More evidence that iPhone 12 may turn up later than hoped


iPhone 12 might mix iPhone 11 and iPad Pro designs
Are you excited about the iPhone 12?
Photo: Ben Geskin

The iPhone 12 is likely to ship to ship in October, rather than the usual September iPhone launch time frame, claim a report published Monday by Digitimes.

This would seem to back up a separate recent report from increasingly authoritative Apple leaker Jon Prosser. Prosser also suggested an October, rather than September, launch for the new iPhone.

Today in Apple history: Apple II gets its first disk drive


Disk II pic
The Disk II floppy drive was anything but a flop for Apple.
Photo: Wikipedia CC

June 1: Today in Apple history: Apple II gets a disk drive, the Disk II floppy drive June 1, 1978: Apple launches the Disk II floppy drive, one of the company’s most important peripherals ever.

The best floppy drive available at the time, Disk II solves the Apple II’s most glaring weakness — a lack of storage. It also helps establish Apple’s flair for handsome profit margins.

Security researcher scoops $100,000 bounty for helping squash Sign in with Apple bug


Sign in with Apple
Now hopefully bug-free.
Photo: Apple

A security vulnerability with “Sign in with Apple” could have allowed hackers to carry out a full account takeover of user accounts accessed using the feature. Fortunately, the bug was spotted by India-based security researcher Bhavuk Jain.

In a blog post published over the weekend, Jain noted that he made Apple aware of the vulnerability back in April. It was subsequently fixed. Thanks to Apple’s bug bounty program, he was then paid $100,000 as a thank you from the Cupertino tech giant.

How Apple tries to strike fear into the hearts of iPhone thieves


Latest iPhone was 1 out of every 10 smartphones sold in US last quarter
A message warns thieves that stolen iPhones are being tracked.
Photo: Ed Hardy/Cult of Mac

iPhones on display in Apple Stores run special software that renders them useless to thieves when removed from a store. Until now, however, we haven’t had a clear glimpse at what this antitheft measure looks like.

That changed over the weekend as one person displayed an iPhone seemingly taken from a looted Apple Store in Philadelphia. Here’s what the message says.

Here’s the memo Tim Cook sent to Apple employees about George Floyd killing


Tim Cook delivers the goods at Apple's iPhone 11 event.
Cook says that Apple will be making several charitable contributions.
Photo: Apple

As protests roiled the United States following the police killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis, Apple CEO Tim Cook sent a memo to employees condemning the killing, calling for change, and offering support.

In the note, Cook expressed his wishes for a “better, more just world” for everyone. He also advised employees that are “hurting right now” that they can access mental health resources and other support from Apple. In addition, Cook said Apple will make charitable donations to groups such as the Equal Justice Initiative.

You can read Cook’s entire memo to Apple employees below.

Today in Apple history: Newspaper replaces photo staff with iPhones


More than a trillion photos were captured in 2015.
The Chicago Sun-Times pulls the plug on staff photographers.
Photo: HypeBeast

May 31: Today in Apple history: Chicago Sun-Times replaces photo staff with iPhones May 31, 2013: The Chicago Sun-Times fires all 28 of its photographers, with the goal of training its staff to shoot photos using iPhones instead. Pulitzer Prize winner John White is among those who lose their jobs.

The move is significant not just because of what it says about the declining newspaper industry. It also spotlights the iPhone’s growing acceptance as a professional camera.

Get 30% off custom Ray-Ban eyewear when you use Apple Pay


Ray-Ban promo
Brighten your day by, err, wearing sunglasses.
Photo: Apple

Apple’s latest Apple Pay promo will get you 30% off custom sunglasses or eyeglasses from leading brand Ray-Ban.

Since prices for glasses are over $100, that means a saving of at least 30 bucks. Not bad, considering all you need to do is pay online using Apple Pay, and use a special code.

Today in Apple history: Apple shows off the Newton for the first time


The Apple Newton. Failure, or precursor of the iPhone?
The world gets its first glimpse of the Newton MessagePad, a device ahead of its time.
Photo: Blake Patterson/Wikipedia CC

May 29: Today in Apple history May 29, 1992: Apple demonstrates the Newton MessagePad for the first time, showing how the upcoming PDA can be used to order a pizza and pull off other time-saving tricks.

Hailed by Apple CEO John Sculley as “nothing less than a revolution,” the Newton is Apple’s first major new product since the Macintosh eight years earlier. During the Newton demo at the Consumer Electronics Show in Chicago, Apple shows how people can customize a pizza by moving topping icons on a symbolic pie, then fax the order straight from the device.