Digital ad agencies aren’t happy about Apple’s new user-tracking notifications


privacy WWDC
Privacy was a big theme at WWDC.
Photo: Apple

A group of digital advertising associations in Europe have taken issue with Apple’s plan to offer users notifications on which apps track them to offer personalized ads.

At WWDC, Apple announced new tools that will let users better control which apps track them by asking for permission in the form of pop-up messages. It will reveal to users what type of data different apps collect. But the digital advertising companies say that this could carry a “high risk of user refusal.”

See just how amazing macOS would look on iPad


Check this simulation of macOS on iPad created with SwiftUI.
macOS on iPad is a dream of many people. A developer created a glimpse of that possibility.
Photo: Jordan Singer

There’s pent up demand for Apple to bring macOS to iPad, so a clever developer created a simulation in SwiftUI to show what it would look like.

While it appears much like an Apple tablet running the Mac operating system, and even seems to work, this is not macOS Big Sur on an iPad. It’s just something that mimics part of the user interface. Still, it shows those eager for a “MacPad” what one could look like.

Watch a video of the macOS simulation in action:

Tim Cook agrees to testify before Congress in antitrust probe


Tim Cook goes to Washington
Apple chief Tim Cook will testify before Congress, and he’ll be joined by the CEOs of Amazon, Facebook and Google.
Screenshot: Apple

The CEOs of four of biggest tech firms will testify in the House of Representatives’s probe into antitrust activities. That includes Apple’s Tim Cook, along with the heads of Amazon, Facebook and Google.

This is part of an ongoing investigation by the House Judiciary Committee into whether the largest tech companies play fair with smaller competitors.

Apple explores tracking the veins in your hands for gesture controls


Gesture controls are enabled by scanning for veins.
Finding the veins in users’ hands is the secret to gesture controls in new Apple tech.
Photo: Cult of Mac/Apple

Apple was awarded a slightly macabre patent for scanning the veins in someone’s hands to determine finger position, thus enabling gesture controls.

This technology could potentially be used in Apple Watch or the smart glasses the company is allegedly developing.

How award-winning StaffPad app is revolutionizing music creation on iPad


StaffPad being used on iPad
This great musical notation app is one of Apple's favorites.
Photo: David William Hearn

Londoner David William Hearn is not a trained programmer. He has no university education when it comes to making software. And yet his musical notation app for iPad, StaffPad, just won a coveted Apple Design Award this week.

The iPad app gives composers and conductors powerful tools for writing and tweaking musical scores, and for sharing their changes instantly with musicians on a stage or in a recording studio. StaffPad places the iPad and Apple Pencil squarely in the center of the collaborative creative process.

Here’s how Hearn and his team created their award-winning music-notation app.


The App Store was a cash-printing giant in the first half of 2020.
Photo: Apple

Today in Apple history: Apple admits Antennagate is a thing


"Antennagate" was a major controversy in Apple history.
Photo: Apple

July 2: Today in Apple history: Apple addresses Antennagate and iPhone 4 reception problems July 2, 2010: Apple opens up about “Antennagate,” addressing iPhone 4 reception problems for the first time publicly.

In a letter to customers, Apple admits to being “surprised when we read reports of reception problems, and … immediately began investigating them.” However, the company’s findings do little to dispel the growing Antennagate controversy.

New Apple Card customers get free $50 if they use their card to pay for Apple services


Apple Card’s ‘elite card’ status is hitting retailers in the wallet
Here's how you can claim your free $50.
Photo: Apple

Apple is giving out a free $50 to any new Apple Card users who use their fancy credit card to sign up to an Apple subscription service like Apple Music, Apple News+ or Apple TV+, or to spend money in the App Store.

The sign-up deal runs through the end of July. It applies to customers who are spending money on one of Apple’s services using their Apple-branded credit card for the first time.

More than a quarter of U.S. households sampled Apple TV+ during lockdown


Apple launched its streaming TV+ service last November.
Photo: Apple

Apple TV+ reportedly made big inroads while users were stuck home during the coronavirus lockdown, a recent study by Parks Associates claims.

The research firm notes that more than two in five U.S. households with broadband have trialed a streaming video service during lockdown. A surprisingly large 8% of households have trialed four or more. Among new subscribers to TV streaming services, Apple TV+ was sampled by 27% of households, the report states.