Apple Watch prompts 48-year-old man to get lifesaving heart surgery


Apple Watch heart-rate monitor
The Apple Watch is turning out to be a life-saver!
Photo: Apple

Someone needs to get the Apple Watch its own comic book series, because right now it’s saving more lives than most DC and Marvel superheroes put together.

The latest case involves a 48-year-old U.K. man who underwent lifesaving heart surgery after a series of Apple Watch alerts about his low heart rate.

Tim Cook tweets condolences to Japanese animation studio


Kyoto Animation image
KyoAni was attacked in an arson attack this week.
Image: Kyoto Animation

Tim Cook has sent his condolences to the Japanese animation studio targeted in a suspected arson attack. The attack resulted in the deaths of 33 people. It is Japan’s worst mass killing in 20 years.

“Kyoto Animation is home to some of the world’s most talented animators and dreamers,” Cook tweeted. “The devastating attack today is a tragedy felt far beyond Japan.”

New malware steals data from your device and cloud accounts


Pegasus could be used by governments to spy on individuals.
Photo: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

A new spyware tool reportedly can harvest data from iOS devices and their connected cloud accounts.

The tool, called Pegasus, also works with Android devices. The data it is able to gather even reportedly includes encrypted messages from third-party apps. It does this by fraudulently posing as the user to download their private content.

What you need to know about that viral face-aging app you’ve been using, this week on The Cultcast


CultCast 397
Whoa there, buddy! We need to chat about that face-aging app...

This week on The CultCast: Why some say FaceApp, the mega-viral app that ages your face, might also be stealing your data. Plus, why your next iPhone or Mac may feature Apple’s rainbow logo; Apple might soon make a big move into original podcasts; and we’ll tell you about the wild lengths some Apple factory works go through to smuggle out top-secret tech.

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Apple Music rebrands one of its most popular playlists


Apple Music
Apple Music's focus on hip-hop continues.
Photo: Apple Music

Apple Music has switched the names of one of its most popular playlists. “A-List: Hip-Hop” is now branded as “Rap Life,” and comes with a new show on Beats 1 radio.

The change was orchestrated by Ebro Darden, global editorial head of hip-hop and R&B at Apple Music. “Rap Life” will be promoted as a segment during Darden’s daily show on Beats 1. Apple is also launching a self-contained “Rap Life” show on Beats 1 every week.

Today in Apple history: iPod gets a new Click Wheel


The fourth-generation iPod brought key improvements like the Click Wheel, but still left some people disappointed.
The fourth-generation iPod brought key improvements, but still left some people disappointed.
Photo: National Museum of American History Smithsonian Institution/Flickr CC

July 19: Today in Apple history: Fourth-generation iPod gets Click Wheel interface July 19, 2004: The fourth-generation iPod brings neat innovations to the popular audio device, including the Click Wheel interface recently introduced on the iPod mini.

“The best digital music player just got better,” says Steve Jobs on the day the product launches. And yet some people feel disappointed.

Fortnite players on iOS must reinstall after game-breaking bug


Fortnite iPhone X
That’s not much of a fix.
Photo: Killian Bell/Cult of Mac

Epic Games has told Fortnite players on iOS that they will need to delete and reinstall the game to keep on playing.

Disgruntled iPhone and iPad users quickly discovered they were unable to load into Battle Royale after a game-breaking bug was introduced in the most recent 9.40.1 patch.

Epic’s unusual “fix” has understandably upset a lot of fans, who now have to download gigabytes of data all over again.

5G could make Apple a $1 trillion business again


Judging from this reaction, the 5G iPhone will be a big one.
Photo: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

Apple won’t get 5G iPhones until next year, but already it’s causing investment analysts to geek out on the hype.

In a new note to clients, an analyst for investment banking firm Raymond James raises the firm’s price estimate on Apple due to the next-gen connectivity technology. That’s despite the fact that he thinks this year’s iPhone refresh will be a disappointment.

Most Americans are excited about 5G


5G iPhone
There’s pent-up demand for a 5G iPhone.
Photo: Ed Hardy/Cult of Mac

A large percentage of Americans are happy that 4G wireless networks are being supplanted by faster 5G ones, according to a recent survey by a respected market-research firm. And a majority of US consumers are very interested in getting a phone that supports these speedier networks.