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Take a rare look inside Apple silicon lab


CNBC video Apple silicon lab
A technician works in the Apple silicon lab in Cupertino.
Photo: CNBC

Apple showed off its Apple silicon lab to media for the first time recently, allowing unusual access along with video interviews with executives about Cupertino’s major chipmaking strides in recent years, culminating in the current M3 series.

“One of the most, if not the most, profound change at Apple, certainly in our products over the last 20 years, is how we now do so many of those technologies in-house,” Apple’s Senior Vice President of Hardware Engineering John Ternus said in one interview.

‘Winter edition’ MacBook Pro rig boasts fine 5K display and top-shelf scotch [Setups]


MacBook Pro setup with scotch
"The whiskey bottle adds a lot to it," a commenter noted.

As we ring in the first day of December, let us toast winter. More specifically, let us toast what a user calls their “winter edition” computer setup in Berlin, Germany, featuring a powerful MacBook Pro, a gorgeous 5K display, a cool mechanical keyboard and the best tool of all for toasting — a bottle of extremely good, peat-forward scotch from Islay, Scotland.

Today in Apple history: Too little, too late for Apple III


Apple relaunched the ill-fated Apple III, hoping to fix the computer's big problems.
Apple relaunched its ill-fated Apple III, hoping to address some serious problems with the original model.
Photo: Alker33/YouTube

December 1: Today in Apple history: Apple III relaunch December 1, 1981: After the disastrous rollout of the “next-gen” Apple III the previous year, Apple corrects the computer’s most glaring hardware faults and relaunches it.

Unfortunately, the damage has already been done. Apple experiences its first “flop” product with the Apple II‘s doomed successor.

Apple TV+ and Paramount+ could team up for cheaper streaming bundle


Apple TV+ and Paramount+
Apple TV+ and Paramount+ might partner up to fight churn.
Image: Apple/Paramount+

There’s good news for those who subscribe to both Apple TV+ and Paramount+. Friday brought word of a potential bundle of these streaming video services that would save subscribers money.

If the unconfirmed report pans out, it’ll be the first such deal for Apple TV+.

Get up to 47% off compact magnetic chargers for all your Apple devices


This magnetic wireless charging stand powers up four Apple devices at once.
This magnetic wireless charging stand powers up four Apple devices at once.
Photo: SwitchEasy

If you haven’t tried a multi-device charging stand, you’re missing out. There’s nothing like the convenience of plopping your Apple devices — iPhone, Apple Watch, AirPods — in one place like a side table or night stand to top them off.

And right now you can get up to 47% off SwitchEasy’s 4-in-1 and 2-in-1 magnetic wireless charging stands in the Cult of Mac Store.

You won’t believe this bride’s mind-bending iPhone photo


Tessa Coates wedding dress photo
Look at Coates' arms in the three places she appears in this otherwise-normal iPhone photo. Mind. Blown.
Photo: Tessa Coates

A bride in England recently snapped an iPhone photo of herself trying on a wedding dress in front of mirrors. She was shocked to find her reflection looked different in each one.

That may sound like a disturbance you’d see in dark sci-fi series Black Mirror, but it’s actually a rare but understandable result of a computational-photography error.

Entire iPhone 16 lineup could feature force-sensitive Action button


Closeup of iPhone 15’s new Action button.
iPhone 16's Action button could benefit from force-detection capabilities.
Photo: Leander Kahney/Cult of Mac

Apple reportedly will bring the iPhone 15 Pro’s Action button to the entire iPhone 16 lineup next year. It will seemingly be a capacitive button and pack a lot of additional functionality.

The new rumor indicates the iPhone 16’s Action button will use a force sensor, allowing it to detect changes in pressure.