Today in Apple history: Apple racks up staggering $700 million loss


Apple is worth more than the entire US energy sector combined
In 1996, Apple's worst quarter yet sees the company lose $700 million.
Image: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

March 28: Today in Apple history: Apple racks up staggering $700 million loss March 28, 1996: In a dire message to Wall Street, Apple warns that it will report a $700 million after-tax loss for its most recent quarter.

Apple’s biggest quarterly loss in history, the shocking news reveals a company in far more financial trouble than previously thought. More than half the loss comes from $1 billion of unsold products.

Lara Croft Go goes free for quarantined tomb raiders


Lara Croft Go
And all without unnecessarily raiding your pocket.
Photo: Square Enix

At five years old, Square Enix’s Lara Croft Go is a comparative oldie, but a goodie. The tomb-raiding puzzle game is also now free to download — making it perfect for a time when many of us are stuck in the proverbial (definitely not literal) tombs that are our apartments and houses.

What better time to play a globe-trotting, death-dodging, brain-tickling action game?

CarKey screenshots show how drivers will start their cars via Wallet app


CarKey access type 1
Here's how you'll interface with CarKey.
Photo: DongleBookPro

A new CarKey feature for iOS 14 will let drivers start up compatible vehicles from their iPhone or Apple Watch, using a digital car key in their Wallet app. Leaked screenshots that appeared on Twitter this week show what the user interface might look like.

Tapping on the digital car key in the Wallet app will reveal the car model and automaker. It also offers the ability to share your key with another person. And an Express Mode works without requiring Face ID or your passcode.

Today in Apple history: Radius kicks off clone Mac era in style


Radius was the first company to launch an official Macintosh clone, the Radius System 100.
Radius was the first company to launch an official Macintosh clone.
Photo: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

March 27: Today in Apple history: Radius kicks off clone Mac era in style with System 100 computer March 27, 1995: The first official Macintosh clone launches, as Radius releases its high-end System 100 Mac.

Made by a company founded by several notable Macintosh alumni, this marvelous machine kicks off the era of clone Macs in grand fashion — before things take a turn for the worse.

iPhone component makers push back at claims Apple is delaying 5G iPhone


Will Apple delay the iPhone 12? These folks say no.
Photo: PhoneArena

Printed circuit board suppliers in the Apple supply chain in Taiwan have dismissed rumors that they’ve been asked to delay volume production of the 5G iPhone, according to a new report from Digitimes.

This comes at a time when there are mixed reports about whether this fall’s iPhone 12 handsets are going to be delayed due to the impact of the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic.

Apple TV+ has a brand-new episode of Amazing Stories for you to enjoy


Amazing Stories Signs of Life 1
Friday means new Apple TV+ day!
Photo: Apple

The latest episode of the Steven Spielberg executive produced sci-fi anthology series Amazing Stories is available to check out on Apple TV+.

The fourth of five standalone episodes, “Signs of Life,” tells the story of a teenager who struggles to reconnect with the stranger that is their mother after she awakens from a six-year coma. It landed on Apple TV+ Friday morning.

ARM-based Macs coming next year, USB4 in 2022


Phil Schiller: Nope, Apple still isn’t planning to make a touchscreen Mac
Coming soon to a Mac near you?
Photo: Apple

Apple will launch multiple Macs, including both MacBooks and iMacs, with its own eagerly anticipated custom ARM-based processors in 2021, respected Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo writes in his latest note to clients and obtained by Cult of Mac.

The research note, published late Thursday, says that the switch to ARM-based processors will have several advantages for Apple. It will further differentiate its products from Windows PCs, reduce processor costs by 40-60%, and free Apple from following Intel’s product roadmap with any of the delays that might entail.

Apple’s possible prototype controller for upcoming AR headset leaks out


No, this likely isn't the final version that will ship.
Photo: MacRumors

Apple is testing out its rumored AR/VR headset internally using a generic controller similar in design to that of the HTC Vive, a report published Thursday by MacRumors suggests.

The report notes that, “given the basic design of the controller,” it is likely for internal testing only. A finished version is likely to be a lot more, well, Apple in its design. However, it’s enough to let Apple engineers get to grips with the technology which might allow it to launch its rumored AR/VR headset in 2021 or 2022.


App Store
Spending was up 23%.
Photo: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

Today in Apple history: Apple pays to use ‘iPad’ name


The iPad delivered Apple's
Would an iPad by any other name smell as sweet?
Photo: Apple

March 26: Today in Apple history: Apple buys rights to use iPad name from Fujitsu March 26, 2010: Apple ends a trademark dispute with Japanese multinational Fujitsu over the name “iPad” in the United States.

It comes two months after Steve Jobs first showed off the iPad, and around a week before the tablet will land in stores. As it happens, it’s not the first time Apple battled over the name for one of its new products.