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Apple’s Eddy Cue Talks iTunes Festival, Explains Why Artists Don’t Get Paid To Perform


The iTunes Festival, Apple’s 30-day music extravaganza, ended on September 30th with a performance by Katy Perry. Apple broadcasted live streams of all the festival’s shows on iTunes during the month of September, and the concert videos are still available to stream for a limited time.

Apple’s Eddy Cue recently gave an interview to Entertainment Weekly and talked about why artists (and Apple) love the iTunes Festival. He also explained how Apple is leveraging its connections in the music industry for iTunes Radio.

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Reuters: Apple CEO Tim Cook May Be Kinder, Gentler, But Can Still Skewer Employees With A Sentence


In a new profile of Apple CEO Tim Cook, Reuters spends time painting the two-year veteran of Cupertino’s top spot as deft, methodical, and tough. While he has earned a reputation as more of a delegator and less of a diva than Jobs was, the sources in the article say that he is still a focused CEO who expects results.

A person familiar with Tim Cook’s meeting style said “He could skewer you with a sentence. He would say something along the lines of ‘I don’t think that’s good enough’ and that would be the end of it and you would just want to crawl into a hole and die.”

Not bad for a CEO whose own board is deeply concerned.

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Eddy Cue Is Also At Sun Valley This Week, Apple TV Deal In The Works?


Tim Cook isn’t the only one attending the Sun Valley Media Conference this week, a private gathering of over 300 industry leaders in which some of the big media inks get privately worked out. Eddy Cue — Apple’s savvy media dealmaker — is also there, according to Bloomberg reporter Jon Erlichman.

Is an Apple TV deal in the works? Asked if it was shaping up to a big week, Cook would only comment, “We’ll see.”

HBO GO & WatchESPN Now Available On Apple TV With iOS 5.3 Update


Apple just rolled out a new software update for the Apple TV that adds new channels for HBO GO and WatchESPN, as well as Sky News, Crunchyroll, and Qello. The iOS 5.3 release is compatible with both the second- and third-generation Apple TVs, and is available to download now.

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Why Steve Jobs Loved Winnie The Pooh


Eddy Cue is at the Daniel Patrick Moynihan United States Courthouse in lower Manhattan testifying in the Department of Justice’s e-books antitrust case, and he’s been sharing more information on the work that went into developing iBooks prior to its launch in 2010.

Cue reveled that Steve Jobs, then Apple’s CEO, chose to give away a free copy of Winnie-the-Pooh not just because he liked the book, but because its colorful illustrations showcased the capabilities of digital e-books in the iBooks app.

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Eddy Cue Had To Convince Steve Jobs That iBooks Would Be Awesome On iPad


iBooks has been a big successful venture for Apple — despite the ongoing price fixing case from the Department of Justice — but it’s a service that may never have been if Eddy Cue hadn’t convinced Steve Jobs it would be awesome on the iPad.

Before Apple was gearing up to launch its popular tablet in late 2009, Steve Jobs wasn’t interested in the iBooks idea, and he felt e-books had no place on desktops and small smartphone displays.

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Apple Announces Winner Of $10,000 Gift Card Following 50B App Downloads


Apple has today announced the winner of its $10,000 App Store gift card after the App Store surpassed 50 billion downloads on Wednesday. The lucky customer is Brandon Ashmore of Mentor, Ohio, who downloaded Say the Same Thinga word game from Space Inch.

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Apple’s Trying To Lowball Record Labels On Royalty Rates For iRadio


As Apple continues to ramp up development on its new music streaming service, negotiations with record labels haven’t been going well.

Apple’s music streaming service is rumored to be similar to Pandora’s radio service, but rather than settling with the same royalty rate that Pandora enjoys, Apple is trying to lowball record labels into giving them a better deal.

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Ferrari Plans To Put More iPads In Supercars As Deal With Apple Widens


Ferrari announced its newest supercar today — the hybrid model ‘LaFerrari’ — along with plans to deepen its partnership with Apple.

The newest Ferrari comes equipped with iPad minis on the passenger seats, but Ferrari says it is in talks with Apple about bringing more in-car entertainment to their supercars.

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The Son Of An Apple Senior Executive Is Working On Mailbox For iPhone

Like father, like son.

Like father, like son.

What do you get when you combine a highly anticipated iPhone app with a fascinating link to a senior executive at the most valuable company on earth? You get Mailbox and Adam Cue, a software engineer working on the hyped email app that’s going public soon. Cue works at Orchestra, the app development company behind Mailbox. You may recognize Adam’s last name because it also happens to be the last name of Eddy Cue, a longtime Apple senior executive who now oversees all of the company’s internet services, including email.

While this doesn’t mean that Apple will acquire Orchestra’s Mailbox app, it’s interesting to note the connection between the two companies.

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