Like Marilyn Monroe, The iPhone 6 Could Be Curvy


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So far, we know that the iPhone 6 will be the thinnest, lightest iPhone yet. We know it will pack a new 64-bit A8 processor. We know it will come in at least two sizes: a 4.7-inch model, and a 5.5-inch model. But is that it?

According to a new report out of Japan, no. Not only will the iPhone 6 have a bigger display, thinner profile, blazing fast processor, and ultra-light weight, but it will be the first iPhone since the 2G to boast an all-aluminum rear shell… and will also have a curved display. And that’s not where the curves stopped: like Marilyn Monroe, the iPhone 6 will also have curves that fit nicely in the hand.

According to Japanese blog Macotakara, in shape, the next iPhone is much like the Squair Curvacious Bumper, an iPhone case with a rounded design. Every iPhone since the iPhone 4 has featured straight edges, but with the iPhone 6, Jony Ive wants a more organic feel in the hand, which makes a lot of sense, given that the device’s increased size will likely make it harder to hold.

Macotakara also claims that the iPhone 6 will have a curved display. There are many benefits (in theory, at least) of displays that are slightly curved: they feel better when you touch them, and they slightly magnify on-screen elements making them look bigger and more vibrant. However, many smartphones with curved display, such as the LG Flex, have been met with poor reviews. If Apple can perfect the technology for the iPhone 6, so much the better.

Source: Macotakara

  • Ben Klaiber

    Anyone who can’t see the stupidity of power and volume buttons having the identical size and shape is also probably dumb enough to believe apple would make this design.

    It looks antiquated and lacks any personality.

    The round edges would cripple a clear use-case: standing it on its side to watch or record anything without holding the device.

    Not remotely a possibility. But probably good filler as pretend news. Carry on..

    • Tyler Hojberg

      Having the power and volume buttons cleans up the design by removing one less shape, also – that is beside the point seeing as the image provided shows the volume and mute switch. The concept also displays a bumper (as mentioned in the article) and based on the evidence provided will probably look identical to the image above sans the glass insert. And I’m pretty sure absolutely no one places an iPhone on a table to take a picture as you’ve described because it’s too thin and would fall over.

      • tHoj101

        *having the power and volume buttons the same size* …Disqus on mobile is pretty brutal.

      • bjamesreed

        Try it….iPhone does stand on its side just fine…thin things can stand on a flat side

      • Ben Klaiber

        The current iPhone does, that is correct. The rounded edge would remove that capability.

      • Ben Klaiber

        That’s a terrible reasoning for a design choice. The buttons are different shapes so a user doesn’t need to look to distinguish them. The user can tell by the touch which button they are touching, which is exactly why they are round today for volume, and long and flat for vibrate/ring.

    • bjamesreed

      The iPhone 5c has buttons just like that right now

      • Ben Klaiber

        It’s also a terribly designed phone next to the 5s.

  • Rot Kelfer

    absolutely revolting, that curvy design. also, impossible. it looks outdated and old-fashioned. thanks, but no thanks.

  • Darian Jeptha

    yak the curvy looks crap… i think apple should make the current design iconic and why are they following samsung keep the phone small a one handed device is what we all looking for

  • doqo

    yeah! bring the sexy curve on!

  • IPhoneDive

    Be sure to take out insurance. This phone WILL fall out of your hand daily!

  • Brady

    wow…the “curvaceous bumper” costs ¥25,510 (approx. $250).

  • Walt Luke Sawyer

    The iPhone 6 is going to look exactly like the iPad-mini Retina, only smaller..