Believe it or not, Apple’s working on new 64-bit iPods


The music keeps on going.
The music keeps on going.

With Apple Music making waves, a dedicated music-playing device like the iPod suddenly seems more relevant than it’s been in years. Which is why it’s great to hear that Apple is reportedly planning to introduce a refreshed lineup of iPod touch, nano and shuffle media players on Tuesday, July 14.

The upgrades are said to involve new colors — including electric blue and fuchsia, along with classic black, pink and a slightly darker gray option. However, the iPod touch is also likely to receive a major boost, upgrading its current A5 processor to a new 64-bit one. Woop woop!

Vibrant new iPod colors revealed in iTunes update

Apple revealed some new iPod colors in the iTunes 12.2 update.
Photo: Apple

You may have written off the iPod as something Apple doesn’t care to breathe new life into by this point, but the iPod is exactly what appears to be getting an update. Alongside the release of iTunes 12.2 to support Apple Music, some users quickly discovered that images of the iPod family within the app feature new, unreleased colors.

Apple Watch is more popular now than orginal iPhone


Apple Stores finally have Apple Watch in stock

The launch of the original iPhone and the first Apple Watch have been polar opposites. While the iPhone was available at Apple Stores and third-parties on launch day, getting your hands on an Apple Watch on April 24th was almost impossible.

According to researchers at Morgan Stanley, that’s because the Apple Watch is in even more demand than the original iPhone weeks after it launched in 2007.

Apple is accused of bullying Monster over Beats lawsuit

Apple is allegedly banning Monster from making official iPhone accessories for suing Beats.
Photo: Gadget Mac/Flickr CC

Apple is accused of corporate bullying after reportedly booting rival headphone maker Monster from its “Made for iPhone” accessory program.

Monster claims the move is in retaliation for an ongoing lawsuit against Beats, which is now owned by Apple. Monster was the original contract manufacturer of Beats-branded headphones. The move could seriously impact Monster’s headphone business.

Considering the headphone market is a $2 billion industry in the United States, there’s plenty of money to be lost without Apple’s support.

The iPod is still more popular than Apple Watch (on Google)


The iPod showed that Apple was more than a computer company.
Still more popular than the Apple Watch.
Photo: Jim Merithew/Cult of Mac

Based on the number of times both terms were searched for on Google over the past three months, customers are less interested in the Apple Watch than they are in Apple’s virtually-abandoned relic, the iPod.

That’s according to Google Trends data published by Pacific Crest analyst Andy Hargreaves, whose latest note to clients has few kind words to say about Apple’s debut wearable device.