpois0n website after jailbreaking your iOS device before you can gain access to Cydia. Absinthe loads itself as an app icon on your Home screen and takes you to the Chronic Dev Team’s servers to run the code that enables Cydia. If you’re getting the “Error establishing database connection” message, then this fix should work for you.

Once you’ve jailbroken with Absinthe and have the Absinthe icon on your Home screen, go to the Settings app and navigate to General > Network. Then tap “VPN” and switch it on. Your iOS device should then crash and reboot a few seconds later. If it doesn’t work, toggle it back and forth a few times. Once your device reboots, you should be able to tap the Absinthe icon and enable Cydia with no problems.

Let us know if this tip worked for you in the comments.

Update: A new version of Absinthe supposedly fixes an issue with this VPN trick not causing your iOS device to reboot. Download the new version of Absinthe and give it a try.

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  • Eashan Parekh

    my 4s dint crash after i turned on vpn just says config error

  • Justin Lowder

    mine did :)

  • Matthew Carter

    same with me

  • gacbmmml

    Nope. No reboot. Just a dialog box that says “A configuration error occurred.”

  • Manuel del Rosario

    try it again. mine crashed the second time.

  • Mario Caro

    it worked for me thanx

  • J. Gantz

    Hmmm… my very first time after the jailbreak I got the VPN to crash the phone, but Absinthe was still there, no cydia.  Now, I can toggle VPN and get the “A configuration error” error as many times as I like (I’ve done 15 in a row) with no crashing.  Still database error using Absinthe too… Advice? 5.0.1 iPhone 4S…

  • Jeremy Chambers


  • Jeremy Chambers

    “If it doesn’t work, toggle it back and forth a few times.”

  • evan66

    what if you get a white screen instead of the “Error establishing database connection” message? What should I do?

  • Vojt?ch Moudrý

    I have this same problem. Dont know, what to do now :(

  • Eric Barbosa

    doesnt seem to be working for my iPad 2 just keep getting:

    VPN ConnectionA configuration error has occured.
    and i’ve toggled it multiple times

  • JP Jay

    I’ve hit the VPN button about a hundred times now and I’m still getting nothing!!!

  • Jake Ettlinger

    worked! YAY!!!

  • Calvin Mills

    worked for me!

  • Joe Reece

    I am in the same boat. thinking I will restore and try again. 

  • Wr8th

    Worked on ipad2 but not on iPhone 4S 5.0

  • Fabio Garcia

    I’ve tried VPN 100 times, still not working.

  • Yoshimitzu5678

    When you see the “A configuration error” message appear, don’t click OK as tempting as it is.  Give it about 10 seconds and your iPhone will automatically reboot itself.  Worked first time for me.

  • Derek

    worked perfectly, thanks for the tip

  • ashleey_0

    I left it for a minute and still didn’t crash

  • martin

    Loaded Absinthe on my iPad2 and I’m on the GreenPoison site within the app but I am not getting Cydia or am I just missing the last piece of the puzzle? 

  • Andy Yì Jìng Tan

    What should I do after it has reached the stage where the greenpois0n page has shown up cos my iPad doesn’t seem to reboot as the guide claimed that it would.

  • Joe Reece

    after restoring, it did reboot after turning on VPN. I am now jailbroken on my 4S. (:

  • CaveMan5464

    I got same thing. It cannot communicate with the site. Just try the VPN trick. Worked like a charm.

  • CaveMan5464

    Keep trying VPN. You have to do it a couple times.

  • Zia

    WORKED, just read what Yoshimitzu5678 said…

  • Ben Kaldor-Bull

    let the games begin!

  • Aaron Bycroft

    have you tried re-jailbreaking then wait again
    also make sure you are lastest verison of the jailbreak

  • yonnay

    amazing, tip….danke!

  • TheTrufus

    If you continue to have issues getting the jailbreak to work even after this tip, do a fresh iTunes restore on your device and try again. I think the Absinthe VPN exploit may conflict if you already have VPN profiles configured on the device.

  • sll100

    everything works perfectly fine!! Thanks a lot to everyone who has worked day in and day out for this. I used the vpn method and worked in 1st GO!!!!!

  • ashleey_0


  • Sean Shamus McCabe

    the fix worked on my second attepmt to flip the vpn awitch on iphone 4s

  • R. Thomas Boone

    Worked for my ipad2 – 2nd toggle of the VPN, reboot shows the Cydia Icon in Absinthe’s place.  

  • EsquireVette

    I had to restore Absinthe and keep the cable connected throughout the toggle slide to obtain the crash. It worked the second time. Also for those who have t-mobile and signal issues. I installed intelliScreenX from cydia and used the data toggle on the home screen to switch the data from 3G and to Edge. That has fixed my signal dropping issues on 5.0.1…

  • Mace Francis

    I only get the blank white page, and toggling VPN button back and forth, still doesn’t work. All I get is “A configuration error occured.” Any advice?

  • Aaron Pries Pries

    How do I rejailbreak my iPhone4S? I downloaded and did the absythe download but can’t get past step 6, and I’ve tried the VPN ticks (waiting 10 secs/toggling) but still nothing. I want to see if I can rejailbreak using the updated tool that supposedly handles traffic better. But I cant just re-run the jailbreak program again can I?

  • Jaime Cruz


  • Risa Phillips

    Worked perfectly for me on my iPad 2 with 5.0.1.  Thank you!

  • Alex Gonzalez Urquia

    Worked exactly like you said; I had to do a full restore and re-jailbreak for this to work on my 4S. Thanx!

  • ryan

    This worked for my ipad 2: 1. Reset all network settings2. Delete absinthe from your springboard3. Download absinthe version absinthe-mac-0.1.2-24. Instal absinthe-mac-0.1.2-25. Run the jailbreak process6. It should restart your ipad 2 automatically, If not then do the VPN trick7. Once restarted you’ll get the Cydia Icon instead of absinthe.I hope this can help you guys. =)


  • RichR67

    It took me a few times to get it to work on my 4s but once I re-ran the jailbreak and tried the VPN trick it worked the second time it hit it.
    So give that a try worked for me

  • Wazz666

    Here is what you need to do to geth this to work…nothing more:

    You MUST download version 1.2-2 (…\ You MUST take your Passcode Lock OFF Before performing the last step (Tap Absinthe Icon on Homescreen (Last Screen)) Tap Settings, and Turn on the VPN Connection…..That’s all Folks…..Enjoy!!!!

  • Corbin Fawver

    this isnt working for my ipad 2 at all… i get a pop up that says a configuration error occurred  

  • Np3ba

    Does not work for me. Can I re jailbreak my Ipad 2 again?

  • Alex Gonzalez Urquia

    Try what Ryan posted below, that worked perfectly on my iPad2

  • Alex Gonzalez Urquia

    Try what Ryan posted below, that worked perfectly on my iPad2. Yes, Absinthe will pickup where you left but in you follow what Ryan said, the jailbreak will re-start itself. If you get the “configuration error” DO NOT hit ok, wait a few seconds for your iPad to reboot itself.

  • Diandra Rolon

    It does work! 

  • Christopher Robins

    it’s not working for me at all i try to do the vpn trick and it gives me a vpn error as follows

    vpn connection
    a configuration error occurred 

    can anyone help me
    twitter @mich3llan93l0:disqus 

  • Ahneishia Stewart

    Worked great for my Ipad2 when i kept getting the Database Error….I didn’t even have to do the VPN trick…it rebooted on its own and came back as Cydia.

    Thanks Ryan

  • Ahneishia Stewart

    You need to reset your Network setting and uninstall the Absinthe…reboot your device and then reinstall the Absinthe…it should reboot itself after that or mine got a connection error and i clicked ok and it rebooted and came back as Cydia.

  • sebastiao fernandes
  • Mehdi Benamar

    HI, i have a problem, when i launch absinthe on my ipad, i see “absinthe is now setting things up, please stand by” and nothing … it stay like that, what i have to do ?

  • Oscar Espinoza

    Absinthe keeps unexpectedly quiting..what am I doing wrong? Thanks!

  • Matthew Donnell

    it just sits at the greenpois0n website and does nothing once i get the absinthe icon on my homepage…..

  • Christopher Kwok

    i have the same problem, tried the VPN trick but it doesnt work. help.

    (after trying 4 times it finally worked!)

  • Mehdi Benamar

    do you must restore the idevice with their ios or it’s just an option ?

  • Jessica Lynn

    How do you find out what to put as the VPN configuration? 

  • RichR67

    I didn’t put any configuration in it was just a matter of turning vpn on and waiting for reboot after that everything worked as it should.
    They have already updated this so if you have not already done the original jailbreak I would suggest you grab the updated version.
    If you have already tried with the 1st version the way I got the vpn trick to finally work on my phone, it worked first try on my ipad, was to rerun the jailbreak (version 1) and then immediately go to settings and turn on vpn if I remember right it took two tries before the phone rebooted and bingo!!

    Good luck