Apple’s biggest manufacturing partner ramps up workforce for iPhone 13


This concept image shows how the iPhone 13 notch might shrink.
Foxconn needs a whole lot of people to build the iPhone 13.
Artists concept: Cult of Mac

Foxconn is bolstering its workforce ahead of mass-manufacturing the iPhone 13. According to South China Morning Post, the world’s largest contract manufacturer has raised its bonus payments to lure in new recruits.

Each new recruit will earn a bonus of $1,158 (7,500 yuan) if they work for 90 days, and are on duty for at least 55 days during that time. This is twice the 3,500 bonus that was on offer at the end of March. It’s the third bonus increase in the past month.

Only a tiny proportion of iOS users are letting apps track them


App Tracking Transparency will be part of iOS 14.5, iPadOS 14.5 and tvOS 14.5. It’s already showing up in betas.
App Tracking Transparency is here -- and users seem to be responding.
Graphic: Cult of Mac

It’s no surprise to hear that Apple’s App Tracking Transparency feature has had an impact on the number of users willing to let themselves be tracked via the apps they use. But the scale of devastation on app trackers might surprise folks.

According to analysis by flurry Analytics, just 4% of U.S. users are letting apps access their Identifier for Advertisers (IDFA) tag. That means a massive 96 out of 100 users in the United States are opting out of tracking altogether.

According to a recent Apple report, the typical app contains (or contained) up to six trackers.


App Store icon
Literally millions of iPhone and iPad applications are submitted to the App Store every year. Each has to be reviewed.
Photo: PhotoAtelier/Flickr

Survivor’s new rugged 10.2-inch iPad cases combine kickstand with handstrap


Survivor All-Terrain offers rugged protection for the iPad 8 and iPad 7.
The Survivor All-Terrain‘s four layers of shock-absorbing materials deliver military-grade drop protection to the iPad 8.
Photo: Survivor

A pair of new rugged cases for the basic 10.2-inch iPad promise military-grade drop protection, and each has a combination kickstand/handstrap to make using the device easier.

Survivor All-Terrain and Endurance are designed for hazardous conditions, like worksites and classrooms.

Save 20% on sleek Laut stands that cradle Apple devices in style


Laut stand for iPhone
And they're more affordable than you might think!
Photo: Laut

If you’re looking for a clean way to charge your beloved Apple Watch, or somewhere to place your iPhone so that it’s easy to see while you’re working, check out these elegant, super-sturdy stands from Laut.

They’re made from robust, anodized aluminum and designed to look good anywhere. They’re also available at 20% off the usual price in the Cult of Mac Store’s big Mother’s Day sale.

‘Shot on iPhone’ film reveals camera tricks for capturing the beauty of spring


‘Full Bloom’ is a demonstration reel for what can be down with ann iPhone 12 camera
Full Bloom sets out to inspire budding photographers and videographers with what they can do with just an iPhone 12 camera.
Photo: Apple

Full Bloom, a new spring-themed video commissioned by Apple, includes some amazing photography done with an iPhone 12. It’s part of the long-running “Shot on iPhone” series that demonstrates the capabilities of the cameras built into Apple handsets. A highlight of the latest offering is stop-motion video done with flowers and fruit.

Don’t miss it:


Carrot Weather
Snarky weather app gets even better.
Photo: CARROT Weather

Creeps could use AirTags to stalk people with ‘frightening’ ease


Stalkers won‘t be able to track victims via hidden AirTags
The dangers of location-tracking.
Photo: Ed Hardy/Cult of Mac

It it “frighteningly easy” to use Apple’s location-tracking AirTag to stalk somebody, a new report suggests.

While Apple says it’s been careful to incorporate anti-stalking measures to stop the AirTags from being used in this way, a Washington Post columnist says Apple’s countermeasures are not effective.