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EA Promises ‘High-End, High-Performance’ Battlefield Game For Mobile


Forgetting the disaster that was Battlefield 3: AftershockI’ve always thought EA’s other Battlefield titles for iOS were pretty good. But the company has promised a new “high-end” and “high-performance” Battlefield title for mobile that could come a little closer to its console counterpart — and may even be able to “inter-operate” with it.

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SEGA Confirms New Games For Android & iOS


SEGA has today announced its mobile games lineup for the coming months, with a number of notable new titles heading to Android and iOS.

Highlights include a revamped Sonic the Hedgehog 2 — which will be available on Android for the first time; Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing Transformed, and a rhythm franchise that originally made its debut on the Nintendo DS.

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Apple Patent Hints At iPhones That Can Flip Themselves During A Fall To Protect Vulnerable Areas


UPDATE: Looks like FreshPatents isn’t so fresh. Despite labeling this patent as “new,” it seems it was first published back in March. Nevertheless, it’s still a pretty interesting one, so we’ll leave it here for those who haven’t seen it before.

You don’t know the true meaning of pain until you’ve dropped your shiny new iPhone on a hard surface. If you’re lucky, it will land on its back and your case will protect it, but if you’re not, it’ll land flat on its face and you’ll need a new display. But what if there was a way of ensuring it landed on its back every time?

A new Apple patent that covers a “Protective Mechanism for an Electronic Device” describes how future iPhones and other mobile devices could have built-in motors that automatically flip them over in mid-air after they’ve been dropped to protect vulnerable areas.

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Gameloft Postpones Modern Combat 5 Launch To 2014


Gameloft has announced that it has been forced to postpone the launch of Modern Combat 5 for Android and iOS until 2014 to “fully achieve [its] vision” for the game. The first-person shooter was first confirmed in an impressive teaser trailer back in June, and we initially expected it to be available before the end of the year.

Now we’ll have to wait a little longer.

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Google Will Soon Be Serving You Gmail Ads On Mobile


Google is already serving you Gmail ads on your desktop, and soon you’ll see them on your mobile, too. Although they aren’t active just yet, there is evidence for them in the latest Gmail for Android release, which was made available to download via Google Play last week.

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iOS Worldwide Mobile Web Share Drops To 55% From 65% Last August


While Apple has been getting dominated by Android in terms of the sheer number of smartphones sold, iOS users have still managed to capture the lion’s share of worldwide mobile web share company, but it looks like the size of their pie is shrinking.

According to the latest survey from NetApplications, iOS’s worldwide mobile web share has dropped 11% since August of 2012. While iOS is still at the top with 54.9%, Android has risen from 20.9% in August 2012, to 28.1% in August 2013.

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Facebook Login Update Makes It Harder For Apps To Spam Your Wall


Using Facebook is usually one of the quickest ways to log in to apps and other services without creating an account, but there’s nothing more annoying on Facebook than giving an app access to your account only to have them post spam on your wall without permission.

Facebook announced today that it has finally come up with a solution by updating Facebook Login for mobile so that apps have to ask you separately for permission to post on your behalf.

The update should result in 31% faster load up times, too. And if you decide later that you really want to share all your progress from Kitchen Scramble, or any other apps, you can do that too.

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, GTA 3 & Max Payne For Android & iOS On Sale Now


Rockstar may not have a massive catalog of games on Android and iOS, but with the likes of Grand Theft Auto and Max Payne, there’s no denying that it has some of the best. And they’re currently on sale in the App Store and on Google Play for a limited time.

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You Can Now Read Your Favorite Flipboard Magazines In Your Browser


Flipboard is no longer a service that you can only enjoy on mobile devices. From today, more than 2 million magazines on every topic imaginable are available to read in your web browser. Each one boasts Flipboard’s signature look and feel, but they’re been optimized for the larger screen on your desktop.

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Android’s Share May Be Bigger, But iOS Continues To Dominate Advertising [Report]


Android’s share of the worldwide smartphone market may be sizably bigger than that of its rivals, but when it comes to mobile advertising, iOS remains king. According to the latest data from mobile ad firm Velti, Apple’s share grew from 59% to 64% between May 2012 and May 2013.

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