Here’s more proof iPad will get gorgeous OLED screens


Here's more proof iPad will get gorgeous OLED screens
An iPad with a beautiful OLED display seems inevitable at this point. It’s only a question of when.
Photo: Ed Hardy/Cult of Mac

Multiple companies are reportedly gearing up to produce OLED displays for future iPad models. This would lead to a noticeable improvement in image quality.

But it’s apparently not going to happen before 2023.

Røde’s new Wireless Go II microphone suits solo content creators


The Wireless GO Single has one receiver and one transmitter.
The Wireless Go II Single has one receiver and one transmitter.
Photo: Rode

Earlier this month, Røde launched a new, single-set version of its popular Wireless Go II microphone with one transmitter rather than two, suiting it nicely to solo content creators.

Aimed at mobile journalists, vloggers and videographers, the Røde Wireless Go II Single is an ultra-compact, single-transmitter wireless microphone system offered at a lower price point than the original, two-transmitter set released last year.

Budget iPad might get a face-lift in 2023


New budget iPad 9 gets better video chat, doubles storage
The 2022 iPad 10 will reportedly look essentially like the current iPad 9. But just wait until 2023!
Photo: Apple

The bad news is the 2022 basic iPad 10 will be a simple “speed bump” update, according to a tipster. But the good news is it will reportedly be followed by a redesigned version in 2023.

While the basic iPad doesn’t often make headlines, its $329 price draws in plenty of buyers. Any change is sure to affect many people.

Today in Apple history: Mac’s ‘1984’ ad debuts in theaters


Before it won the Super Bowl, Apple's iconic Mac ad invaded theaters.
Photo: Chiat/Day/Apple

January 17: Today in Apple history: Mac's '1984' ad debuts in theaters January 17, 1984: A week before its famous airing during Super Bowl XVIII, Apple’s iconic “1984” ad debuts as a trailer in movie theaters.

To hype its revolutionary new Macintosh computer, Apple buys several months of promotion from theatrical ad distributor ScreenVision. Cupertino’s sci-fi-tinged “1984” spot — which depicts a sledgehammer-wielding freedom fighter taking on a Big Brother figure supposed to represent IBM — gets such a favorable audience reaction that some theater owners continue to roll the ad after Apple’s contract ends.

Furby-loving animator trades 3-monitor PC gaming rig for cozy Mac station [Setups]


That's a refurbished Furby in the center.
That's a refurbished Furby in the center.

Gamer and 3D animator Jazinity said she’d been a Windows user for most of her life before M1 Macs caught her eye and she made a nearly wholesale switch, going from a tri-display PC gaming station to a “cozy but productive” M1 MacBook Air situation.

The refurbished Furby in the center of the photo may or may not have been in the previous computer setup, but not much else. She has another Furby at her desk at the office, though she’s working at home for the time being, like many people these days.

UK plans dramatic ‘publicity attack’ against encryption


UK steps up fight against encryption
It will use children for dramatic anti-encryption stunts.
Photo: Markus Spiske/Unsplash

The U.K. will spend taxpayer money on a dramatic “publicity attack” against end-to-end encryption, according to a new report. The country apparently hopes to sway public opinion before taking further steps to crack down on the security feature.

A major focus of the campaign will be child safety. M&C Saatchi, the agency hired to run the marketing blitz, reportedly will use child actors to carry out emotive stunts that suggest encryption is being used by predators to conceal their activities.

Apple website pays tribute to Martin Luther King Jr.


Martin Luther King Jr.
"Today and every day, we honor his life."
Image: Apple

Apple dedicated its website to Martin Luther King Jr. on Monday to mark the holiday that commemorates the late civil rights activist’s birthday. The Apple homepage features a large photo of King, as well as a quote from his 1967 speech at a Philadelphia high school.

“I believe that we can transform dark yesterdays of injustice into bright tomorrows of justice and humanity,” it reads.

Safari bug leaks your browsing activity and Google account details


Safari 15 leaks browsing activity
Well, that's not good.
Image: Killian Bell/Cult of Mac

A newly discovered bug in Safari 15 allows any website to track your browsing activity and may even reveal your identity if you’re a Google user.

The vulnerability stems from Apple’s implementation of IndexedDB, a storage API widely supported by most modern browsers. And the problem affects users on Mac as well as iPhone and iPad. Here’s what you need to know.