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Cool concept brings the eMac back from the dead


eMac 2016 concept
Look what's back. Kinda.
Photo: CURVED/labs

We’d almost forgotten about the eMac, but some designers have refreshed it for 2016.

The clever thinkers over at Curved have come up with a concept that brings the teardrop shape back for a new generation. Their version combines that classic design with more-recent Apple hallmarks. And while we’re not completely sold on some parts of it, it’s still a pretty handsome machine.

Check it out below.

Apple’s “education Mac” was out from 2002 to 2006, and it was the spiritual successor to the colorful iMac that marked Steve Jobs’ return to the company. As its name suggests, the entry-level desktop was meant exclusively for schools, but they went mainstream after Apple realized a lot of people wanted one on their desks.

The Curved version has a more modern, thin monitor, but it brings back the trademark shape of the iMac and eMac line through the stand that extends from the back. We like that idea, but it makes for a pretty large footprint at a time when Apple’s talking about shaving millimeters off the iPhone.

As for the specs, Curved imagines its machine would have the same capabilities as the most recent iMac; the only difference would be a 17-inch, practically square monitor. That’s the other hard sell in this widescreen era, but we really like how it looks — and the updated version’s capacitive touchscreen has us intrigued.

If you’re wondering about which colors the new eMac would come in, Curved has that well covered: Its pics show off an “eMac Edition” that features all of the standard iPhone colors (silver, space gray, gold and rose gold) as well as an “iMac Legacy” version that has a variety of hues in line with the current series of iPods (silver, space gray, pink, gold and blue). We like how all of them look.

Overall, this is a pretty cool concept. It actually represents something we think would look great in our office. And it’s a slightly easier sell than that also cool, but slightly impractical, classic Macintosh Curved whipped up last year.