Today in Apple history: Apple storms New York’s Grand Central Terminal


Apple Grand Central is one of the company's most stunning retail outlets.
Apple Grand Central is one of the company's most stunning retail outlets.
Photo: Apple

December 9: Today in Apple history: Apple opens store in New York's Grand Central Terminal December 9, 2011: Apple opens a store in New York’s fabled Grand Central Terminal, the company’s fifth Manhattan retail outlet.

Overlooking the terminal’s Main Concourse, the enormous Apple Store makes a stunning addition to the 140-year-old train station, which is one of New York’s busiest transportation hubs.

Today in Apple history: The Byte Shop, Apple’s first retailer, opens


Paul Terrell founded The Byte Shop on his birthday.
Paul Terrell founded The Byte Shop on his birthday.
Photo: NextShark/Paul Terrell

December 8: Today in Apple history: Early computer store The Byte Shop, Apple's first retailer, opens December 8, 1975: San Francisco Bay Area entrepreneur Paul Terrell opens The Byte Shop, one of the world’s first computer stores and the first to sell an Apple computer.

Years before Apple would open its own retail outlets, the Byte Shop stocks the first 50 Apple-1 computers built by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak.

Richard Gere could be next actor to sign on for Apple series


Gere 1
Richard Gere will play a Vietnam veteran.
Photo: Francesco/Flickr CC

Richard Gere could be the next actor to participate in one of Apple’s original TV shows. According to a new report, Apple is in the process of signing a series starring the Pretty Woman actor, written by Homeland scribe Howard Gordon.

The eight-episode series would follow two elderly friends and Vietnam veterans, whose life is thrown into disarray when a woman they both loved 50 years earlier is killed in a car accident.

Qualcomm president says Apple battle coming to an end


Qualcomm headquarters
The long-running clash is coming to an end soon.
Photo: Qualcomm

Qualcomm president Cristiano Amon says that, one way or another, the battle between his company and Apple is coming to an end soon.

“We feel like we are probably near the end of this game — we have a lot of legal milestones approaching,” Cristiano Amon told Yahoo Finance. “We see 2019 as having events that will drive resolution one way or another.” Unless an agreement is reached, the two companies are currently set to face off in court in April.

Today in Apple history: Apple’s massive glass staircase wows Manhattan


The Apple Store on West 14th Street in New York City becomes the company's trendiest yet.
Apple's trendiest store yet?
Photo: Mathieu Thouvenin/Flickr CC

December 7: Today in Apple history: Apple opens its first 3-story retail store, the Apple Store on West 14th Street in New York City December 7, 2007: Apple opens its magisterial store on West 14th Street in New York City. The new Apple Store features a three-story glass staircase deemed the most complex ever made.

The store is Apple’s biggest in Manhattan (and second-largest in the United States, after the one on Chicago’s Michigan Avenue). The first three-story Apple retail outlet, it boasts an entire floor dedicated to services. It’s also the first Apple Store to offer free Pro Labs classes to customers.

Apple acquires startup co-founded by iTunes Festival boss


Denzyl Feigelson 2
Apple has snapped up an artist-friendly music marketing firm.
Screenshot: Tileyard Education

Apple has reportedly acquired U.K.-based music creative services and artist development company Platoon.

The company has history with Apple, being co-founded by former Apple live events and artist relations exec Denzyl Feigelson. Described as “a platform for fearless creatives,” Platoon has helped develop a number of early stage artists in the U.S. and UK since launching in 2016.

Apple sends out notification pushing iPhone users to upgrade


Apple advertising 1
This is the message received by users.
Photo: Steve Lederer/Twitter

Apple’s apparently taking its “fire drill” approach to pushing the iPhone XR and XS seriously. As noted by developer Steve Lederer on Twitter, Apple recently sent out a push notification prompting users to upgrade to the iPhone XR or XS.

This was sent out to people on Apple’s iPhone Upgrade Program, so it’s not really breaking Apple’s own App Store rules stating that apps should not send unsolicited spam to customers. However, it’s also not the kind of soft sell we’d usually expect from Apple.

Australia’s new anti-encryption laws are bad news for Apple


Apple takes privacy seriously
Apple is all about privacy.
Photo: Ed Hardy/Cult of Mac

Australia’s population may be less than 10 percent of the United States’ but its new anti-privacy laws could still have Silicon Valley tech giants quaking in their boots.

The country’s newly passed laws mean that law enforcement officials are allowed to access encrypted messages when required. That affects companies including Google, Facebook, Twitter, and, yes, Apple.

If you picked Apple’s IPO over Microsoft’s, you can start crying now


Microsoft Windows
Apple may be the cooler company, but Microsoft's where the money is.
Photo: Microsoft

If you’d had the foresight to invest in Apple and Microsoft back when they first went public, it’s no secret that you’d be sitting on a big old pile of cash today.

But which company would have made you more money? CNBC recently crunched the numbers and, well, the results are somewhat surprising.