What the curvy iPhone 6 would look like



Yesterday, often reputable Japanese Apple rumor site Macotakara reported that like Marilyn Monroe, the iPhone 6 could be curvy.

Specifically, they said that the iPhone 6 would have curved edges, compared to the iPhone 4 and iPhone 5’s squared edges, as well as a curved display. The result would be a device that felt almost organic in the hand: an important consideration, given that, at 4.7-inches, the iPhone 6 will be more difficult for people to hold.

Today, famed Apple concept artist Martin Hajek has updated his iPhone 6 render based upon the ‘curvy’ rumor, and my god, does it look gorgeous. Check out more images after the jump.





Source: Martin Hajek
Via: Nowhereelse.fr

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13 responses to “What the curvy iPhone 6 would look like”

  1. Aman kapoor says:

    Its a Disaster imagine performing edge swipes on a diplay that extends and covers a quater of the side panels

    • Christopher Williams says:

      The Nexus 4 had a curved display at the side edges and it was great for gestures and swiping. However these renders look horrid.

  2. Adrayven says:

    Curved displays on phones is about as useful as a 3rd t**..

    I see no practical design reasoning for it.. worse, it would interfere with gestures on the screen..

    The only reason for flexible displays is durability.. which means it would still be flat, but be more flexible under extreme conditions preventing shattering.. not ACTUALLY be curved for any visual reasons..

  3. Joe says:

    These rumors are handy just in one cause. Time wasting.

  4. omrishtam says:

    *goes to throw up* hmmm no, please stop trying.

  5. Nate says:

    So they are going to revert back to the look of the original iPhone?

  6. Lawrence Riccio says:

    apple has so much more up it’s sleeve. there’s no leaks for new categories.

  7. Karrasa says:

    Eugh! Kill with fire.

  8. $43641445 says:

    This will never happen!

  9. kencopen says:

    Man this would be disappointing.

  10. Alex Blaha says:

    You guys are saying that the curved, edge-to-edge display would interfere with gestures. Well hasn’t Apple already solved that problem by making iOS ‘smart’ for iPad’s in which the OS detects which touch is intentional and which isn’t (for the edges of the display)?

  11. tonyadams66 says:

    Pretty ugly shape, They should make more like iPhone 5 but slimmer and lighter

  12. Brad Ingarfield says:

    Not sure I like.

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