iPhone launch day bag is the ultimate obscure Apple collector’s item


iPhone launch day bag
This bag, which held an original iPhone on launch day in 2007, is now a super-rare Apple collectible.
Photo: Mark Johnson

iPhone turns 10 It’s cool to own an original, first-gen iPhone. But if you really want to show that you were among the Apple faithful — a true believer who queued up for Cupertino’s inaugural handset back on June 29, 2007 — you’re going to want an extra accessory: the custom paper bag it came in.

More than just an oddball Apple collectible, it’s an early example of the extraordinary care Cupertino puts into packaging its magical devices.

Designer preps new version of Steve Jobs’ iconic mock turtleneck


Want to dress like Steve Jobs? It'll cost you $270 -- plus a pair of Levi's.
Photo: Ben Stanfield/Flickr CC

Fashion designer Issey Miyake, creator of Steve Jobs’ iconic mock turtleneck, is launching a very similar shirt that will go on sale next month for $270.

Although not exactly the same, the new creation — referred to as the Semi-Dull T — looks close enough to the now-discontinued original design to inspire a strong sense of déjà vu.

Qualcomm has the tech to put Touch ID in an iPhone display


Touch ID
Embedding Touch ID under the iPhone 8's display is one of the big rumors for this year's handset.
Photo: Apple

Whether Apple will be able to deliver on the rumor that it will be embedding its Touch ID fingerprint sensor beneath the display of the iPhone 8 remains to be seen.

However, a new demo coming out of the currently-happening Mobile World Congress Shanghai 2017 demonstrates that it is indeed possible — with Qualcomm showing off ultrasonic technology that allows fingerprint unlocking even through OLED displays.

Today in Apple history: Mac LC 520 sets its sights on the classroom


LC 520
The face of classroom Macs a quarter century ago.
Photo: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

June 28: Today in Apple history June 28, 1993: Apple ships the Macintosh LC 520, an “all-in-one” Mac targeted exclusively at the education market.

The first Macintosh to be shipped with a non-optional 2x CD-ROM drive, it’s designed to capitalize on schools’ multimedia requirements — a classroom Mac made especially for students in the decade of Nirvana, Bill Clinton and Pulp Fiction.

Greenpeace pushes Apple to make products anyone can fix


Greenpeace wants Apple to make its products more repairable.
Photo: Greenpeace

Greenpeace has launched a new campaign, seeking signatures to push Apple and other device makers to make more repairable, longer-lasting products to cut down on electronic waste.

In partnership with our friends over at iFixit, the campaign casts a critical eye over 40 different devices made between 2015 and 2017, and then assesses them according to how repairable each one is.

Apple tore apart 100 rival devices to build its perfect phone


Tony Fadell spills the beans on the original iPhone's creation.
Photo: Nest

iPhone turns 10 As Apple scrambled to create the first iPhone, the company’s engineers tore apart literally dozens of rival products to work out what made them tick, according to a new interview with former Apple exec Tony Fadell.

He may be best known today as the founder of Nest, but Fadell was one of the fathers of the iPhone — which, if you haven’t heard, celebrates its 10th birthday this week. Fadell reveals more about Apple’s reverse engineering efforts in an interview with Wired U.K..

Cult of Mac is collaborating with Wired U.K. all this week for an in-depth look at the iPhone’s first decade — and the device’s lasting impact.

Tim Cook meets Indian PM to talk local Apple stores


India Apple Stores
The closest thing India currently has to an Apple Store.
Photo: Lawrence Sinclair/Flickr CC

Tim Cook met with the prime minister of India over the weekend, concerning permission to open official Apple stores in the country.

This is something Apple has been chasing for some time now, but has yet to get off the ground. However, with Apple now officially selling iPhones that have been made in India, the hope is that it has sufficient leverage to get permission to open retail stores.

Today in Apple history: Terrible quarter marks the end for Gil Amelio


Apple losses Gil Amelio
Apple wasn't always a global behemoth.
Image: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

June 27 June 27, 1997: The last day of yet another disappointing quarter for Apple brings an end to CEO Gil Amelio’s 500 days running the company.

The $56 million quarterly loss contributes to an overall Apple deficit of $1.6 billion during Amelio’s reign: The slump effectively wipes out every cent of profit Cupertino had earned since fiscal 1991. After losing money for six out of the last seven quarters, Apple seems past the point of no return to many observers.

iPhone 8’s new display could hold back launch sales


iPhone leak
iPhone 8's OLED display is reportedly causing Apple headaches.
Photo: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

iPhone 8 production has reportedly hit another roadblock, with the problem this time being the OLED panels Apple is using for its next-gen handsets.

The use of OLED panels, instead of the LCD screens used on current iPhones, has been heavily rumored as one of the biggest selling points of the new iPhone for quite some time. A report earlier this year claimed that Apple will snap up 14 percent of all OLED panels produced in 2017 for the iPhone 8.