Tim Cook will talk restoring faith in online advertising this week


Apple Q4 2020 earnings on Oct. 29: When it comes to Apple earnings, CEO Tim Cook seems to have a reality-distortion field of his own.
Tim Cook will talk privacy matters this week.
Photo illustration: Cult of Mac

Apple CEO Tim Cook will give a pro-privacy speech during the Computers, Privacy and Data Protection conference in Brussels this Thursday.

Cook will deliver his speech virtually from Cupertino. The talk will cover “enforcing rights in a changing world,” and will deal with boosting user confidence in online advertising, among other topics.

Apple will offer limited-edition Apple Watch Series 6 for Black History Month


Apple Watch Black History Month
The new limited edition watch will be available for one month only.
Photo: Apple

To mark Black History Month, Apple is releasing a limited-edition Apple Watch Series 6, among other things.

Apple’s Black Unity Collection includes a new Apple Watch Series 6, a Black Unity Sport Band and a Unity watch face. The watch features the words “Black Unity” laser-etched onto the back crystal, while the strap — inspired by the Pan-African flag — includes the words “Truth. Power. Solidarity.”

Taron Egerton will likely star in upcoming serial-killer drama for Apple TV+


Taron Egerton is bringing his talents to Apple TV+.
Photo: Gage Skidmore/Wikipedia CC

Apple TV+ is reportedly gearing up to buy a new serial-killer series called In With the Devil, starring Taron Egerton (Rocketman) and Paul Walter Hauser (Richard Jewell).

The six-part series will be based on James Keene and Hillel Levin’s 2010 book of the same name. It tells the story of Keene, a convicted drug dealer, who was asked to befriend a murderer in prison in order to link him to a series of unsolved killings. In exchange for taking on the undercover assignment, Keene was promised that he would be released.

Corellium makes its iOS virtualization tool available to individual customers


Company that ported iOS to browsers hits back at Apple
Corellium creates useful testing tools for developers.
Image: Corellium

Corellium, a company that makes virtualization testing products for iOS devices, is opening up its offering to include individual plan subscribers. Before this, its tools were only available with enterprise accounts.

This should make its products available to more developers than ever. In a blog post announcing the change, Corellium said that this also brings about a change in pricing. It notes that:

Today in Apple history: iPhone sales hit first speed bump


iPhone 7
We officially hit "peak iPhone" in 2016.
Photo: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

January 26: Today in Apple history: iPhone sales hit first speed bump January 26, 2016: After nine years of spectacular growth, iPhone sales flatline for the first time.

Numbers posted by Apple show that during the final three months of 2015, iPhone sales grew by only 0.4%. The crucial holiday season sales compare quite unfavorably with the 46% jump recorded during the same period a year earlier.


Slot machine image
Lawsuit seeks damages from Apple.
Photo: Carl Raw/Unsplash CC

Highway to the streaming zone? Apple TV+ bid for Top Gun: Maverick was rejected


Top Gun Maverick
Not buzzing the Apple Park tower any time soon.
Photo: Paramount Pictures

Apple TV+ executives felt the need. The need for Top Gun: Maverick, the long-awaited sequel to 1986’s classic blockbuster, Top Gun. Unfortunately, Paramount Pictures wasn’t selling.

That’s according to a new report, claiming that Apple tried to pick up the rights to the new Tom Cruise-starring movie, after coronavirus scuppered original theatrical plans.


Corona Control Game
Too hot for the App Store? That's what temperature checks are meant for.
Photo: Florian Mueller

Apple Watch Series 7 could pack game-changing blood sugar sensor


Apple Watch Series 6
This year's Apple Watch upgrade could have a pretty massive new feature.
Photo: Leander Kahney/Cult of Mac

This year’s Apple Watch upgrade will reportedly add another potentially transformative medical feature: a blood sugar sensor.

That’s according to a new report from ET News, which says both Apple and Samsung will bake the feature into their respective smartwatches — the Apple Watch Series 7 and Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 — later in 2021.

Batterygate strikes again: Consumer group sues Apple over planned obsolescence


iPhone camera
Batterygate issue has been raging for a few years now.
Photo: Jim Merithew/Cult of Mac

Italian consumer association Altroconsumo launched a massive class-action lawsuit against Apple on Monday, seeking 60 million euros ($73 million) for the alleged planned obsolescence of iPhones.

Specifically, the suit mentions the iPhone 6 and 6s generation of devices. Apple used a software update to slow down these phones’ performance, resulting in the “Batterygate” controversy.

“Planned obsolescence is a deliberate unfair practice to consumers that causes frustration and financial harm,” Els Bruggerman, head of policy and enforcement for consumer right’s group Euroconsumers, told Cult of Mac. (Altroconsumo is a part of Euroconsumers.) “In November 2020, Apple ​announced that it will pay $113 million to settle allegations that it slowed down iPhones to mask battery issues. That settlement clearly demonstrates that Apple resorted to planned obsolescence as a deliberate attempt to increase renewal of phone, hide issues and deceive consumers.”

Apple says it slowed down the iPhones to preserve battery life and avoid crashes of older devices. Between 2014 and 2020, Apple sold approximately 1 million of iPhone 6 and 6s models in Italy alone.