Eddy Cue talks music, but Twitter can’t stop talking about his shirt

Eddy Cue's pinkish untucked shirt struck a distracting off chord with many on Twitter.

During the part of the WWDC keynote where cool is most required, the Apple Music rollout, Eddy Cue took the stage in an untucked, salmon-colored shirt and proceeded to dance. Twitter gasped, laughed and even threw up a little as Cue extolled a new service that is supposed to be hip enough make us all dump Spotify.

Twitter followers streaming the Worldwide Developers Conference, already grumpy about the drawn-out opening, were tired and hungry when Cue and Beats co-founder Jimmy Iovine took their turn onstage. Some feasted on Cue’s appearance.

“Eddy Cue is one undone shirt button away from getting kicked out of Margaritaville,” wrote Jessica Misener. “Eddy Cue is like everyone’s dad at a wedding, but if everyone’s dad at a wedding was 10X more excruciating,” wrote Guardian Tech.

LeBron James gives entire team Apple Watches to prep for NBA Finals

Eddy Cue isn't cheering for Lebron this year.
Eddy Cue isn't cheering for Lebron this year.
Photo: USA Today

After getting an ear-full from Eddy Cue during Game 1 of the NBA Finals, LeBron James single handedly carried his team to a win last night to even the series at game a piece.

LeBron’s leadership has been unparalleled this season, and that extends on and off the court. Before the Cavs vs Warriors series kicked off last week, insiders revealed that LeBron gathered his teammates at the Four Seasons in downtown San Francisco for a bonding session and presented everyone with their own Apple Watch.

Eddy Cue gives LeBron the business during NBA Finals

Eddy Cue isn't cheering for Lebron this year.
Eddy Cue isn't cheering for Lebron this year.
Photo: USA Today

The NBA Finals started last night, with LeBron James taking to the court in search of yet another championship ring. His team is taking on the Silicon Valley Golden State Warriors and, while Apple Senior VP Eddy Cue was all too happy to cheer on LeBron during the last two NBA championships, this year he’s defected to the home team — and giving King James hell.

China goes wild during Tim Cook’s week-long Apple Store tour

Tim Cook and Apple might be moving into San Francisco.
Tim Cook and Apple might be moving into San Francisco.
Photo: Apple

Tim Cook just finished a week-long tour of China, complete with stops at new Apple Stores across the country, as well as a visit to the elementary school at Communication University of China, and a meeting with China’s Vice Premier.

Cook created a Weibo account earlier this week to announce Apple’s new green initiatives in China, but the Apple CEO didn’t stop there. Rather than posting to Twitter, Cook stayed active on the Chinese microblogging all week, posting his interactions with customers and colleagues. In just five days, Tim has amassed over half a million Weibo followers (he’s got 1.3 million on Twitter) by keeping Chinese fans updated with seven posts during the trip.

Take a look at Tim’s awesome Weibo travelogue:

Fiat CEO says Apple’s planning an ‘intervention’ for the car

We'd like to buy this directly from Apple, OK?
iCar Concept art: Josh Baré/DeviantArt CC
Photo: Josh Baré/DeviantArt CC

The CEO of Fiat Chrysler made a recent trip to Silicon Valley that included a ride in Google’s self-driving car as well as a meeting with Tim Cook to talk about Apple’s automotive ambitions.

Sergio Marchionne, Fiat’s chief executive, spoke Saturday at the opening of a Maserati dealership near Toronto, Canada, and said he had recently met with both Apple and Tesla to talk about the future of cars — and found out more about what Apple’s planning.