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Bizarre But Beautiful iPhone 6 Concepts Re-Imagine Home Button On The Side [Gallery]


Apple’s always looking to miniaturize its gadgets down to the slimmest, smallest form factor possible, which is why the venerable iOS home button is such a conspicuous space waster: although the button grounds users in the iOS operating system, it’s also a fairly big and bulky element of the front of the device.

According to Peter Zigich in his new concepts for the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 mini and iPhone 6 Maxi, Apple should just eliminate it from the front of the device to make way for a nearly bezel-less screen. Bizarrely, though, he thinks it should be shifted to the lower left hand side of the device, in a lower location on each side.

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This Is The Only iWatch I Would Want To Wear On My Wrist [Concept]


This gorgeous iWatch concept designed by Nikolai Lamm by commission of MyVouchersCode is my idea of what an Apple watch should actually look like, and how it would function: as an accessory to the iPhone.

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Imagining An Apple iWatch With A Curved Glass Display [Concepts]


What would an iWatch look like?

The iTV, iRadio, and now iWatch. Apple rumors never sleep, and the latest batch of reports reveal that the folks in Cupertino are working on the future of wearable technology, externally dubbed “iWatch.” Little is known about the device, other than it is being designed for the wrist with a curved glass display.

Since iWatch rumors started re-gaining momentum in recent weeks, many have been speculating about how such a device would work.

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E-Ink Keyboard Concept Marries Best Of Touch And Physical Keys

Remember the Optimus Maximus keyboard from Art Lebedev? No, me either. But if I did I’d probably recall the LED keycaps which had two distinct functions: One, to display a tiny image on top of each key and two, to send the cost of the keyboard through the roof.

Today we bring you the e-ink keyboard, which is the same kind of thing, only way more practical.

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Why An ARM-Based Mac Pro Is Like An iPhone Running Android


This ARM-based Mac Pro might as well be a unicorn.

Apple hasn’t updated the Mac Pro significantly since 2010, much to the dismay of professional Mac users. That’s why there’s keen interest in the future Mac Pro: Apple has reiterated its committment to the beefy desktop powerhouse, yet it’s the only Mac to not undergo a major redesign in the last couple of years. Eager eyes look to the future of the Mac Pro line to see what’s next.

A new series of concept images by Peter Zigich have been doing the rounds today, and they are getting a lot of buzz. The images describe a Mac Pro that isn’t just significantly smaller and more power efficient than the existing Mac Pro, but that eschews Intel’s server-class CPUs in favor of custom-built A-series chips.

Darrell Etherington over at Techcrunch says that while “obviously a flight of pure fancy, ” Zigich’s concept is “one that takes serious the question of what comes next for the standalone desktop PC in a mobile-first world.”

It does nothing of the sort. Zigich’s concept isn’t just a flight of fancy, it’s nonsense. Here’s why.

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What An iPhone Mini, iPhone 5S And iPad 5 Could Look Like [Gallery]


We know that Apple’s product roadmap for 2013 will consist of new iPads, iPhones and Macs. That’s nothing new. Apple is always working on new stuff, and if 2012 is anything to go by, we’re about to see an onslaught of new products.

Martin Hajek is a successful designer, and his work has been featured multiple times here on Cult of Mac. His iPad mini and iPhone 5 concepts from last year were spot on, and Hajek has published renderings for the less-expensive ‘iPhone mini’ that Apple reportedly has planned for later in 2013. Some think the seventh-gen iPhone (‘iPhone 5S’) could come in multiple colors, and it will probably look a lot like the 5.

Hajek also has some great renderings of what the iPad 5 may look like should Apple tweak the design to look more like the iPad mini.

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The Dorktastic iPhone Theater: Don’t Even Think About Bringing A Date

I usually avoid posting about concept designs because most of them are so lame. But the iPhone Theater deserves a special mention, somewhat ironically for the very same reason – it’s so lame.

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How Apple Could Revolutionize The Lockscreen In iOS 7 [Concept]

How Apple Could Revolutionize The Lockscreen In iOS 7 [Concept]

The iOS lockscreen locks in two different ways. One is by keeping strangers from fiddling around with your iPhone or iPad. The second, though, is to developers: they can’t really do much with the lockscreen except pass notifications to it or make use of the lockscreens built-in music playback controls.

What if developers had full access to the lockscreen, though? What if they could do more than just pass a notification on through? It might look something like this concept.

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This Is The Dream Apple TV Concept [Gallery]

This Is The Dream Apple TV Concept [Gallery]

The current Apple TV set-top box just doesn’t cut it. We all want more from Apple, and hopefully we’ll get the perfect TV experience one day. Until then, there’s only the imagination.

Content distribution and management is a convoluted mess right now, especially in the living room. That’s why I’m floored by the beautiful simplicity of this Apple TV concept:

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This Is What We Think The New Teardrop iMac Will Look Like

This Is What We Think The New Teardrop iMac Will Look Like

Apple’s iMac line hasn’t been updated since May 3rd, 2011. On average, that makes an update almost a year overdue. So you know a big update is coming, and rumor has it that when it comes, the new iMac will jettison the the optical drive to achieve a vastly thinner, teardrop form factor.

We were curious what that would look like, so we asked our designer Dan Draper to mock-up what a revised iMac with a thinner design would look like while largely retaining the iMac’s iconic portrait. The answer is familiar, and yet entirely new… the best iMac yet.

The new iMac is believed to be announced next week at Apple’s October 23rd event. Check out the full concept after the jump, and let us know what you think in the comments.

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