iOS 9 beta 3 is now available to developers


New iOS 9 beta goodies are here

Apple’s beta testers usually get early access to upcoming features, but with last week’s public release of iOS 8.4, users on iOS 9 betas found themselves shut out of the new Apple Music service. That changes today with the release of iOS 9.0 beta 3 which brings support for Apple Music to the upcoming mobile operating system for the first time.

Miss Home Sharing on your iPhone? Eddie Cue confirms Apple is on it

Home Sharing coming back to iOS 9, says Apple's Eddy Cue.
Home Sharing coming back to iOS 9, says Apple's Eddy Cue.
Photo: Apple

According to Eddy Cue, Apple’s senior vice president of Internet Software and Services, his team is on top of the recent removal of Home Sharing from the iOS 8.4 update.

Cue tweeted that we can expect the feature, which lets you share music across Home Sharing-enabled Apple devices on the same network, will return in iOS 9.

iOS 9 beta users will be able to use Apple Music starting next week

iOS 9
Apple Music is coming to iOS 9 soon.
Photo: Apple

If you’re a wannabe Apple Music customer, but currently running the iOS 9 beta, have no fear — since Eddy Cue has confirmed via Twitter that a new beta seed is on the way, offering compatibility with Apple’s newly-launched streaming music service.

Cue didn’t give a precise timeframe, but did note that it would be, “early next week.” Apple’s most recent iOS 9 beta on June 23. Since the company typically releases new beta seeds at fortnightly intervals, it would make sense if the next one arrives next Tuesday.

All the ways Apple left us hanging at WWDC 2015


Tim Cook announces “one more thing” at WWDC 2015.
They probably shouldn't have stopped at one.
Photo: Apple

Apple’s two-hours-plus keynote at its Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) this week was packed with new and exciting information about the future of software for its current major hardware. But we couldn’t help but notice some things that were missing.

Here are some of the ways Apple’s presentation left us hanging this year.

Eddy Cue talks music, but Twitter can’t stop talking about his shirt

Eddy Cue's pinkish untucked shirt struck a distracting off chord with many on Twitter.

During the part of the WWDC keynote where cool is most required, the Apple Music rollout, Eddy Cue took the stage in an untucked, salmon-colored shirt and proceeded to dance. Twitter gasped, laughed and even threw up a little as Cue extolled a new service that is supposed to be hip enough make us all dump Spotify.

Twitter followers streaming the Worldwide Developers Conference, already grumpy about the drawn-out opening, were tired and hungry when Cue and Beats co-founder Jimmy Iovine took their turn onstage. Some feasted on Cue’s appearance.

“Eddy Cue is one undone shirt button away from getting kicked out of Margaritaville,” wrote Jessica Misener. “Eddy Cue is like everyone’s dad at a wedding, but if everyone’s dad at a wedding was 10X more excruciating,” wrote Guardian Tech.