Smart Concept: iPhone Bumper Case Doubles As Charging Cable



Juice Up is a super-smart concept design with one big flaw: it relies on the kindness of strangers to actually work. Still, with a little modification it could be just about the best bumper you could buy.

The Juice Up is a flat, silicone-covered Lightning cable which wraps around the iPhone 5. It is simultaneously a bumper case and a charging cable, although it could do with a couple of design tweaks.

First, the cable has two male Lightning connectors. The idea is that you leach power from another iPhone when you’re running dangerously low. The obvious issue is that you need a generous donor for the juice, but the other is that it just wouldn’t work. How would the iPhones know which was supposed to charge the other? The camera connection kit takes care of this, allowing the iPad to power accessories, but this is a plain cable.

The second problem is that the two male plugs need to be held together by a clip, which you will clearly lose in about five minutes.

Still, I love the idea of a bumper doubling up as a cable. Just put a USB plug on one end and somehow work out how to lose the clip and it’d be a winner.

Source: Fryz
Via: Yanko

  • mark_hunte_

    The other problem is when using It. You better make sure you have another case on the iPhone just in case you knock/drop it onto the floor

  • Stuka_UK

    I think I can live without that piece of crap design.