How To Jailbreak Your iPhone 4S On iOS 5 The Right Way


Absinthe Mac app

The untethered jailbreak for the iPhone 4S has finally been released. After months of waiting, you can download the Chronic Dev Team’s free Absinthe Mac tool to jailbreak your iPhone 4S in a matter of minutes.

We’ll show you how to jailbreak your iPhone 4S running iOS 5.0 or iOS 5.0.1 (both versions) the right way in this guide.

Step 1: Make sure you have your SHSH blobs backed up using the free TinyUmbrella app. It’s available on both Windows and Mac. Saving your SHSH blobs is essential for downgrading back to your previous iOS firmware version if something should go wrong during the jailbreak process. Basically, if you don’t complete this step, you could end up — worst case scenario — with a bricked iPhone.

Step 2: Back up your iPhone 4S to either iTunes or iCloud before you go any farther. You want to make sure you have a recent setup to restore to if something goes wrong. While jailbreaking isn’t that dangerous, you can never be too careful.

Step 3: Download the free Absinthe jailbreak tool for Mac. A Windows and Linux version is also available. You can download the latest version of Absinthe from the Greenpois0n website.

Step 4: Connect your iPhone 4S to your Mac via a USB cable and open Absinthe.

Step 5: Click “Jailbreak” and let Absinthe do its thing. It may take a little while. Your iPhone 4S should say “Restoring in Progress.” Make sure not to disconnect your 4S or quit Absinthe while this process is happening.

Step 6: Once completed, you will be taken to your iPhone 4S’s Home screen. Find the newly-installed Absinthe icon and tap it. You’ll be taken to the Greenpois0n website and code will be run to trigger a reboot of your iPhone 4S. When you’ve successfully rebooted, the Absinthe icon will be replaced with the one and only Cydia.

Congrats! You now have an untethered iOS 5 jailbreak for your iPhone 4S! Check out our jailbreaking tips and tricks guide for more help. We also have a list of the best jailbreak apps for the iPhone 4S.

If you’re having problems getting past Step 6, try this fix.

  • Matt Rebackoff

    Getting a “Error establishing a database connection” on the Absinthe icon.  Any fix?  Or just overloaded?

  • Clyde Nomiddlename Butler

    Im pissed…no windows verison

  • Jordan Clay

    Well….Go ahead and code a Windows version…

  • Jordan Clay

    Go to Settings and enable VPN under Network.

  • Sevgjan

    what should I do, my iPhone 4S is in activation screen? Can this be done from there?

  • Manuel del Rosario

    Thanks for the tutorial! I did have to use step 6 in order to get it working.

  • Amit Chauhan

    man u guys are friggin awesome

  • brnmbrns

    Doesn’t work. Mine has been sitting at “Beginning jailbreak, this may take a while…” for 30 minutes now. What gives? I even tried force quitting. Upon reboot it recovered the attempted jailbreak session and I tried it again and still, it just sits.

  • evan66


  • sliderpro

    Same thing. Mine has been sitting on the Beginning jailbreak screen for at least 20min. Anyone have a fix?

  • Andrew Carr

    i can’t download the tinyumbrella app on my mac every time i try to download it as a .pgk file it downloads it as a .exe file which cannot be read by macs is there something im doing wrong? i’ve tried many sites to get this app but it goes to .exe

  • brnmbrns

    This is downloading as .exe?

  • brnmbrns

    annnd now I’m stuck in the failed jailbreak recovery mode. Garbage.

  • Carlos Palada

    yep stuck at beginning jailbreak screen and then absinthe unexpectedly quit

  • jab43


  • Carlos Palada

    restored my phone back to factory settings. absinthe worked within minutes.

  • Luisito Fernandito Rodriguez

    jailbreak button won’t let me click it! everything’s plugged in just fine and it’s updated to the latest iTunes and iOS firmware…help!!

  • lordofthefobs

    if anyone else is having problem loading packages in cydia, try going to Changes tab and hitting Refresh.

  • Jeremy mSpot

    worked great but now I get “Could not connect to this iPhone because an unknown error occurred (0xE8000065) everytime I try to connect to itunes! WATTAH FUHQ!

  • Robert Stoll

    I went through the whole process and the Absinthe icon is on my home screen. I tapped on it and all i get is a white screen. What do I do?????

  • Conrad MacIntyre

    I jailbroke my phone so I could try IntelliScreenX (it claims to have a free trail) but the only way I can get it is to pay. What was the point?

  • pixelbud

    Me too, I had to force quit. Then I removed an Exchange email account and I disabled my passcode. Exchange required one. Clicked “Jailbreak” again. And so far so good.

  • Garrett Fruchtman

    is there a fix?

  • Robert Powell

    Worked perfectly!

  • steveyknight

    ‘cos jailbreaking is a marketplace, so stuff costs.

  • Hulk22

    Wonder how this will affect battery life ……

  • Monte Sidhu

    Same situation here also

  • Luis Dominguez

    I did the jailbreak but something is weird about it.  Works fine but my safari icon and photo icon just appear to be white boxes.  Anyone else have this and learn to fix it?

  • Pankaj Bhadiyadra

    server jammed cydia is not coming

  • Mark M

    I found a great article that provides a step-by-step method to jailbreak an iPhone 4s or iPad 2. check it out here

  • raghiid

    do i need to use tiny umbrella ?? when i try to install it it says installation failed. what previous firmware shouldi need to downgrade to i have iPhone 4s 

  • Travis Johnson

    I successfully jailbroke my iPhone 4S (5.0.1) and it reloaded. I clicked on the Cydia icon, and it said something “Filesystem…”, and then it started doing something. When it was done it went back to the home screen, and all of the apple apps, and the cydia are no where to be found. What can I do about this?

  • Travis Johnson

    My phone is completely useless now. I lost my sms, phone, settings, contacts, calendar and every other apple app. I can’t do anything.

    I tried to restore my phone to factory but it gives an error every time and says it can’t do it. I tried going into DFU mode but it does the same thing.

    Any help would appreciated. Thanks!

  • Jessica Lynn

    how do you find out what to put as the configuration?

  • Pavel Kirkovsky

    The dire warning in step 1 (and the explanation of TinyUmbrella) is just plain wrong. First off, it’s REALLY difficult to brick an iPhone: all you have to do is boot into DFU mode (which TinyUmbrella can do for you, or you do it manually by holding the power + home button when turning on) and use the restore function within iTunes.

    Second, SHSH blobs don’t help you recover from bricks (which I said earlier, don’t really happen under normal jailbreak conditions).
    What they do is allow you to go back to previous iOS versions:

    Apple releases all iOS updates with a special cryptographic signature that has “expiration date” functionality built in. Let’s say Apple patches a jailbreak-enabling hole in iOS and wants everyone to upgrade. They simply revoke the signature on the previous version, making it so that users with a newer iOS can’t downgrade and enjoy the jailbreak exploit. Users of previous versions will see nag screens about updating iOS, so they’ll probably end up upgrading too (thus removing their path to jailbreaking).
    In the most basic sense, TinyUmbrella allows you to save certain parts of Apple’s digital signature and downgrade iOS, even if Apple has stopped signing that particular iOS version.

  • Kyle

    I can’t seem to get through Step 3…trying to download the tool and the jailbreak onto my Mac is making my safari run slower. Maybe their servers are down? Help cuz I’m completely lost…