Apple Glass concept video makes you want them right now

Apple Glass concept video makes you want them right now


Apple Glass concept from the Hacker 34.
When Apple introduces a pair of AR glasses, they may well look like this Apple Glass concept.
Photo: the Hacker 34

Apple is almost certainly prepping a pair of augmented reality glasses. A designer dreamed up his own Apple Glass concept, and filmed a video demonstrating the cutting-edge features.

Watch it now:

The video is the creation of the Hacker 34. Unlike many other concept designers, he stays grounded in what’s really possible. For example, even back in January he was able to make a short film with a 2020 iPhone concept that’s still close to what Apple is considered likely to introduce.

Science and hope combine in an Apple Glass concept

The concept design for these AR glasses is relatively realistic, though pushing the envelope. the Hacker 34 says of his creation:

“Your eyesight just got smarter. Introducing Apple Glass. Breaktrough hardware with unique dual transparent Retina screens, G1 chip, advanced LIDAR, all day battery life, fast Wireless charging, frame touch controls or AirSwipe, powered by the most advanced AR operating system rOS (Starboard UI) and even more.”

They use augmented reality to superimpose information on the real world. As demonstrated in the video, rather than glancing at an iPhone or Apple Watch, someone could get driving directions from their Apple glasses. Or read text messages. They could see what’s playing on their AirPods,

And the Hacker 34 video even makes an oblique reference to the controversial “Steve Jobs Heritage Edition” version of this product.

Coming in 2021. Or perhaps 2022.

This AR glasses concept didn’t come out of the blue. There have been persistent rumors for years that Apple is working on a pair. And the rumor mill heated up in recent months.

Noted leaker Jon Prosser said in May that these augmented reality glasses will be called Apple Glass. He went on to say they’ll have a LiDAR sensor over the right temple but no built-in camera. They could be unveiled late this year and launch in 2021.

Shortly after that, respected analyst Ming-Chi Kuo agreed this product is in the works, but then predicted no Apple glasses until 2022 “at the earliest.”