This Is The Only iWatch I Would Want To Wear On My Wrist [Concept]



This gorgeous iWatch concept designed by Nikolai Lamm by commission of MyVouchersCode is my idea of what an Apple watch should actually look like, and how it would function: as an accessory to the iPhone.

iWatch & iPhone Interaction

Utilizing a patent for a spiral iTunes interface that Apple has never utilized and inspired by the shape of the Ikepod, a watch designed by a friend of Jonathan Ive, who according to Lamm has a “personal preference for normal looking watches” and not “a curved glass Star Trek contraption.”

I personally love it, band I think a rotary-style UI for a round watch makes a lot of sense, densely packing a lot of app icons in a small space. In the Cult of Mac chatroom, though, Buster Heine thinks I’m nuts, claiming this to be a far superior concept.

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