Microsoft Edge for iPhone hits the App Store


Microsoft Edge for iPhone
Get the latest version of Edge today.
Photo: Microsoft
  • Balcis

    I’m an oldtimer Firefox user and browser market is now confusing than ever for me in a good way.

    they all have extensions, perform good and all cross-platform including the walled garden -you know what-.

    opera is great on windows, chrome has google services and can create desktop apps of them, edge is integrated well on windows and -may- perform good on ios, safari has same advantage for mac os x, firefox is faster than ever, opera is a great functional tool.

    I wrote opera twice, omg it’s a mess.

  • SharkyPR

    iOS third party browsers still use iOS base web parser or they will implement their own?

  • Costa K

    “Edge isn’t optimized for iPhone X’s Super Retina HD display yet, either”

    So much of Windows 10 isn’t optimised for HD screens either. Why would their apps be any different?